Monday, September 29, 2014

Innovative Organizing

Good Morning Monday !!!

I recently made a few small changes to my blogging den and incorporated some innovative organizing. Thought I'd share this with you'll today.
On one of my trips back home, I bought a whole load of handmade fabric pouches with beautiful mirror work detailing on them to gift it to friends here in the US. They were so pretty that a couple of them that didn't make it beyond my doorway ;) But I didn't like the fact that they were being wasted in a storage bin and decided it was time to showoff the intricate embroidery detailing on them.
On a recent visit to World Market, I came home with a few hand painted tile hooks that coordinated perfectly with these pouches. They were easy to fix to the wall and the pouches had a loop already in place. Once hung securely, I now use it to house my paint brushes and scissors. Love the boho-eclectic vibe it lends to my work space.  If you've got these pretty pouches and are looking to give them a new lease of life, try using them as an organizing caddy for pencils, pens.....!!!
Finally a gentle reminder that the voting is still on for the Apartment Therapy Color Contest 2014. My Home Office/Blogging adda entry has been chosen and if you haven't voted already please head over and show me your support - (it takes less than two minutes to vote). Here's the link.  

Have a wonderful week :)

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Mukta Carita Collection from Lai

If you are anything like me and have a soft corner for pearls, you are going to have a hard time resisting the latest festive collection from Lai - "Mukta Carita (The Pearl Story). With her inventive and fresh approach to classic designs,the creative soul at Lai, Puja Bhargava never ceases to amaze me. This time around she brings the deadly combination of my two favorite elements - silver and pearls with the intention of creating the magic of a by-gone era.
A sneak peak from the Lai Look Book
A handcrafted collection inspired by the past but tweaked just enough for the woman of today. In Puja's own words, "A collection that will take you back to a simpler time and evokes wonderful memories from the past.....of sneaking behind the curtains observing your mother get ready for a party, of the old-world glamour of movies, of uncomplicated relationships and easier friendships- the innocence of an era gone by- a time where everything just seems to slow down."

Make sure you are on Lai's mailing list. They can be contacted via their FB page right here. Booking are open till 30th September'14 (Tuesday). They ship worldwide from Delhi & California. What are you waiting for, treat yourself to a collection that brings sophistication, grace and style.

Images Courtesy/Copyright: Lai

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let the Festivities Begin !!!

The festive season is here and I can feel the excitement in the air. The nippy autumn weather makes it the perfect time to cozy up the home with flowers, cushions, candles and some extra special touches to complement the string of celebrations that are waiting to unfold. I haven't indulged in the whole nine yards for the Dasara festival, however I do like to add subtle touches around the home that spell celebration.  
I brought out my Dashavatara collection  that's more than 15 years old. These mini plaster of paris figurines were bought on a train to Calcutta. Yup, I'm one of those who never misses an opportunity to shop :) They maybe cast from a mold but the details are impressive. Paired with a few Magenta New Guinea Impatiens from the garden, the vignette instantly comes alive. 
And a little update about whats instore this coming month......Diwali tablescape ideas, festive decor, more home tours and well I'll save the surprise for a little later. It's going to be one roller coaster ride here at TECD, so don't go anywhere !!!

If there's any specific requests, bring it on. I'm all ears my lovely readers and will be more than happy to share inspirations and ideas with you.........

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Monday, September 22, 2014

The ART-FuLL Home (Home Tour)

Aradhana Anand's, "Charcoal Pop" bedroom has been creating waves in the Apartment Therapy Color Contest. I for one was completely smitten with her audacious style and wanted to see more of her home. Pleased that she gladly agreed to be on TECD and was willing to give us a tour of her home that embraces bold stroke decorating and  originality.

After 12 glorious years overseas and nearly a decade as a oil tanker freight trader, she decided to quit her job and move back home to Delhi for a "time out phase". During this period she not only planned her sister's wedding but was also actively involved in decorating her home together with her mom. Every inch of her Delhi home (that she shares with her parents and an extended feline family) is a testament to the decorating philosophy that a home should reflect YOU. Talking about her design aesthetics and style sensibilities Aradhana says ,"  I welcome colors, textures and periods that inherently aren't meant to go together, and try to mix them up. My style is far from matching the left with the right - it's way too hotel-esque for me; I like to layer it on slowly. A lot of my aesthetic taste is reflective of my Mother's, however, with a slightly more modern twist. "  
A sampling of her fervor for art can be seen in the entryway. Lining the walls of the stairway are Ravi Varma Lithographs and Tanjore paintings that create a gallery wall effect. This stretches the visual height of the ceiling and draws the eye to the architectural elements of the home.
Taking the place of a traditional console are the intricately carved Calcutta style tables with tile inlay. Accessorized with antique brass candle holders, a Balinese Buddha and fresh potted plants, the artistic composition makes you wonder, what's at the end of the stairway.....
The welcoming foyer, is a prelude to the adventurous style of decorating that's endorsed throughout the home. Niches filled with art and varied collectibles invite one to come closer and take in the display. Traditional Kashmiri hand carved chairs create a quiet seating nook and impart rich character to this entryway.    
As we make our way into the greater part of the home, the interiors reflect the home owners penchant for art, travel and color. Fusing influences from her travels be it India, Singapore, Dubai or Europe, the resultant effect is "drastic and fearless".

Ornate furniture and Kashmiri carpets layered over white marble, create an intimate conversation area. Wooden chairs with the swan hand rest (seen at the far end of the room) were custom made to imitate similar chairs Aradhana had seen years before in Delhi. To spice up the couch and complement the blues in the Krishna painting by Harish (seen above the couch), the cushions were upholstered in a paprika shade. 
Textural partnership between the furnishings and the curated collectibles creates a space that's filled with personality and character. Bold pops of color in the paintings and on the upholstery are highlighted against the neutral backdrop of the walls.

An eye catching Lladro Nude take center stage on the coffee table. Aradhana says, " We are a family obsessed with Lladro nudes, right from my mother to my sister and we have 3! My favorite is the one on the coffee table ."
Thota Vaikuntam paintings (at the far left) and a Shipra Bhattacharya painting adorn this console together with other collated treasures from travels. 
Ashok Ganguly's "Krishna" painting is paired with a Lladro nude  and  Wedgewood collection of teapot and pill box (Aradhana's first grown-up purchase after graduating from college).
A thoughtfully composed  vignette that showcases yet another Shipra Bhattacharya painting with Balinese figurines and  more Lladro treasures are waiting to tell their story.
Grouping Balinese sculptures with traditional Indian statues creates an eye catching display in this corner of the living room.
The dining room features an elegant teak wood dining set that was custom designed and made to order. 
The writing bureau, side cabinet and chest of drawers are all Kashmiri hand carved pieces that perfectly complement the dining set. Russian mosaics of Mary and Christ, Mario Maranda tiles and plates from Croatia and Greece grace the walls of the dining room. With a discerning eye for unique decor, it's no surprise the Paisley upholstered chairs from the store Chantik (that imports furniture from Indonesia) found their way to this dining room.
The "Lounge" has an interesting mix of patterns. The experimental streak in Aradhana got the better of her while deciding on the upholstery for the couch, "My mother and I designed the upholstery concept for the sofas. We found a solid print a tad bit boring, so we used 3 sets of prints instead !"
And finally "THE ROOM" that led me to Aradhana.  Unabashed use of color, pooled together with interesting globe trotting trophies makes this space a favorite room in the house with the living room coming in a close second ! 
The curvaceous sofa is an Indonesian Chibutat. Upholstered in a purple cotton sari, it can be swapped out to suit the changing moods and seasons. A Chinese lunch box from a thrift store has been given a new lease of life as a plant holder and rests on the multi-hued stand sourced from Tibet. Incorporating the new with the old, magnifying glass candle holders from Pottery Barn bring some mood light to the room.

When asked what made Aradhana gravitate towards the charcoal shade, she says, "I chose a dark charcoal grey; great cool color to off-set the steamy Indian summers. A lot of people think dark colors make a room appear smaller and dingy, I don’t agree and believe it depends on how one would color co-ordinate items in the room.

Now, my bedroom looks open and airy and the contrast between the dark walls and white ceiling lends a chic rich appeal. Moreover, fabrics, art, furniture and colors look all the more glorious!
The bed frame has been with Aradhana since she was a teenager. Her hallmark effect of creating gallery wall can be seen here too. Art from India, Syria, Cambodia, Italy, France and Indonesia hung on the walls exude character and charm. Pillows from Good Earth and Chinese porcelain lamps allow color play with the end result being bold and edgy. 
The white Chest of drawers is a French style bureau that pops off against the dark backdrop. Shishir Bhat's, pen on paper is brilliantly framed with bold colors to duplicate the yellow and green under tones in the room. Completing the setting is a Chinese floor lamp, Jonathan Adler whale book ends and the one and only Mr.Snickers.
The industrial looking TV bench is sourced from Singapore (d-Bodhi store) and is crafted from recycled boat wood.

Discussing her biggest challenge when it came to decorating, Aradhana say's, "Getting people in India to understand the concept of dark, especially while looking for charcoal grey paint to use on the walls of my bedroom  and over riding the stereo-typical design concepts that plague us here in India (although I am happy to see it is changing) was a challenge. It was an exasperating task sourcing furniture in Delhi that was functional, didn't cost an arm and a leg and wasn't a regurgitated version of some trend overseas."
Being an advocate for color, Aradhana has some good advise for folks who are not color savvy, " I would say, do not be afraid of color. Mix it up a bit, layer as you go. If you are re-doing a brand new space I wouldn't buy everything at once, I would gradually introduce textures and colors and see what fits best and work from there." 

And finally reflecting on what home means to her, " A home to me isn't just a functional roof over one's head; it is a space that reflects life, journeys, tells a story or two and is homely, welcoming and warm. I have always preferred individual styles to something straight out of a magazine or a furniture store window."

I couldn't agree with her more. Finding originality and depth in decorating is an art form in itself and Aradhana has mastered this without a doubt. Thank you for welcoming us into your wonderful home and inspiring us to find our OWN styles.....

To read more of Aradhana's wonderful travels and to connect with her, head over to her blog " Why a Raven is like a Writing Desk".

Images Credit/Copyright : Aradhana Anand. The images from this post may not be used without the home owner's consent.  

Friday, September 19, 2014

Snippets from the Anthropologie House and Home Look Book

I hope everybody is in the weekend mood and getting ready to unwind.......these dreamy images from the Anthroplogie September House and Home Look book collection caught my eye. I just want to jump into those gorgeous statement beds and dream away........... 

I can't decide which one I like better the detailed Moroccan bone inlay four poster bed or the brass hand embossed bed ??? Which way do you find yourself swaying ???

And another quick update, it's raining home tours on TECD. Yes you read that right, the third home tour for the month, so stay tuned.   

Have a wonderful weekend everybody !!!

Image Credit/Copyright  : Anthropologie

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kedgree (Featured Shop)

"We are what we eat physically. We are what we read, intellectually. And we are what we collect aesthetically." - I couldn't agree more. Everyone of us today, wants our homes to be an unprejudiced reflection of our unique personalities. We are always on the look out for that one great piece that can make a style statement and achieve the curated look rather than the decorated look.That's where Kedgree promises to deliver to the connoisseur in you !!! 
We've already been introduced to the lovely lady Karishma Banerji Madan and today I'm delighted to bring to you, her new venture and labor of love "Kedgree". We chatted up with Karishma to learn more about her unconventional online decor store that undertakes to bring "Beautiful Things for Beautiful Homes."

TECD : Welcome back Karishma ! Let's start by asking what propelled you to initiate your curated online decor shop?

KBM : Hello TECD readers ! 
Always such a pleasure to be associated with The East Coast Desi and this time the fact that it is for Kedgree makes it doubly special for me. Thanks for the opportunity Sruthi ! 

Kedgree is the culmination of my passion for all things beautiful and is anchored by an obsession for everything that spells ‘decor’. I have always loved art, antiques and handicrafts and had a dream to share my passion for home decor curated by me with a global audience, to bring to the doors and walls of others what is beautiful to my eye and more importantly, through this endeavor, to narrate the stories of those who craft these products and share the history and culture associated with these objects.
TECD : How is Kedgree different from the others in the industry ? 

KBM : Every store or curator has a concept and a vision behind their label. Kedgree has its roots in the term ‘Kedgeree’, used by the British for Indian ‘khichdi’. The label is a blend of the old and the new, of the rustic and the modern, of ethnic boho-chic items as well as collectors items and objets-d-art, items from the exotic east right across to the elegant west. The belief at Kedgree is that a beautiful fusion of all these elements put together brings about the best in home decor. Kedgree offers you a delicate blend of curios and collectibles from across the world to infuse vibrance and colour into your home from different cultures. Its mission is to deliver the perfect fusion, a beautiful mix, the 'perfect kedgeree' to make your beautiful home even more gorgeous than it already is.
TECD : What are your plans to go bigger in terms of customer reach ???

KBM : Kedgree offerings are currently selling through its Facebook page and we are working in parallel on developing the website which should be up and running by November. Kedgree already has an appreciative audience in India, USA, Germany and Korea who are happy customers and hopes to spread this goodwill to other parts of the world through its unmatched products and personalised customer service. As a curator, for me, there is unparalleled joy in being able to visualise a Korean ceramic vase handpicked by Kedgree gracing a Spanish home, or a vintage Czechoslovakian oil lamp from Kedgree lighting up a home in India and I hope to share these treasures with a wider audience in the months to come.
TECD: How and where do you source the products from ?

KBM : Kedgree’s collection is sourced from artisans across the world. The effort is to curate the very best from the actual artist herself and the desire is to share the results of her skill, toil and labour with people who would appreciate all that goes into developing the ‘character' of the object of art in question, through the platform that is ‘Kedgree'. The vintage collection at Kedgree includes rare and exclusive items that are procured from connoisseurs of art and antiques in India who have been collecting these artefacts for many decades.
TECD : What has been your most memorable experience while sourcing your products ?

KBM: Each interaction with an artist or a collector is unique and memorable. There is immense joy in sitting by a craftswoman and watching her carve life into a block of wood, or to see poetry in motion as a potter spins his clay around the wheel and gives it shape. On a recent trip to Cambodia, I had an amazing experience observing a group of mute artisans creating exquisite sculptures out of limestone and sandstone and was amazed at their prowess, their finesse and sheer talent ! 

TECD : We love what we see at Kedgree and are curious to know what other treasures are going to be unveiled at Kedgree ?

KBM : You can look forward to some beautiful Korean ceramic-ware on Kedgree soon. Korea is known for its pottery and the beauty of this artwork is exceptional. Would not want to give away more, rather, would urge you to watch the page on Facebook closely for more. 

Thank you Karishma for taking the time to connect with the readers of TECD and wishing you luck with Kedgree.

The anticipation of new finds is exciting and the offerings at Kegree are carefully selected treasures and as is the case with treasures, there can never be more than a handful of each type. So make sure to be the early bird and write to Karishma at for queries and orders. You could also connect with her on the Kedgree FB page.

Image credit/copyright:Kedgree

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Color it Autumn

When the first leaves of Autumn break free and sway to the persuasive winds and the diligent little squirrels hoard their bounty of acorns that they've painstakingly rounded up, you know it's time to start tweaking the corner's of your home to be in sync with the changing season. Autumn's inviting palette with it's rich and comforting earth tones makes decorating for Autumn, a natural and easy task. 
I've kept my base color of orange and brown in the sun room and have gone ahead and added hints of teal, lavender and mustard to alleviate what other wise might be a stodgy color scheme.The India Circus Peacock cushion in teal, is a go to favorite of mine and fits the color scheme I had in mind perfectly. 
I harvested the last of my lavender flowers for the season. Using a copper watering can to house these beauties, it ties in perfectly with the other accents in the room. My copper watering can was a Target find (last summer from the clearance section). Priced at $6, it was in my shopping cart without a second thought. (Tip: End of the season sales and a keen eye can result in some great deals.) This watering can seems to be popular and I spotted it in the September  2014 issue of the Matchbook Magazine "Get the Look" section !!!   

As pools of sunlight warm the space and gradually release the restorative aroma from the lavender, I'm consumed by the beauty that nature so abundantly showers on us. To experience and connect with it, is nothing short of a blessing.......

Have a wonderful day !!!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Spotlight on Furnicheer (with a tour of the Jagannath Residence Project)

Presenting FURNICHEER - a furniture brand that ingeniously synthesizes Indian design aesthetics with the modern day demands of style and sustainability. Established in mid 2013, the concept was conceived by interior designer Subhangi Vaidyanathan. With a successful career that spans over 2 decades in designing homes, prestigious corporate offices and health care facilities, Subhangi needed a creative outlet to do more than just interior design. Having dealt with the disorganized furniture industry first hand, she decided it was time to give the industry a face lift. Introducing standardized processes together with state of the art imported technology in her 10,000 sq. ft. Navi Mumbai manufacturing unit, her brand Furnicheer promises to deliver "holistic contemporary solid wood furniture that beholds the essence and finesse of Indian ethnicity".

Furnicheer products crafted out of the finest Sheesham and Mango Wood, are ideal for metropolitan homes that constantly have to deal with space wars. Modular in their setup, these multi-stained furniture pieces in earthy tones are complimented by the opulence of Indian silk. 

Currently, Furnicheer retails through their flagship store at Navi Mumbai. However, product updates are available online and via their Facebook Page. Their plans to broaden their reach by collaborating with various online retail giants as Amazon and Jaypore (to name a few) is in the pipeline. 
Furnicheer studio also undertakes turnkey interior projects for residential and corporate offices from design to execution. The home of Sripriya and Jagannath, a 3 bedroom residential apartment in Mumbai is an axiom of Subhangi's avant garde approach to designing urban homes.

Living Room - The open floor plan encourages free flow of movement and abundance of light. The traditional couch is replaced with bench style seating, softened with silk pillows for extra comfort.
Dining Room -  is ideal for the busy everyday life. But it can also be adapted by pulling up extra chairs to accommodate friends when entertaining.

I loved every thing about this home - the use of bold colors and the contemporary clean lines of the furniture and design married to rustic textures . I wanted Subhangi to share a few more details of the project with us. This is what she had to say, "Sripriya and Jagannath came to us with a 3 BHK residential apartment seeking professional design. They were open to major physical changes in the layout so as to add design and space value. As compared to other Mumbai residential, I had 1,300 sq. ft. at my disposal. Understanding the client's requirement is key to completing a project within the committed time-frame. Once every detail is visualized, implementation becomes easy. We finished the project in 3 months which included the civil and furniture work."

The Kitchen has it all - cabinets for storage,a breakfast nook and  the wooden wine glass rack and island that's perfect while entertaining.

MANOMAY Collection - fitting for tight spaces. Adds the visual spark and multi-tasks to keep the clutter at bay.

A view of the Master Bedroom. The headboard is a grand patch work of silk, inlaid in a dark stained Mango wood frame. 

Subhangi's passion for Indian handicrafts and wood is evident in her creations for Furnicheer. Her enthusiasm, dedication and demand for perfection, is well understood by her in-house trained craftsmen and team who constantly strive to deliver by the ethos of brand Furnicheer, "A passion to help people elicit the beauty of their homes and the determination to create only the finest."

If you identify with the style of furniture offered by Furnicheer and would like to peruse their entire collection, click here

All Images: Courtesy Furnicheer 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Find and Collect

Flea markets, auction houses, estate/yard/garage sales are a great haunt for finding raw treasures, that are waiting to be taken home and lovingly made a part of the DNA of your home. I personally feel that vintage finds gives you the liberty to decipher your passion for the old, eclectic, eccentric, kitschy and the zany. However, artfully editing your coveted collections and displaying them in a way that they don't tussle for attention with your surrounding decor is key.  

This summer, sauntering through a yard sale, my eyes were drawn to an Indian brass betel nut box. Priced at $4, there was no way that I was leaving it behind.  Antiques and vintage pieces speak to me because they straddle both exquisite craftsmanship and a story. 
My new brass find sits pretty on my coffee table complementing the maroon Dahlias from my garden. Accents of contrasting green brings the whole vignette alive.   
I wanted to know more about the box and how it got there.......talking to the owners, they told me that the box belonged to their mom. She had acquired it on her travel to India and had used it to cache her brooch collection. In a contemporary setting, the home owners felt the box didn't fit in and it was time to let go.........

Since I'm one of those who treasures her family heirlooms, I was more than glad to have found a piece with a story. I've started my own collection as I intend to pass it on to my child someday.

I've let my interiors unfold around my passion for antiques, colors and patterns. I hope the post has inspired you to kickoff your own collection, for every home needs a little nostalgia, humor and soul.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Take a Break - it's Friday !!!

Friday is finally here !!! I'm getting ready to relax and unwind with my cuppa....... 
"Here's a capture of my Teavana moment " 
As much I love having a routine and rhythm to my daily schedule, come Friday and it's time to slow down, take a breather and break free. Schools have resumed and the past week has been all about sticking to time schedules and I've been in the "I-need-to-get-it-all-done" mode. I could seriously use some "me time". 

However things are on a roll on the blogging front. I've been coordinating with some very creative and talented folks and I'm truly excited about bringing some inspiring and resourceful posts to you'll very soon. So stay connected.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and make sure to take some time out to celebrate a Teavana moment yourself:) 

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Monday, September 1, 2014

A Spanish Abode with an Asian Soul (Home and Garden Tour)

With it's stucco walls, red roof tiles, patterned tile floors and spiral columns, the home of Juan Carlos Duperier and  Laurie Plessala Duperier is a creative collaboration of artful objects and covetable architecture. The home was designed from scratch by the Duperier couple incorporating Spanish architectural elements in an effort to showcase their cultural roots. Carlos says, "the process of designing your own home can be tremendously satisfying. You get to see an idea,style and a concept come alive." 
Carlos is a Madrid-born and bred, professional sportsman and was a professional soccer player in Spain and coached both in Spain and United States for most part of his life. Laurie was a business lawyer, and Vice-President and Associate General Counsel of a Fortune 10 company before the couple together, founded the "Duperier's Authentic Journeys". The company conducts extraordinary walking tour of the Camino de Santiago (in Spain) and promises an authentic experience of Spain itself. The couples work and their love for travel lead them to the United States, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Europe and Asia. Carlos goes on to explain how Spain and Asia (in particular) have had a strong influence on their design aesthetic in creating a place called home. Having fallen in love with the art, culture and people of Indonesia, the couple wanted to clone the feel of an exotic getaway right here, at home (US). A shipment (that took more than 3 months to arrive) laden with artifacts and statues that the couple had collected by scouring the local shops and markets during their sojourn in Indonesia, adds the Asian soul to this home.   

The impressive entrance enamors us with the innovative melange of Spanish and Asian elements. The bespoke Spanish colonial doors, sport the character marks of wrought-iron hardware and also combine Balinese style wooden carving at the crown.
A Pair of Spanish Revival style wall scones with verdigris finish and graceful brackets flank the main door. Balinese volcanic stone planters lend an exotic appeal to the entrance and helps integrate the Asian element with the Spanish architectural backdrop.

A view of the main door from the inside - the carved wooden panel creates an interesting play of light.

As we make our way in through the impressive entrance of the home, the interior space resonates with taste and style. Each room is a distinctive integration of art, architecture, function and comfort. An antique Chakki or the traditional mill stone from Indian subcontinent greets you at the entryway. The unconventional console table is a team mate of the Chakki. Originally used to clean grains before the grinding process in the Chakki, it's new pragmatic avatar is used to display an antique Chinese statue.
The entryway opens up to a cozy home office. Brightly colored Indian art and rugs, add visual appeal while the Buddha statue heads in every size, color and stone, ensure a serene ambiance and reinforce the owners love for Asian art and culture.

The formal living room, also functions as the family's music room. It doesn't come as a surprise that the Duperier couple are patrons of music and enjoy playing the guitar and piano at leisure. An antique Chinese rice storage basket called Dou is ingeniously transformed to serve as a coffee table with the simple addition of a glass top. At the far end of the room, an Indonesian Cabinet  serves as the perfect storage solution to house the family's collection of extra China.  

Bright unadorned windows flood the formal dining room with oodles of light. With no privacy issues to deal with, the couple loves the open uncluttered look. The star of the room is the dining table that seats a group of 10. Sourced from Indonesia, this beauty came along with the shipment. 

Visually enriching the niches in the formal dining room, are the Loro Blonyo statues (Clockwise from right). Loro Blonyo in Javanese literally means "two become one". The statues are a symbol of the God and Goddess of fertility in Javanese culture: Dewi (Goddess) Sri and God Sadono. The Javanese people believe these statues bestow happiness, fertility, good health and well-being to the family when made a part of the home.

More treasures from their globe trotting adventures :  
The Buddha feet, an antique said to have originally been found in Afghanistan was sourced by Carlos from New York.

The  facial expression of the kneeling Chinese statue, the painting titled Endless Path, the Tibetan singing bowl and the details on the cabinetry, not only tell a tale of a far off land but also remind us of the importance of intuitively seeking out things that have an association with our fondest memories and surrounding ourselves with these to make our homes, soulful spaces.

Finally, we make our way outdoors to the luxuriant garden generously sprinkled with volcanic stone statutes from Indonesia.. This 5 feet Balinese statute weighing more than 5000 pounds required some horsepower to get it where it stands majestically today.
The hand carved Balinese statues make every meandering corner of the garden a visual delight. The attention to detail on these carved pieces goes to show why the artistically driven folks did not settle for pieces coming off the assembly line.......

The home of Carlos and Laurie Duperier offers up imaginative and inspiring corners and throws spotlight on adopting the magpie tendency and seeking out things you love to live with. And finally, a note of Thanks to the wonderful couple for willingly sharing a few corners of their home with the readers of The East Coast Desi.

I hope you enjoyed the home and garden tour as much as I had fun working on bringing this to you !!! Stay happy and Inspired!!!

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