Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Wishes !!!!

Heart Felt New Year Wishes to the readers of "The East Coast Desi" !!!! 

TECD was started on an impulse this year. An impulse to share and inspire.........I'm usually the kind of person who thinks "what if" all the time. And I'm glad, this time around I didn't. I just put my creative side out there and went with the flow. And the response and validation of the same has been overwhelming. I'm grateful to have a wonderful set of readers who make my day with their wonderful feedback and support on Facebook.Thank you for being a part of TECD journey with me.

With  the new year here, it's a new chapter in our book called LIFE. It's a time to follow, fulfill and accomplish dreams we've harbored for so long and also hope for new avenues to help us discover ourselves. It's a time to make new connections and strengthen the old ties. A time to prioritize and  resolve unfinished business. As we set out to achieve this and more, we fill our pages with experiences and memories that will last us a lifetime. I truly hope this new year is one of the best chapters in your book.......... 

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Friday, December 27, 2013

India Circus Giveaway !!!!

Hello Friday!!!! 

To double your Friday bliss, I have some exciting news for “ALL” my lovely readers. I’m extremely pleased to bring to you the very first GIVEAWAY here at The East Coast Desi in partnership with India Circus
  • WIN: A wonderful hamper that includes the Peacock dawn cushion cover, vibrant Paisley coasters and my absolute favorite the bronze Neo Nawab votive candle holder. If you want to brighten up that corner in your home and are feeling lucky, let’s get started.
  • WINNER : 1
  • PARTICIPATION: GIVEAWAY IS OPEN TO ALL MY READERS. India Circus has been generous to offer shipping to any part of the globe:) 
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For additional entries, connect with India Circus on their various social media platforms and leave a comment stating participation in the giveaway on my blog as well (one extra entry for each of the following):
a) Like India Circus on Facebook
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e) Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment.
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If you already happen to follow my blog, please let me know in the comment section. Also ensure that you clearly state your first and last name and have included which of the above steps have been taken by you to enter the giveaway.

The winner will be announced on January 12, 2014
Good Luck and Have a great weekend !!!!

Images: India Circus

Thursday, December 26, 2013

India Circus (Featured Shop)

What do you get when you take contemporary design and generously sprinkle it with inspiration drawn from all things INDIAN ???
Au courant with the design scenario and India as his muse, Krsna Mehta’s entrepreneurial venture “India Circus” prides itself in creating a niche segment for those who find themselves gravitating towards style, design and refinement. Drawing inspiration from the vestiges of the Mughal dynasty, Indian mythology or the plentiful flora and fauna of India, India Circus offers contemporary value driven products that effortlessly blend the old with the new. Products in captivating bold colors and one-of-a kind design bring instant style and glamour to the space but with a desi touch.

Featured in Elle Décor and Vogue and a continuously expanding global market, contemporary Indian design has finally arrived. Their diverse and eclectic collection namely Neo-Nawab (throws the spotlight on the Mughal era),Tamara (offers a bright and contemporary take on the Indian landscape), Kuheli (pays homage to Indian arts and crafts) and Jalebi (a collection in bright and pop art colors featuring the cityscape of India), makes embracing color and style uncomplicated. Now a look at some of my favorite products from their collection.
We all know that a great way to layer and cozy up a place is through an ensemble of cushions. Choose from the wide variety of visually stimulating designs and vivid colors that India circus offers.
Brighten those grey winter evenings or simply transform a takeout dinner into a candle lit affair by lighting these opulent Neo-Nawabi candles.
Entertaining in style has a whole new meaning with the chic and elegant premium crockery and designer trays. 

Creating elegant tablescapes is at your finger tips with table runners, mats and napkins in brilliant shades and intricate motifs.
From dressing up your front door to lighting up a corner in your home, India Circus is a chic inimitable lifestyle store offering designer products without the requisite of a deep pocket.
To explore the whole range of designer products click here. And if you think the gift giving season is over, well I have news for you. I'm very pleased to let you'll know that India Circus has a wonderful Gift Hamper for my readers. More on the GIVEAWAY coming up soon.......

Images: India Circus

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Wishes

Wishing my Lovely readers Happiness, Love, Hope, Peace, Health, Laughter , Goodness  and more..........

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In the Christmas Spirit.............

Good evening folks !!!! How are we doing today???

An unplanned weekend getaway has kept me away from  my blog. It was a welcome break.......to slow down and not have to worry about a schedule or a routine. These moments help me step back and look at things from a new perspective. 
Now back from the road trip, I'm enjoying the quintessential Christmas spirit.......sharing a few moments and corners from my home today.

The countdown is over and the excitement of presents waiting under the Christmas tree and the little surprise gifts hidden in the most unassuming of places, makes the heart swell with the festive spirit:) A glowing fire lit in the evening, warms our body and soul, as we sit around and chatter silly nothings. An impatient 6 year old waits for the clock to strike 12, to open his presents.We no longer have to wait for him to sleep, to put out the presents. He's well aware of Pa Santa and Ma Santa now:) But the opening of the presents will have to wait until tomorrow morning as no matter how much the little guy tries to flight his sleep.....he's not going to make it beyond 10:30.His dad will have to carry him up to bed once he falls asleep on the couch. 
The morning of Christmas is what I enjoy the most.......the sound of wrapping paper being ripped apart accompanied by squeals of laughter and excitement......looking around and seeing your family and loved ones around you and a mug of hot cocoa and a stack of pancakes to dig into..........
Giving you'll a heads up about some wonderful things I've been coordinating for my lovely readers. More on that coming up during the week....... You'll enjoy the rest of your day:)
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Friday, December 20, 2013

Interwoven (Featured Shop)

Good Morning Friday!!!!
Bright, colorful and happy posts are something you'll have begun to associate The East Coast Desi with. And today's post is just that. 

In today's featured shop segment, it's Interwoven for you. An online store that brings you beautifully curated artisan fabrics like vintage Kantha, Suzanis and Kashmiri silk to name a few. With it's roots in Abu Dhabi, Interwoven is an entrepreneurial venture initiated by Kera Thompson.Sourcing the fabrics from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Turkey........each piece in the store is handpicked by Kera herself. Her keen eye for detail, design and color  makes the collection at Interwoven one-of-a-kind. Products offered by Interwoven are perfect for those who want to layer their home with cultures and tales of a far off land.  

My favorite pick has to be these bright and trendy Ikat Multi-toned Kantha Pillows that combines my love for Ikat and Kantha so beautifully.

The brand name Interwoven, has been thoughtfully chosen by Kera,
"I created Interwoven because fabric makes me happy. Whether it's floor coverings, wall hangings, or the perfect cozy throw, textiles can tell far-off stories and breathe life and soul into your space.
From my travels and experiences as a designer, mom, and model, I have realized how interwoven we are as a world, community, and cherish the beauty that comes as we embrace the good around us.
Each piece in my collection is just a small reflection of that beauty". 

And here are a few more pieces that got my attention;)

To shop these gorgeous fabrics click here.

I'm already in the weekend gear and am taking things a little easy:) Wishing you a relaxed weekend too. See you next week at TECD, to share the seasons festive spirit.

Images:  Interwoven

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tea and Flowers Make Everything Better

Good Morning Wednesday!!!!

I'm sure, the first thing you noticed in the above picture are the gorgeous Dahlias. Their color and symmetry was something I was drawn to the minute I set  my eyes on them. I was at Vijaya's place to design her daughter's bedroom when these beauties happened to get my attention.
As pretty as the Dahlias looked in the garden, Vijaya was certain that they had been there a while and was kind enough to send me home with a few stalks. She had me believe that by clicking some pics of the Dahlias for her and my blog, these pristine blooms would last a lifetime in the cyber world:)
So when I came home, I brought out the vintage beer mug and placed the flowers randomly into the container. I let them drop as naturally as they did, when they were in the plant. Magenta said to be the color of the non-conformist was already having it's effect on me. I wanted to break away from my afternoon routine and just relax with a cup of tea. The chilly weather called for a light throw. The Kantha sari duvet complemented the free spirited Magenta dahlias perfectly. 
While the tea brewed, I quickly took a few shots  for Vijaya and my lovely readers.

As I tucked my feet into the folds of the duvet and sipped on my chai, the magnificent blooms kept me company.With their quintessential quality to feed the soul, the flowers worked their magic. They bring beauty to the increasing stressful pace of life. I felt completely relaxed and refreshed and ready to take on a 6 year old (with unmatched energy levels) when he gets back home from school:) Thank you Vijaya for the splendid blooms that set the ball rolling for a perfectly indulgent afternoon.

You'll have a wonderful day and don't forget to indulge in all that life has to offer!!!

Linking it to :http://www.antiquesandteacups.info/

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Box It

Good Morning and hopping in to say a quick Hello to my readers:) These pretty boxes caught my attention and I thought I'd share these with you'll. In shades of oranges and reds these are perfect on the coffee table, as jewelry storage on the night stand or for creating a little vignette all by themselves. They remind me of our Chanapatna lac wooden boxes..........for those of you who have access to these, go ahead and get some for yourselves (and a note to me : add to India shopping list;)

Have a wonderful day!!!!!!
Images: Via

Friday, December 13, 2013

Monochromatic Winter

Good Morning and welcome back!!!!

We've had some very cold days here in Virginia.Winter is making it's presence felt in every possible way.....snow showers, the cloudy grey days and the sun has been very stingy and conservative in making it's appearance. And the people not complaining, are the kids. With snow showers and schools being closed, sledding is in full swing.

Last weekend everything was wrapped in robes of white snow. As the sun came up, the soft white winter wonderland slowly melt away. I could not resist the urge to pick up my camera and run off all by myself to click some pics, before this magical setting disappeared.I also managed to do a little photo shoot for some original Christmas wishes for my readers. Saving it for the Christmas day;) 
As much as I love color, the beauty in these unpretentious monochromatic winter images is inspiring. 

(My home backs up into this tree save line........it's wonderful to sit in my sun room and just watch this sight )

I do hope you'll enjoyed these clicks. Have a wonderful weekend and  stay warm and healthy:)

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Got Company??? (Guest Bedroom Reveal)

Hello Lovely Readers !!!! I've had an extended weekend because of the snow we've had here in Virginia. And looks like we'll be having a lot more snow sooner than later............ 

With the holiday season here, we have family and friends visiting us. You know what that means........late night heart-to-heart conversations, loads of catching up or just having a good laugh over an extra hot cuppa. But on the other hand, I also realize that some of my guests may be tired or jet lagged and might want to rest before cashing in on the fun. So I wanted to spruce up the guest bedroom before they started arriving.........

Armed with the wonderful thought, "No matter how you show hospitality, if your doing it out of love, you can't do it wrong"  and keeping a close eye on form and function, I started putting the guest bedroom together. A super comfortable mattress that assures a good nights' sleep and relaxing color tones in shades of teal together with doses of raw sienna set the mood for this room. Kantha and Ikat patterns bring drama to this space. The kantha inspired duvet was an absolute steal from Home Goods. Love the fact that the duvet can be reversed for a new look when bored.
A side table with ample storage space for the guests knick-knacks is a must. Some books on the side table for those who need a good read before bedtime. A night lamp within reach acts as a reading lamp too.
I try to make my family and friends feel comfortable and special by going that extra mile..............tea/coffee in bed and some fresh flowers:)
To add a personal touch to the room, I framed some of my water color paintings.The archway painting that you see here is an original watercolor on paper done by Moi. A photograph of a restored palace in Rajasthan in an Inside Outside Magazine was the inspiration behind this piece of love. Little did I know then, that it would match my color palette for my guest bedroom, 10 years down the line:) A couple of details like this jewelry holder and my Bali inspired container add the finishing touches to the room.  
Here's another view of my guest room. My Anthro-kantha chair with it's compact size is perfect for the corner. You can sit down for a quick read or take your time to put on those socks. Another one of my creations, this time an abstract (acrylic on canvas), hangs above the chair. It fit like a glove into color palette of the room.
The Ikat curtains in a soft teal shade are from Target. Without a second thought, they came home with me.
And finally, I'm signing off for today with a close up shot of these gorgeous carnations. Hope you'll enjoyed the tour of my guest bedroom. Do drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.

Take care and Have a wonderful day!!!! 
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Monday, December 9, 2013

A Globally Inspired Christmas

Good morning lovely readers!!!! It snowed yesterday:) Our very first snow this winter.......everything looks so pretty under a blanket of snow. Schools are off so I have my little one at home with me today.  

Christmas spirit is running high...........lists of presents are being made and are being checked off once the perfect present is found, secretly stashing away those presents in the most unassuming of places, and of course decorating the Christmas tree, mantel and planning a menu for the holiday dinner.

When my little guy knows it's going to be Christmas soon, he magically transforms into an absolute angel........putting things in their place, doing his home work without being asked to do so, eating up all his veggies........the list is endless.The reason behind this responsible behavior is not so angelic. He has a motive : to melt my heart with his "I'm a GOOD BOY attitude" and for me to say yes to all the presents on his WANT list. His parents are fully aware of it. It's just that he thinks he's smarter and I let him think so. Cause my life gets a lot easier with him being a GOOD BOY;) 

Now coming to our post for today...........three of my favorite picks for a globally inspired Christmas this season. Some of the decorations are versatile pieces and could be used all year round.
These wonderful ethnic gourd ornaments have been hand carved with folk art flowers and birds and hand-painted in vivid tones by women in rural Peru. Once Christmas is over, place them in a wooden bowl and they would look pretty on the coffee table.
My next pick is from India. How wonderful are these recycled Kantha textile beads. This is a versatile piece and not limited to the holiday season. Once things are wrapped up for Christmas, these would make a fun and eco-chic display in a nursery or kids room.
Looking for an unconventional take on the regular stocking to dress up your fire place or mantel.............these stockings made from vintage Uzbek Suzani are one-of-a-kind and are sure to be a show stopper.

You'll have a wonderful day and do drop me a line on how are you'll gearing up for Christmas.

 Images: ViaViaVia