Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New York Style Loft In Mumbai

Mumbai, where real estate is valued in terms of gold, Jeweler Anuj Shah has the luxury of owning a New York style loft in the heart of Worley (that's Mumbai mere Jaan). High ceilings, sunlight streaming in and the home sporting a minimalist airy feel, it has the perfect amalgamation of aesthetics, practicality, design and style. 

Anuj expedited this project in collaboration with his friend Ashish Shah who played the interior designer for this space. With no interior walls to define the space, creativity was a wild horse. The home showcases some novel architectural elements at play like the exposed concrete ceilings and copper pipes used to disguise electrical wiring.

I personally love the use of antiques in this home that adds character and softens the lines of an otherwise modern interior. Anuj wanted to incorporate the families love for horses into the decor of the house. After a 3 day scouting trip to Hong Kong, Anuj found the perfect pair of antique horses and even ordered  an examination of the same to ensure their authenticity. Other details such as the collection of ancient bells which were used for training Indian wrestlers (Kushtia), Ikats prints and the teal jharokha used as a headboard, are to die for.

To take a tour of the rest of the home, click here

You'll take care and circle back with me on Friday for more on decor inspiration !!! 

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Make those books Multi-task for you !!!

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” 
                                                                                ― Cicero

Nostalgia grips me every now and I ruminate over the past and make my way down memory lane, more often than not, my cherished memories are the ones that I spent with my maternal grandparents. Their home was our all time favorite getaway. Come summer holidays and we'd be off to see them........On one such visit, I remember my grandfather (nana, a voracious reader himself) sat me down and explained to me that books are the best friend that anyone could ask for. He said they influence how you think and what you make of yourself. So it's always nice to keep a good set of loyal friends (books) close at hand. His favorite reads were inspirational biographies and he'd suggest a number of them to me. They have impacted me on different levels and more so now since I'm a mom. I so want to give it all back to my son and want him to be surrounded by thoughts that are positive, inspirational and that would help him develop into a strong individual..........I tell my son that it is essential to visit the library, as it's just like going grocery shopping but the only difference being you are shopping for food for your brain and thoughts:)
For a fun twist, create a sculptural pedestal atop a basket with your favorite books.
As I was growing up, I always had a good book on my night stand. But now they make their presence felt in almost every room of my home. Scattered around the sunroom, family room and the bedroom they work great as a mood up lifter, a source that provides copious amounts of inspiration when one is running low on the creative spunk or to just disentangle from the daily grind with a good cuppa. 

They even work great as a personal decor accessory??? Haven't thought of that, then read on......If your looking to add a layer to your home that reflects your personality and interests, then books can do that for you in an instant. Books are personal, they give an insight into the reader's personality and mirrors his or her interests. Personally , I feel that a home without  books brings with it a feeling of deprivation. 

Layering books into the decor adds warmth and personality. I have books in baskets, on the coffee table or stacked on the side of a couch multi-tasking as an instant side table. I've rounded up a few corners from my home showcasing how you could make those books you have, multi-task for you as a wonderful decor accessory:
Stack your books to form the base/legs and place a wooden plank for a sketchy version of a console. 
Pile on your favorite books on the side of a couch /chair to form an instant side table. To give it a little more definition, place a tray to function as the top of the table. A plant and some cherished treasures and you'll all done. 
While creating a vignette, if you need to varying the height of the accessories that make up the composition, create a pedestal with a set of books. Varying the height draws the eye to different levels keeping things interesting. 
I hope today's post was resourceful and inspired you to pull those books off the shelves and put them to use as a personal decor accessory!!! And don't forget to drop me a line if you have any ingenious ways of incorporating books into your decor:)  

Have a wonderful day!!!! 

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Color Confidence

What is it that so blatantly makes us different from children??? In my opinion, it's the free spirit, adventurous nature to experiment and incredibly creative attitude. They have no reservations or inhibitions about being judged on their creative labor. The world is their playground to observe, experiment, learn, grow and be happy through this entire process. Which brings us to our today's post. 

Remember how ambitious we were as kids when it came to the use of color and our artistic endeavors. Each was a master piece with our ability to use each and every color that the crayon box had to offer. Why, even now my son reminds me of me when he complains endlessly that a 96 count crayola box does not include his perfect green !!!
"If your afraid of color, add it in small doses and let it seep under your skin until your comfortable with what you see. Here a grouping of colorful vases adds a lively contemporary touch to my breakfast nook."
But somewhere along the way, most of us loose this free spirit and virgin quality to use colors to our hearts content. The use of colors on our walls and in decorating our homes becomes a daunting task. We succumb to the pressures of trends, perfect magazine images and tend to equate neutral color palette's with instant sophistication.

In my opinion we have to unlearn what we've learnt when it comes to the use of colors. Adopting the child like quality to experiment even if it means you are the only one whose happy with the way your home looks, is something you have to come to terms with. Remember your home is your haven. And  a wonderful way to make it reflect your personality would be to add touches of colors that make you happy and bring a sense of well-being. 

With spring here, I'm  not going to tame my heart. I'm going to be busy using color and using color with confidence and elan !!! 

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Treat for the Senses (Featured Blog)

Today we are in a candid duologue with the talented new blogger, Karishma Banerji Madan of " A Treat for the Senses". A serendipitous encounter led me to her blog and I was hooked in no time. Karishma's fluid writing style, genuine tone and her ability to conjure up pretty imagery with the simplest of decor accessories is what lured me in to her wonderful blog. Having moved to South Korea recently, the way Karishma articulates her experiences in setting up a home in a far away land is something I can so relate to. Anecdotes sprinkled with humor and accompanied with magical captures that beautifully emphasize the play of light, textures and natural elements, all I can say is that her blog is a treat for all your senses !!! 
A home to come to after a long day at work.......
I wanted to get to know the gorgeous lady behind this blog and reached out to her. I was so excited when she responded positively about a debut feature on TECD. So let's sit down with Karishma and get to know her and her blog. Over to Karishma :

"Hello there ! I am Karishma. I hail from India and am currently living in South Korea. I have to thank Sruthi for reaching out and introducing me on TECD. Such a lovely gesture !

I have been accused of being a day-dreamer, an accusation that I am elated to acknowledge and live with :) Staring out of the window endlessly is a crime I love to concede to, and continue to commit ! I dabble in photography off and on, and I think every picture has a story that deserves to be told. I love nature and I could spend endless days in the forest, listening to the calls of the jungle, enjoying the thrill of sighting wildlife. I love paint smeared hands, the smell of turpentine and the joy of creating something that is ‘truly-your-own’ on the canvas. I enjoy eating good food, nearly as much as I enjoy cooking for family and friends :)
Might be worthy of a mention here that I went to business school, was part of the corporate world, and I am currently enjoying time off from power point and excel sheets :-) And yes, I also like to put ‘pen-to-paper' and archive sudden,spontaneous bursts of thought, hence the blog :)"
Of sun kissed corners, of a game called hide-and-seek…
This is what Karishma had to share when asked what urged  her to start her own blog and what is it that she intended to bring to her readers ?
"A Treat for the Senses', as the name suggests, is my niche to write about beautiful sights, heady fragrances, delicious food and in general, all things that are joyous to the senses.
I love all things beautiful and what could be better than to share my experiences with like minded souls, who share my passion for home decor, art, antiques, plants, good food, travel, and also have a large amount of tolerance for endless rambling !"
A tea lover that I am, Karishma's Post on a pot of chai is one of my favorite reads.
On what spur's Karishma's creative side and where she drew her inspiration from to create the beautiful haven that she has carved out for herself :
"There are so many inspiring artists and home decor stalwarts around, my parents being my biggest inspiration, for their home back in India is nothing short of being a labor of love. Hope to blog about it sometime.
I learn so much from observing and reading fellow bloggers’ posts, it is an excellent way to exchange and share ideas as we all hone our sense of style."
A few corner's of Karishma's home that look gorgeous at all times of the day or night .......Need more to whet your aesthetic appetite ! Head over to "A treat for the Senses". 
Answering the question, what her home means to her, she says," I often reflect upon what my home means to me, and this is how I would summaries it ‘You know your house is a home, when you have time on your hands and places to see, but your home is where you’d rather be !’ 
I love being home, it is where I unwind, I think, I create and re-create. It is where I unleash my creativity, it is my drawing board, my canvas to add endless layers of color to and to texture it as I please.
My husband describes my sense of style as warm and eclectic, I love color, handcrafted workmanship, and collecting curios from around the world. Some of my most precious pieces however, are family heirlooms and thoughtful gifts from friends !"
A bunch full of happiness lifting itself up to say ‘me-too’, lest it gets lost behind the magnificent green palm leaves :)
Sharing her decor mantra and styling secrets with us, Karishma say's, "Although I am just a novice in the world of home styling, I believe our homes are best being an extension of our personalities, there is no one size that fits all ! The more of ‘you’ that there is in it, the more you will grow to love it.

Hope you enjoyed the peeks into the corners of my home and they make you want to stop by my page and read my blog. Thank you once again Sruthi ! " 
An exquisite Buddha statute (a cherished gift) as it imparts tranquility and adds a zen factor to Karishma's abode.
The pleasure was all mine Karishma !!! I'm so glad that through the blogosphere, I'm able to connect with like minded and talented people like you.

If you'd like to connect with Karishma or personally write in your feedback, you may do so at And don't forget to drop us a line as we'd love to hear from you:)

Have a wonderful day !!!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

TECD has been featured on "THE CURATED MAGAZINE"

ELATED............OVERJOYED............ECSTATIC...............AND COMPLETELY OVER THE MOON !!!!

Why this reaction???? Cause "THE EAST COAST DESI" has been featured on " THE CURATED MAGAZINE", April 2014 issue !!!
We've known Priya to bring the most beautiful images and  bohemian Chic inspiration to us through her blogging adventures at "Once Upon a Tea Time". But what some of you'll may not be familiar with is that she is also the chief curator of the new digital magazine "Curated". A monthly publication that makes for a captivating read and leaves you begging for more!!! With a strong mission statement, CURATED sure lives up to it's promise - "Our mission is to delight, engage and inform you and in addition to bringing you a visually stunning and engrossing read, we want to serve as a platform for inspiration by showcasing individuals who are powerhouses of positivity and creativity. We want to help tap into that well of potential that is within each one of us and bring out the very best." 

Having read the first 3 issues of "The Curated Magazine" I was completely hooked. When Priya made a call on her blog for the home tours segment for her magazine, I wrote to her with the offer to tour the TECD casa. A couple of emails later, the outcome is finally here to share with you'll. 
The entire process of shooting the TECD casa for Curated has been an unforgettable experience for me! I've had so much fun putting this together. Playing decor stylist is something I revel in and Curated let me do just that to my heart's content. I've become quite an acrobat I should say, climbing on chairs and anything else that I could find to get the angles right;) 

Here are a few sneak peek's of what's instore for you....... 

The issue also features Bhavana Bhatnagar of "An Indian Summer", Deb Trombley of "India pied-a-terre", Ami Gandhi (Executive Director of the South Asian American Policy and Research Institute), loads of beautiful images and inspirational quotes.Want to see more, click right here

It's been a wonderful experience getting to know Priya through this entire process and am so glad we had a chance to connect. Priya is one talented woman and her new venture "The Curated Magazine" is going to go places.........I'd like to thank Priya for this wonderful opportunity and wish her all the very best !!! 

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Small spaces, Big on Function and Style (Home tour)

I truly believe that the most appealing spaces are the ones that incorporate function, comfort and personal style. Adopting a pragmatic approach to decorating, Smita Bhushan  has created a beautiful den for her daughter and herself in their Gurgaon duplex home. I was delighted when Smita reached out to me with the generous offer to throw open her doors for the TECD family. Infusing her home with travel finds, visually stimulating corners and furniture that's practical, she ought to be proud of what she's concocted in a 650 sq. ft. space. Using her home as a template, we can learn about the witty juxtaposition of furniture and forget about the "IF we had the space" concept. 

Quoting Smita,"Sounds cliched but I feel my home represents my journey in life so far, my thoughts and my personality to the T." And that is what a home should be  - truly mirror who you are. One look around and you can tell she's a practical woman, loves the uncluttered organised look and can't resist bringing back treasures from her travels.
Thangka painting and wooden carvings (from Kerala ) add the art factor to the space. 
Smita's ingenious finds and a keen eye for function, has definitely been the reason why this place functions so beautifully despite the limitation of space. Her decor tip for small spaces but being big on style, is to look for furniture that serves a dual purpose. She says,"Instead of going the regular sofa set way, I retained the antique day beds and spruced them up with bright cushions. I’d always wanted a seating arrangement in white, so I covered the day beds in white sheets. They can be easily removed and machine washed, hence are low maintenance. " When Smita has company, the diwan style seating is instantly converted to comfortable guest beds. Isn't that smart ???
Another smart solution that Smita resorted to maximize on space, is her multi-tasking coffee table. " The coffee table has 4 pull out stools and doubles up as a dining table. It’s a relatively new purchase and is in Shesham wood but gels well with the rest of the antique furniture." 

The large french doors leads to the garden and floods the space with natural light. Bright burnt orange upholstery material that Smita had stashed away was finally put to use as curtains. "The bright curtains have been well balanced with white upholstery, white walls, light flooring and pops of green, pink and blue. "
Furniture placement has been a thoughtful process in this home. According to Smita the living room is the hardest working room in the house. It functions as a living room, study, library, entertainment room, dining room and guest bedroom. Now that truly is hard working. An antique Study table in Burma Teak occupies a place of pride and is used by Smita's daughter to store her school books and stationary.  Smita's comprehensive understanding of what she wants from the place has enabled her to create pockets that have their task cut out for them but  do not restrict the movement or overwhelm the space. 
Now who said you can't have it all :) Smita's designer kitchenette is an adorable space with no compromise on form, function or style. Over to Smita, " My kitchenette is also a part of the living room, sort off. It’s the only part I got designed and custom made. Turned out to be pricey but just the way I wanted. The clean, modern lines and cool colors, balance the traditional patterns and warm colors of the living room. I give full credit to the designer for insisting on an open shelf when I wanted a closed one. I love the way the glass bottles reflect the ceiling lighting.

With the kitchenette almost a part of the living room, I use the counter for laying a buffet when guests come over. The small induction cooker is so easy to stash away when required.

Adorning the kitchen ceiling is the ‘people tree’ installation by Mukul Goyal. Bringing in an element of surprise to the space, it is something I liked as soon as I spotted it online."
An avid reader, Smita needed a space to house her book collection. An antique wooden cupboard serves perfectly as a bookcase. Paired with rattan chairs that are light weight (double up for additional seating while entertaining),this space is designated as the library/reading corner. An antique mirror, allows for a quick fix and reflects light and helps open up the space.
Sporting cool shades of blue, the bedroom is  a peaceful retreat with focus on key pieces that Smita absolutely loves. "Our bedroom is spacious and overlooks the garden. I have done it up in shades of turquoise and off white. The dressing table is Tibetan and the mirror is from Fab India. The small boat (from Kerala) serves as a cache to store my daughter’s hair clips. Adding the final touches to the master bedroom is the hanging lamp (from Good Earth), the antique bed and my sketches. Most of them are ghat scenes from my home town Varanasi. And finally the bedspread is my favorite- an expensive purchase from Good Earth that I absolutely love!"

Summing it up beautifully, Smita has this to say about her home ,"Having been passionate about interior decor, I am very happy with the way my pad has shaped up. We love coming back to it every single day. It’s our beautiful cocoon and is our hideaway from the harsh realities of life." 

I'd like to thank Smita for being such a sport and opening up her wonderful pad to us. Wishing her luck and happiness with her warm and homey space. 

As for you my wonderful readers, I'd love to hear from you. So don't forget to drop us a line and make our day.

Until next time take care:)

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Monday, April 14, 2014

With a Spring in my Step

Hello Folks !!! 

Last week and the weekend have both been hectic. But it has been an exciting one. Last Wednesday, I woke up to my blog adda featured on IKEA FAMILY LIVE FACEBOOK !!! My head's still reeling with excitement:) If you haven't had a chance  to check it out, click here.

With family visiting us from India, I do have my hands full entertaining them. But what's nice is, I'm being pampered in return and treated to some wonderful home made Indian delicacies......will be sharing some recipes very soon. As for my bit to entertainment them, the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC was on the top of my list. Yesterday we had a chance to drive down to DC to see the blooms. With a soft corner for these flowers..........It was a treat for the eyes. It's their simplicity that draws me in every single time. And I must say, I've hit it big with three cherry blossom trees right outside my sunroom window!!! 
My fixation does not end with just admiring them.........I had to have a touch of the Cherry Blossom to my decor at home. So I paired a small branch of the delicate cherry blossoms with my Buddha from Nepal. Also adding to the zen vignette  is the wooden box another find from Nepal

The wooden box symbolizes the pyramid adorning the Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal. Declared as the Heritage sight by UNESCO, the Bodhnath Stupa is a must see. Monopolizing the skyline, the unique architecture is said to have been built in the 14th century. The original pyramid like architecture has 13 steps, representing the ladder to enlightenment and the triangular shape depicts the abstract form of fire. 
Love how the white of the cherry blossoms and the gold of the Buddha pops against the black and brown base color. 

And finally rounding up the post for today with a close up shot of the most awaited flower of the season here in DC.........the cherry blossom!!!
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and stay tuned for more exciting news and posts coming up this week !!!! 
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Monday, April 7, 2014

A Fresh Perspective on Your Possessions

When familiarity starts to breed monotony, it's time to move things around the house. Why you ask?? Just so that the eye is redirected and you have a new perspective on an otherwise old furniture or decor accessory that you own. It's important to bring about subtle changes and tweak the interiors to keep in-sync with our changing temperaments, maturing taste and of course the changing seasons.
From time to time, I give into the temptation to shop around my own home - redecorating at no cost (not surprised why my husband loves this concept:). Digging into my stash of accessories, I pull out pieces that I haven't seen in a while. Or if I have a particular color scheme in mind, I gather things from around the home that would complete the look that I intended to create. Today, I found my wooden Nandi calling out to me. Instantaneously, I knew I wanted to go in for the traditional combination of red and green. It has been my absolute favorite for as long as I can remember. Maybe it's because I associate it with one of the earliest images that I've swaddled away in my memory, of my mom looking stunning in a red and green Kanchi sari.

I brought out my red paisley cushion cover, a handwoven grass tray and an abstract painting that I created a while ago (random colors painted on a canvas and then pulled an old comb through it to create texture). The painting formed the perfect backdrop for the Nandi and all the colors were pulled together perfectly.

I was totally digging the way this Vignette turned out and the new dimension it added to my living room. In my rule book of decoration, my home is never considered definitively complete. I always see potential to make it work better. Cause once a place is considered downright complete, it kills the fervor of a decor enthusiast like me. What do you say ????

 Have a fabulous day !!!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Brilliant Imports (Featured Shop)

I have a soft corner for Asian decor and that's an understatement. You've seen my collection of Asian decor be it the Buddha hand Mudra, the reclining Buddha, knock off of the Pier 1 Souvenir Du Tibet Wall Art or my other travel finds that I include into my decor without a moments hesitation. So when I set eyes on the gallery inspiration at Brilliant Imports, I found myself instantly gravitating towards their thoughtfully put together collection. And the next natural thing for me to do was to share it with you'll.

"Brilliant Imports is exotic luxury made accessible and personal-Zen made easy." And I totally agree. For those of you looking to enlighten that corner of your home with a Buddha Statute or other Zen/ Asian inspired decor, this store offers a wide choice at a great price. Some irresistible pieces don't you agree ???
Amy L. Campbell is the owner and founder of Brilliant Imports. What makes this store stand out from the many mushrooming decor boutiques out there ???? Amy says," Combining my passion for far-flung travel and modern-day treasure hunting, I scour the shops and markets in each country I visit, seeking the most unique items. The essential element that makes this project exciting (and so much fun!) are the connections I make-- the real people who invite me into their homes, studios, and shops, and help me navigate this adventure. I work closely with the artists, we regularly design pieces together, exclusively for Brilliant Imports. This sincere collaboration and mutual respect are fundamental to how Brilliant Imports works."
Personally, when I'm looking to invest in a Buddha Statue,  it's the Buddha's expression that dictates if he's coming home with me or not. And the ones that I see in this store definitely  resonate the sense of serenity and calm that I'm looking to bring to my space. I've been requested by a number of friends to find the perfect Buddha for their homes. And I think, my quest has come to an end. Some of these Buddha's are going to find a new home very soon :) 

Amy has included some of these exotic finds in her own home. Leaning towards the chic organised Boho look, her home has been featured on Apartment Therapy. You can tour her gorgeous home right here. I'm do hope you've found the Zen inspiration you were looking for with today's post. 

As for now, I'm signing off for today and shall back with more:) Have a wonderful day!!!!