Monday, March 30, 2015

My Portable Indoor Garden Oasis......

Spring break is here and I have the company of my little brat for a whole week! We have charted out a plan of action to keep him busy and I intend to stick to it without a doubt. It is still cold in my part of the world so much of the activity is restricted to indoors......
While I wait for spring to arrive and for the weather to get a bit warmer, I decided to bring a bit of the outdoors in:) An antique brass puja basket, traditionally used to hold flowers to take to the temple is filled with a few indoor plants. My stone Ganesha is placed in the center to give it an interesting focal point. And Voila ! My own transportable garden oasis is done! I love using my vintage brass collection in unexpected ways..........I love how this turned out, don't you?
Wishing you a wonderful and productive week ahead!

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Hello Friday and a tale of the Ushnishavijaya !

This month at TECD, the spot light has been on Oriental decor. I’ve strived to churn out posts that are original, inspirational, global in appeal and loaded with aesthetic beauty. I do hope you’ll have enjoyed these as much as I have had fun putting these together. Today, I conclude this series with a post on the “Ushnishavijaya”. If you haven’t heard of her, she is one of the three main Buddhist deities of longevity. Will tell you more about her in a bit but first let me share with you the story of how I scored this beautiful Ushnishavijaya statue on a trip to Darjeeling (West Bengal – India)…… 
Just the word “Darjeeling” conjures up images of lush green tea estates, carpeting the sloping sides of the many hills encircled by snow peaked mountains that make up the landscape of this scenic summer get-away. The winding roads and cool mountain breeze urges you to explore this picturesque place on foot. On one such walk, we (my family and I) stopped at a roadside tea stall to rest our tired feet. As we relaxed and enjoyed the hot chai, the very friendly localities made for great company. Chit chatting with them, we were able to get the address of a local treasure house that sold brass artifacts and knick-knacks. Following the directions, we came upon a rickety little place…..I’m glad we checked it out and did not decide otherwise. The place was chock-full of amazing goodies. The first thing that my eyes noticed was this Ushnishavijaya statue. I perused through the entire store but I knew I had my heart set on this beauty. After a bit of haggling with the shop keeper (I love a good bargain you know;), we were carrying the figurine back to our hotel to stash it in my suitcase and getting it travel ready. Years later, it is here adorning a corner of my home and reminding me of the beautiful time that we spent in Darjeeling!

Now for a little more on Ushnishavijaya. She is a celebrated feminine deity of Tibetan Buddhism and her form is said to personify the ushnisha (the cranial protuberance that marks the Buddha’s heightened intelligence that he is said to have attained after spiritual enlightenment). The statue shows the deity in a meditative pose, seated on a lotus base. The unique feature is her three heads, each exhibiting a third eye. Each of her eight hands is either in the form of a mudra or holds an instrument representing her divine powers. She is known to shower her devotees with wisdom and a long life..... 

The other day, I brought home a bunch of Daffodils to add a dash of spring cheer. Paired with the Ushnishavijaya, it makes for a delightful exotic spring vignette, don't you think?

Wishing you a wonderful and relaxed weekend! 

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Siam Sawadee (Featured Shop)

Today, I take you all the way to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand to feast your eyes on some unique and exotic Oriental artifacts. I've been asked many a time to refer a store that specializes in trading Oriental decor artifacts. And I think I have the answer for you:) "Siam Sawadee" is an online store that does just that and retails via Etsy. I personally think, they have the most beautiful, authentic and unique collection of Oriental artifacts. I reached out to Eve Naewmuang, the owner of Siam Sawadee to know more about this wonderful store. In an exclusive interview with TECD, Eve tells it all.....
TECD: Hello and welcome to TECD, Eve ! I love hearing about stories of how a particular brand was established. I personally feel that knowing all there is to know about a brand/store not only helps me relate better to the brand but also gives me the direction to make a conscious decision to support creative souls (like you) that are striving to further a cause or provide support to the communities they thrive in.  Tell us how Siam Sawadee came together?
Eve:"I started Siam Sawadee with my partner about 2 years ago. We are both avid travelers and love nothing more than collecting on our many adventures in and around south east Asia. One hot and dusty afternoon we stumbled across a border market town with so many treasures, instantly we decided that the world needed to see such beauty. Hence our motto "From the heart of Asia, to the heart of your home". We feel that usually people would not get to purchase such rare and unique items. So we find it exciting to give that opportunity to 'stumble' across a market from the comfort of your home. We decided to settle in Chiang Mai, as this is the epi-center of all things craft."
"Siam Sawadee" has an exotic feel to it and it simply translates to "Hello Thailand"! Siam is the old name for Thailand before the revolution about 100 years ago. Eve says she actually prefers the name Siam to Thailand as it sounds more romantic. So she incorporated Siam into the name as it's a throw back to an earlier time, much like the beautiful and exotic finds she sells at her store. And it goes without saying that Sawadee means "Hello" in Thai. 
TECD: What aspect of oriental decor are you drawn to?
Eve: "Oriental decor is not only about function and design but also heritage and culture. Our decor incorporates thousands of years of Asian artisans working to decorate the houses of Kings, nobles and lords of our lands. I love to have a bit of history in our home, makes me feel as important or at least as ostentatious as a royal. We like to offer that to our customers too."
TECD: We'd love for you to share with us your most unforgettable experience since starting the store?
Eve :"My most memorable item was of a 4 ft Burmese puppet called "Tossakan" from the fable 'Ramakien'. He was an eight armed "bad-guy" but my partner and I loved him dearly, he seemed to give us good luck. We had forgotten that he was listed so were heart broken when the Etsy "Ka-ching" was heard and realized we had sold him. The buyer though was over-joyed to find such a magnificent piece so we know he went to a good home."
Siam is a fair trade business and believes in giving back to the community.....Eve says, "As mentioned before, the items we sell will never be found at your local high street. We work with local artisans and crafts people who have had their skills handed down to them for generations. I don't think Bed, Bath & Beyond can claim the same lineage. Our work also supports the local communities with a massive boost to our local economy as we have now employed local people to help, not only the artists, but the logistics of wrapping 8ft wall panels, or carrying 20 items to the post office, we have a happy team at Siam Sawadee."
A round-up of some of my absolute favorites from the store:
Looking for ways to add a little color to your kitchen? These hand-painted decorative containers are traditionally used in Asian homes to store rice. How about Styling these on the counter tops along with a mint or coriander plant!
Siam Sawadee has over a 100 different rice baskets to choose from. The task of picking out a favorite one can be quite time consuming as each one of them has some splendid hand painted detailing in many hues to choose from!  
Another specialty of the store are these enormous Balinese Wood Wall Art ! These teak wood mandala like panels with their three dimensional intricate designs are sure to bring the exotic vibe to any space. Use it as wall art or prop it as a head board.
This grouping of Burmese monks is a perfect addition to your home or garden ! You can read more about my fascination with Burmese decor right here.

Burmese lacquerware...sigh! This intricately handcrafted container is a rust shade is the perfect accent to add to your coffee table. Either display it on its own or get a couple and start your own collection today !
Make sure you bookmark this wonderful store if you are looking to create a space with mixed influences. You could also connect with them via their FB page for regular updates. I would like to thank Eve for taking the time to share such wonderful stories with my TECD readers and wish her all the very best with Siam Sawadee!

Happy decorating and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Images : Copyright/Credit or found on : Siam Sawadee 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Oriental Living Company (Featured Shop)

Oriental style furniture brings with it the balanced interplay of many elements - simplicity in design without sacrificing comfort, ingenuity of the artist's craftsmanship, distinct furniture lines carved from exotic hardwoods that are decorated with glossy lacquer finishes, detailed engravings and paintings…..All combined into an elegant whole adding character and personality to the room they adorn. If you've been on the lookout for authentic Oriental Furniture that can add to the aesthetic beauty of your home giving it a zen, well-traveled, eclectic vibe, your quest is over. Today we take a look at “Oriental Living Company” based out of India. 

Oriental Living is the newest online furniture boutique that brings exquisite, handcrafted antiques and reproductions of Oriental Furniture right to your finger tips. The lady and brain behind the label “Oriental Living” is Manisha Gandhi (We recently featured Manisha's beautiful home in the Real Homes, Real Designers segment. You may read more about the home tour right here). Having had the opportunity to travel and live in countries like Hong Kong and Vietnam and developing a deep erudition of the workings of the oriental decor and furniture industry, her love affair with oriental furniture has turned into a more long term commercial endeavor. 

TECD: Hello and welcome to TECD Manisha! Tell us a little about yourself and how your passion for furniture and design led you to  launch Oriental Living?

Manisha: “Thank you for having me on TECD, Sruthi. 

I was born and brought up in a culturally rich and diverse setting. I’m half Mallu, half Gujju, married into a MP family with two little girls. Like most B school graduates, I too aspired to be a part of the corporate world. The years I spent climbing the corporate ladder made me realize that it wasn’t meant for me. The gujju blood in me dragged me into being an entrepreneur. We were based out of Hong Kong when I started my sourcing firm. Being closer to China, I had the ability to source products for big retailers in India. Having worked with a lot of big brands and retail chains in India, I decided it was about time that I venture into the industry of furniture and design. Thus started the Oriental Living saga in 2007. Having been influenced by my parent’s love for colonial furniture, paintings and antiques, this seemed like the perfect undertaking for me to dip my hands into it as it had the best of both worlds that I love – decor&design and oriental furniture."

TECD: What is it about Oriental furniture that makes your heart tick ?
Manisha: “I think it is the clean lines, traditional methods of crafting, rich patinas and the ability to blend in with any setting...modern, traditional, neutral, highly looks great everywhere. It adds zen and harmony to the room it graces.” 
TECD: Tell us more about the range of Oriental furniture showcased at your boutique? 
Manisha: “Oriental Living features an amazing range of pieces. Some of which are the classic Horseshoe back chairs, colorful Chinese buffets, Ming dynasty style classic cabinets, blanket chests and antiques with carved iron hardware. The bulk of our antique furniture dates from the early 20th century, although some pieces are 18th & 19th century. A range of reproduction furniture is also available at Oriental Living.”
TECD: From what I've gathered, most of the pieces are originals that have been restored at your factory. Help us understand the process involved to make them market ready? 
Manisha: “Yes, most of these exquisite pieces are old and original and selected from different provinces in China, Mangolia and Tibet on the basis of their originality and patination. The process of restoration happens at our partner factory and our own warehouse located in India.” 
TECD : A word of parting advice for our women entrepreneurs who would like to take on a venture like yours?
Manisha: “My mother taught business management for over 30 years. So right from childhood, I was exposed to the word PRODUCT and understood how important it was to the business selling it. As an entrepreneur, I've learnt that if you like and believe in the product and love what you do, the product will sell.” 

And now for a special offer for the readers of "The East Coast Desi". A 10% discount is being offered on any of the pieces from the Oriental collection! All you have to do is mail Manisha at  to avail the offer. Oriental Living ships free across Pan India ! For international shipping you may contact Oriental Living right here or connect via their FB page. 

Image Copy right/Credit : Oriental Living

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Oriental Charmer (Home Tour)

The Gandhi's have assiduously forged an exquisite home in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) where refined Oriental collections are elegantly edited against a serene backdrop rendered in shades of neutrals. The off white color scheme is prudently punctuated with gleeful splashes of fuchsia keeping things fresh and cheerful. The young and dynamic couple who own this impressive home are Manisha Gandhi, the founder/owner of the online furniture boutique "Oriental Living Company" and Nikhil Gandhi, a banker by profession. They share this gorgeous three storied home with their two lovely daughters...The couple's keen eye for beauty, charm and the unique is evident in every room of the sunlight flooded residence.Talking about what a home means to her, Manisha says, "My home is my haven and it radiates warmth, happiness and tranquility. However, a well put together space in not only aesthetically pleasing but it also has to be functional – which is the essence of every home we have lived in."
By combining subtle Eastern design influences with urban functionality needs, the young couple has created refined interiors for a family-friendly home. A large, ivory tone sectional with clean lines and modern sensibility makes for plentiful seating in the spacious living room. Generously sprinkled with fuchsia colored pillows, the happy shade offers delight to the eyes and helps break up the neutral color palette. A contemporary style coffee table houses the couple's beloved collection of books and prized accessories. Fuchsia colored blooms in a woven bamboo basket brings a touch of the outdoors in and livens things up. With subtropical weather year round, wooden floors are kept bare except for a hand woven, block-print Kalamkari style rug that echoes the happy accent color. The couple's exquisite collection spans a time frame of 8 years, Manisha says,"We started collecting pieces for our house since we were married, almost 8 years ago, to make it what it is now. We love shopping for our’s a bottomless pot. But we ensure to take our time and bring home only those pieces that we absolutely love."
With the presence of innumerable windows in the room, creating wall displays is a decorating dilemma Manisha shares. However, the one wall that they had, they decided to go big and bold by incorporating a statement piece to adorn it. After scouting around for a while, Manisha and Nikhil, both decided on this Vietnamese gold lacquer painting by Vietnam's most well known artist Bui Van Hung. 
(This wooden sculpture depicting a temple procession was procured from Ubud in BALI. It was love at first sight says Manisha.)
Having lived in Hong Kong before their move to Vietnam, the relocation has given their imagination room to roam. With a lot more space at their disposal, the couple loves the airy and open floor plan of this gorgeous house, "The move has been liberating given that Hong Kong had such small living spaces, with Vietnam not having a space issue."
(Cushions from Good Earth and Goods of Desire (GOD) - HK dress up the neutral couch.)
When it comes to  deciding on furnishings for the home,  Manisha shares that it is almost always a joint decision. But there have been situations where issues concerning aesthetic beauty were involved and she has had the last word ! I now know why fuchsia seems to be the dominating accent color;) But I do love the subtle use of such a bold color. It does not say girly or feminine in any way! It just screams sophistication ! 
This decoratively crafted, standing Buddha in Mandalay style was a travel find from Thailand. The statue draws one in to take a closer look at the intricate pleats on the robe, encrusted with multiple colored glass stones that glisten in the sun light streaming in through the huge windows embracing the living room. Manisha shares that the Buddha´s slender right hand displays the Abhaya Mudra, a symbolic gesture of fearlessness and granting protection, one of the many reasons why this Buddha was brought home.

Every time Manisha looks at the Buddha he not only restores a sense of calm in her but also brings a smile to her face. Why a smile you ask? Well here is the story, "It was quite a tedious process to ship the Buddha from Thailand to Vietnam. So we decided to carry it along with us on the flight:) Yes, that was quite an experience. And the Buddha wouldn't fit into a taxi on our rides from and to the airport (with all our luggage and us), so we took a tuk tuk. So it was us with the Buddha in a tuk tuk :)" Now that is what I mean by every piece in your home should have a story to tell!
In the living room a pair of antique Horseshoe Ming Style Chairs in a warm teak tone, look at ease with the modern day sectional and hold the underlying theme together. I personally, love the simple curves and perfect proportions of the Ming Style chairs!

Manisha and her family love to travel and make it a point to pick up something from everywhere they visit. And it is not just a  pocket size souvenir that they are referring to. Most of the solid furniture pieces in the home is from  their travels to Hong Kong, China and the great Mekong !
A trio of hand made Iznik pottery from Turkey in shades of blue, turquoise, red and green, graces a wall in the formal dining room. On a closer look the pottery depicts stories of  nature's bounty and the iconic Whirling Dervishers.  Situated at the foot of the display is a mini Chinese trunk exhibiting a pair of the terracotta replicas of the famous "Terracotta Warriors". An intricately carved metal vase holds carnations in shades of red and pink to echo the accent color used in the decor.  
The couple love entertaining and wanted to keep the overall style in the formal dining space in sync with the living room. Furniture in dark tones with an accent color in a deeper shade keeps things looking cohesive.   

A beautifully decked dining table, awaits its dinner guests !
I was curious to know if Manisha  had been tempted to keep certain pieces for her home, from the ones that she sources for her store - The Oriental Living ? To which she answers, "Yes, I've been tempted a number of times. The Ming style chairs, a red lacquer TV cabinet, a Ming style sideboard and a red lacquer chest are here gracing my home on account of those temptations!"  
Comfort and functionality were the key considerations while furnishing the lounging room/entertainment room. The result is a no fuss, snug and kid friendly space where the family gets together at the end of the day to relax, unwind and watch their favorite TV show before retiring for the day.
The TV cabinet is one of the many pieces that Manisha was tempted to keep for herself from the Oriental Living Furniture line!
This is the couple's private retreat. The space is an ideal mix of sophistication, serenity and sensible design. The grand bed frame steals the show in the master bedroom. It took them a while to find the right furniture for their master suite. But when they came across this four poster bed, they had no doubt, it was what they were looking for! Textiles from Good Earth and framed posters from India Circus complete the simple yet elegant room for a restful night's sleep. 
(Manisha's  ingenuity is seen here as she uses sheer curtains from the Good Earth line to create an illusion of a canopy bed adding to the dreamy and romantic feel of the space.)  
If you adore Manisha's decorating style and would like to replicate similar vibes for your home, here is her design mantra,"Simplicity is the key element. When spaces are clutter free, there is a lot that can be done. Also given our Indian-ness, we love color. We add color in smaller items, like cushions, bed spreads, table mats and runners. Most important of all, make sure you invest in good furniture like you would invest in jewelry. Before buying, do consider your future needs as well . As this an investment that would last a lifetime!" 

With that we come to end of  yet another wonderful home tour. I hope you enjoyed taking in all the Oriental beauty and charm that exudes from this intimate space that Manisha and  Nikhil have lovingly put together. I'd like to thank the couple for being so gracious and letting us into their beautiful home! Wishing them health, happiness and peace.

As for you'll my favorite peeps, drop me line and let me know if you enjoyed our oversea's home tour this month. Watch this space for more on Oriental design inspiration coming up this month!
Have a wonderful day!

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Spotlight on Lai's latest collection - "Kinner Kailash"

Lai’s latest collection “ Kinner Kailash” draws inspiration from the the land of natural abundance “Himachal Pradesh”. Diving deep into this fascinating northern state in India, Puja Bhargava (owner/creative head - Lai) takes her cues from the unique arts, crafts and culture that are an intrinsic part of the Himachali life! References to exquisite artistry of the Chamba rumal embroidery, distinctive geometric patterned 'Kinnauri and Spiti shawls” and the Kangra Painting depicting poetic sentiments, are beautifully woven into the anatomy of every piece in this limited edition collection. This intricately crafted silver line, has a contemporary flair mixed in with the right amount of boho charm to appeal to the wild side of every sophisticated urban woman.
Puja’s association with Himachal Pradesh dates back to her student years at the prestigious NIFT institute. Revisiting the memorable time that she spent in Himachal Pradesh she shares,"Himachal is one of my most favorite states in India and I've not only visited it as tourist but I also spent a month there as a NIFT student for my Craft Documentation project. Years later I did a Kinnauri shawl revival project for the Textiles Ministry during which I made multiple trips to Kinnaur.....I'd like to think Himachal likes me keeps calling me back!" 

Puja's attention to detail and her ability to interpret cultural inspiration for the modern day woman is exemplary. Talking indepth about her inspiration for this collection she says,"This collection our rendition of tribal Himachali designs (with a bit of Multani influence thrown in- an indicative of their ancient Silk Route connect). It is intended to resemble something you might stumble upon in an antique shop in Chamba- just more fun! We've kept the look oxidized & injected eye-catching enamel colors- making these designs both a beautiful accessory and a covetable find.Conveying the topic of travel, urban nomadic lifestyle and one of a kind finds, Kinner Kailash offers a range of necklaces, earrings, rings & bangles. Something to suit every taste, we think!”
The splendor of the tarnished patina of Oxidized Silver is sagaciously balanced with the hand painted vibrant enamel detailing, making the Kinner Kailash collection a temptation to say the least. This is handcrafted in Jaipur by expert artisans using time honored techniques with centuries-old craftsmanship and quality. Indulge the woman in you and make sure you get yours today before this 'made upon order' collection is sold out! Lai ships worldwide from Delhi and California. To browse the entire collection, click here.

Image courtesy: Lai

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Evolving Home!

Recently, I came across a quote that said, "You have decor OCD if.......your house is a constant work in progress". My home "IS" a constant work in progress and I’m not shy to admit the fact. But to term it as OCD would be an exaggeration. I’d like to use the phrase “a progressive approach” instead, what say? Today, let's take a walk down memory lane and see how my home and decor style have evolved with time. 

The different phases in our lives has impacted the kind of homes that my family and I have lived in and the decor style that we have adopted to suit our lifestyles in each phase. We have gone from pegging our style as ethnic Indian, eclectic modern to global eclectic. My husband and I set up our "first home" together in Bangalore (India). The excitement and anticipation of  building our new home together was indescribable. Little by little, bit by bit we started putting the pieces together like a jig saw puzzle to create a home that would reflect "us"! My husband and I are both born and brought up in South India and adore the arts and crafts of India, so it was but natural that we were drawn to ethnic Indian decor. Wooden carvings, Tanjore paintings (from our travels), brass artifacts (our own finds as well as those inherited from our families) and colorful Indian textiles came together to create a space that exuded authenticity and was a creative fusion of our heritage. However, within a year of setting up this place, we had to uproot and move thousands of miles away, with job opportunities taking us overseas (USA).
(A peek at a few corner's of our very first home in Bangalore (India - 2003). These pics were taken 8 months after we had moved into this home! (I scanned hard copies of the pictures I had and hence please forgive the quality of the images.))
In a new country (USA), we were excited about the opportunities that lay ahead of us. As a working couple, "condo style living" located in the heart of down town, was ideal for us. We'd finish work and most evenings were spent exploring the new place or indulging in one of the many restaurants that lined the down town patch. Like most first timers who come to this country and end up at IKEA to shop for furniture, we were no exception. The modern, affordable furniture from IKEA seemed ideal as we were unsure  of how things would play off with time and if we had to move back to India, it would not be a big deal to get rid of the furniture. But living in a home without personality was not for us. Discovering new decor stores and lifestyle brands on weekends, we found pieces that we had fallen head over heels in love with and brought them home. Within no time, we saw a theme evolve organically - we realised we had a collection of Oriental themed decor and decided on an eclectic modern Zen vibe for the space. 
(Our condo - Functional pieces, nutty colors and Asian decor accents, create a relaxed eclectic modern living space (2009))
Next came "the home for the baby" phase. We had kept the decor minimal knowing fully well that we were ready and wanted to start a family soon. So when the happy day came, it was easy to store away all the breakable decor and other things that could be a potential hazard for the baby. We child-proofed the space and made room for the baby's crib, play pen and all.....With  a baby in the house, toys started to take over the place in no time. We focused on finding creative ways to store my son's toys in an attempt to make the place look a little less like the "Target" toy section:)

Once the baby phase was over and our little fella had stabilized on his feet and had found ways to entertain himself with his toys and not our decor accessories, we started bringing out the stuff that we had stored away one at a time. With a firm "NO", we were able to get our little guy to understand that it was NOT OK to play with our stuff:) And finally we decided, it was about time to settle down in a place we can call our own and plunged into buying "our forever home".
This is our current home:) A collection of 15 years - things that we absolutely love and truly adore ! A style that is globally eclectic with a strong Indian undertone to it. 
It’s been 4 years since we moved into our existing home. The one thing that my husband and I were sure of while decorating this space was adopting an adventurous style. A style that would blend our Indian roots, travel finds and our personalities as a family. The first and foremost thing we ensured was to have our collections from India brought here. Then we scouted around for the perfect new furniture that met the functionality and style attributes. Next we combined new with the old - this was our biggest challenge! Every weekend, we’d try and move things around until every piece had its place of importance and worked harmoniously in the space. We totally love how everything came together:) 

With our son all grown up and 8 years old now, my husband and I have had a little more time to spare and focus on developing our hobbies and interests, this past year. We have successfully integrated the requirements for these into our existing design layout:
My blog adda and studio! Having a dedicated work space to blog and paint, helps me focus on my task at hand and not loose momentum.

We incorporated a pool table in our basement for my husband! We as a family seem to enjoy this on game nights. Being an indoor sport it comes to our rescue in the cold winter months when its frightfully cold outside and all outdoor activities come to a stand still:) 
As time goes by, I know we will have to deal with the other phases - be it the empty nest syndrome or maybe down sizing to a retirement home where all the rooms are on the same floor ( I know my knees will thank me)! 

My family and I,  have "LEARNT " from experiencing life, "EVOLVED" and "GROWN"..... and so has our home. And this is how it should, as we strongly believe that our home is truly an extension of us......We love our home and look forward to coming back to it every evening. The process of rotating things from storage to keep things looking fresh,  adding a seasonal twist to the ambiance or discovering a new piece to add to the family's collection is something that we enjoy thoroughly and will continue to do so......  

I'd love to hear about your home decorating experiences and what you have to say about a home being an evolving space. So don't forget to drop me a line here or on my FB page.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

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Monday, March 9, 2015

The French Connection of a Desi Boutique Hotel (Featuring Scarlette)

If you haven't heard of the boutique homestay "Scarlette", located in Safdarjung Enclave, (New Delhi), well then it's time you take a tour of this charming place. 
A creative mix of all white walls, fresh white linen, a well curated collection of Indian vintage frames, furniture acquired from Rajasthan and a cozy fire place woven into the design and decor of this Kothi-esque place, gives it the Indo-French vibe! The B&B is run by Pauline Bijvoet, a business school graduate from France who came to India and fell head over heels in with what the country had to offer. Now juggling between working as a production agent for fashion brands and running Scarlette, she is here to stay.  

Scarlette has four rooms that you can choose from, each sporting a distinct personality. They have also widened their service net by acquiring two additional service apartments. Their cafe serves coffee, baked goodies and an indulgent breakfast to start the day off on the right note. Though the place targets budget travelers from France and other European destinations, the intimate yet casual ambiance makes it an ideal weekend getaway for local Delhiites. Their coffee shop with a relaxed vibe, is the perfect place to unwind with a favorite book. If you would rather enjoy lounging outdoors, their terrace seating area has some beautiful fuchsia bougainvilleas creating an exotic look with its overgrown branches. To see more of this charming place click here.

Image Copyright/Credit : Scartlette