Monday, March 30, 2015

My Portable Indoor Garden Oasis......

Spring break is here and I have the company of my little brat for a whole week! We have charted out a plan of action to keep him busy and I intend to stick to it without a doubt. It is still cold in my part of the world so much of the activity is restricted to indoors......
While I wait for spring to arrive and for the weather to get a bit warmer, I decided to bring a bit of the outdoors in:) An antique brass puja basket, traditionally used to hold flowers to take to the temple is filled with a few indoor plants. My stone Ganesha is placed in the center to give it an interesting focal point. And Voila ! My own transportable garden oasis is done! I love using my vintage brass collection in unexpected ways..........I love how this turned out, don't you?
Wishing you a wonderful and productive week ahead!

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