Monday, August 29, 2016

Blog Update and My New Red Door

With the start of another school year, summer is officially over in my part of the world. That said it is time to pick up the pace again My son's enthusiasm for a new academic year has rubbed off on me and I like him seem to be ready for the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead.......
On the blog front, I'm so excited for the month of September.......the festive season is soon going to be upon us so I thought lining up a few wonderful jewelry artists would be apt.........apart from that we also have simple festive decor ideas and tips and some never before seen home tours coming up next make sure you are connected via FB and Instagram for regular updates. 
And for those of you wondering about the gorgeous red door that you can see in the background, that's is something my husband built from scratch and I'm so proud of him. He recently took to carpentry as a hobby and boy! the man and his machines are inseparable now. As a result of which lots of DIY projects got done this summer including my basement and shelves for my mudroom:) Will share details soon. 

So with that, we sign off today's post.....take care and happy decorating!

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Vintage Typewriters as Decor Accessories (Part 2)

I’ve said this before and you will hear me saying this again……….the most positive aspect of blogging is meeting like-minded people (even if the connection is virtual.) It is more than rewarding to connect with people who share the same creative vision as you. Expanding on that I mean people who see the entire process of decorating ones home as more than putting together of pretty objects. They understand that a home should enrich one's everyday experience and thus surround themselves with things that they love and have meaning to them. One such wonderful soul is Meera D’souza. If I had to describe Meera’s décor style, it would be contemporary- nostalgic with a global-desi vibe. Meera’s home is filled with vintage treasures such as typewriters, vintage kitchen utensils, terracotta pottery, brass artifacts... and so much more. It was but natural that when I thought of putting together a feature on typewriters, she instantly came to mind. So I reached out to her and she very graciously obliged. And bingo, she had not one but three typewriters to share! So I decided to dedicate an entire feature to her wonderful collection. I’m going to let Meera take over from here and share her love for the typewriter….. 

I spy the typewriter......Here's a vignette to show you how Meera effortlessly incorporates vintage decor into her home
“My interest in typewriters is more recent. I think, the more I have lived away from India (20 years now), I yearn for the sights, smells and sounds that make me nostalgic for what was. The clanging of the keys, manual setting of margins, and the ringing of the bell when you press the carriage return key- brings back memories of the Xerox/ typing wallah.

Getting a paper typed as a student meant going to the Xerox/Typing wallah and paying up to Rs 1.25 per page. It meant the neatest of penmanship for the "rough copy" so it was clearly decipherable by the typist. It meant a quick walk to Hill Road where you received bids from the two stores next to each other. It required going back two-three times to check if your paper was complete. And because the process was so draining, it was never my favorite activity. I felt these gentleman with their typewriters could hold your entire class grade ransom if they did not work fast and accurately. I never really cared to know whether they were using a Remington or a Godrej or an electric typewriter. They just needed to type at a lightning speed of 120-140 wpm and make no errors.

LC Smith typewriter
However, when I first saw typewriter art- intricate pictures of icons and scenes using simple typewriter alphabets here in the US, I developed a fascination for them. The first one I acquired was an LC Smith typewriter. The lady selling it had opened a small store in the town where we lived. She even had the ribbons for them. It was wonderful hearing about her love for vintage items.

Vintage Children's typewriter
My second one was a vintage children's typewriter from an antique mall. I loved the colors and of course, the price. I was not sure if it would work. However, the gentleman at the store and I, tried various combinations to get it to work. In the end we did get it to work! It was the oddest thing- two strangers in a store, excited that they could figure out a small mechanical toy.
Blickensderfer typewriter
And finally for my newest acquisition – the Blickensderfer typewriter. I got it at a local sale. My eyes were drawn to the keyboard- which is not the usual QWERTY layout. The keyboard is considered scientific because it uses the most common letters on the home row- DHIATENSOR. I was disappointed to find it was a non-working typewriter- yet it looked in great condition. The owner stated that it had been working till the day before. So we made a deal- I would need about an hour to withdraw money from the ATM and if he managed to get it to work in that time, I would pay the price he had marked. If not, he would take a $100 off! An hour later, he had not had much luck. I resigned myself to the fact that this would not be a functional piece. I was having a hard time believing that it worked one day and stopped the next. So I came home and researched on-line manuals for the model, zoomed into all the mechanical drawings, and figured out how to get it to work!
I feel like I could go on collecting these beauties. Is 3 really a collection? Who knows. Until the next one catches my eye I am enjoying the conversation that occurs around these pieces when friends come over. Of course, I also enjoy styling them. I was so thrilled when Sruthi asked me to send a few pictures for this feature. One of my favorite bloggers, and a blog that has brought never-ending inspiration to me! Thank you Sruthi for showcasing my collection here on TECD.” 

Oh Meera, the pleasure was all mine! Thank you so very much for being such a sport and sharing well put together vignettes from your absolutely beautiful home !

As for you my lovely readers aren't you inspired by Meera's collection of vintage typewriters? I personally loved how the pieces add an old world vibe to the decor of her home. If you've been undecided about how to include vintage decor to your home, I'm sure our series on vintage decor has definitely solved that dilemma by now. So happy hunting for that one special find ! 

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Vintage Typewriters as Decor Accessories (Part 1)

Tap Tap tap.......ding.....zzzziiiiiip........Tap Tap tap.........ding.........zzzziiiiiiip
When I talk of typrewriters, it conjures up images of what I perceive as the more untroubled, innocent days……

My grand-dad’s office was conveniently located next door to home……so when we visited my grandparents, my sister and I always found an excuse to visit my grand-dad in his office. We loved going in there and tapping on the many typewriters that were employed for official use. I for one, felt all grown up in a formal office environment and for some vague reason, I'd always end up typing letters to my parents and grand parents telling them how much they meant to me. Good ol' days! 
Fast-forward to present day! Recently my son, requested my husband and me to buy him a typewriter as he wanted to write a book this summer “the old fashioned way”. It was an instantaneous yes from the both of us as we wanted him to experience the thrill of something different in the day and age of IPad and Mac computers. For me it was a chance to add a vintage touch to his room (Yes, I always have my hidden agendas when it comes to decorating!) So off we went on a typewriter hunt until we found the “one”. We came home with a 1950’s Remington Green Quite-Riter Portable Typewriter with Original Case and all! It now sits on my son’s desk, where he taps away at the keys to weave what is a kidnap saga……when he’s not in the mood to write, the typewriter holds his favorite quote and multi-tasks as a source of inspiration. It is a perfect addition to a boy’s room, don’t you think ? Well, that’s my take on how to include a vintage typewriter to your décor.

Wait we are not quite done yet. We have a part 2 to this feature, as I managed to rope in Meera D’souza who has quite the collection when it comes to typewriters. Stay tuned to some very lovely vignettes from her home. 

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Flea Market Loot - 2016

Come summer and visiting local flea markets, antique fairs and salvage yards is a ritualistic affair for me. Flea market style is something that I’m hooked to because it advocates style that is authentic. It's the possibility of finding pieces that are loaded with faded charm or have the ability to evoke nostalgia that makes the process of scouring flea markets so exciting. What's also wonderful is that if you are someone whose décor style thrives off of flea market finds, you know for sure that no other home out there is going to look like yours! 
I'm so excited to share my first flea market find, these gorgeous 1950’s Afghani spice boxes. Traditionally used to store spices, they now serve as storage for my ring collection. I have blogged about similar pretty boxes earlier, and have had them on my must-have list for the longest time. I've spotted a few on Etsy and Ebay but boy are they pricey! However, I got really lucky the other day. These beautifully handcrafted boxes in shades of coral and deep garnet, with flaking paint and intricate detailing, literally jumped at me from a pile of clutter (Tip: Having a trained eye always helps to recognize the potential that pieces might have when you spot them amidst a pile of junk.) I contained my excitement, for the fear that the seller might pick up on my vibes and quote an exorbitant price for them. So with a casual tone, I approached him and to my delight, these were up for grabs for a song:) 
Next is a vintage amber miniature glass hobnail oil lamp from Japan. I not only fell in love with the color but also with the size! It’s in perfect condition with a working wick. Spotted this one on the third floor of an antique shop. Hiking those rickety stairs was so worth the climb. I also plan on building a collection around this particular find. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have this in different sizes and colors all lined up on a mantle? (Tip: Another helpful tip would be to have a mental list of what you’d like to snag at a flea market jaunt as this way you have a specific requirement, don’t end up with stuff that you may not need and stay well within your budget.)
Who doesn't love the iconic lassi glasses of Punjab? I know I do. I love displaying blooms in unique receptacles and a brass lassi glass would elevate the entire arrangement to a whole new level is what I reason. I hunted long and hard for the perfect lassi glass. I also believe in stretching the dollar. So if the price is not right, I just wait. And I can happily say that the wait was well worth it. With elaborate details, this handmade filigree work, lassi glass weighs a ton. An authentic vintage piece, the seller himself sourced it directly from Pakistan. There was no way I was going to walk away without this piece. So the offer was made and graciously accepted by the seller. Back home, the lassi glass turned new vase, holds some pretty in pink, Turkish carnations. 
Last but not the least is this Pakistani truck art. It was so unique, kitschy and colorful that the minute I spotted it, I knew where to hang it. These are traditionally used to decorate trucks in Pakistan. Much like our trucks in Punjab, the truck drivers take great pride in decorating their trucks. Infact, truck art has even made it from the road to the catwalk. (FYI: The Italian fashion company Dolce & Gabbana used truck art-inspired displays in a 2015 campaign.) 
With that we wind up with our flea market post for today. I hope you enjoyed the vignettes I shared from around my home and are inspired to do some flea market shopping of your very own. (Tip: Flea market style is also about stretching the dollar so remember there is always room for bargaining. That being said, if you happen to fall in love with a piece, price becomes a secondary consideration. What really becomes important at this point is deducing what the particular piece can do to elevate your current interior styling situation:) 

This month we are focusing on flea market and vintage style. I have a lot in store and you are going to love it (if I may so myself). So do stay connected.  To catch up on my other flea market posts, click here, here and here

Happy decorating!

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Russet Revival from Coppre

The design team at Coppre is constantly engaged in experimenting with my favorite metal copper, to yield products that are the perfect amalgam of age-old techniques and craftsmanship, in harmony with contemporary design and function. Their latest collection titled “ Russet Revival” has been shaped in collaboration with the renowned Riccardo Giovanetti Design Studio. In fact, this brilliant collection was also exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair “Salone del Mobile” earlier this year. Mainly consisting of three simple containers, the design concept adopted for this collection thrives on “to do a lot with a few”. That expanded means that each piece may be used in more ways than one! In double finishes that range between the hammered lustrous sheen of copper to almost matt blackodised finish. I personally think that the sculptural yet simple forms of these beauties would fit right in with any style of interiors. 

I'm sure you are tempted to get hold of one of these beauties for yourself. To order yours now, click here

(Image Credit: Coppre)