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  1. Hi,
    I love your blog - stumbled on it by accident, and I thought I would write to you.
    This is an invite to come and take a look at Caprilicious Jewellery, either on Facebook or at www.capriliciousjewellery
    I have been making jewellery for the last two years, and my pieces are made for the Western / Westernised woman, but they all have a desi feel - not so strange, as I come from India. I would love to hear your thoughts on my stuff, and perhaps be showcased on your blog, if you find what you see interesting.
    Thanks a bunch, Neena

  2. Thank you Neena for the wonderful feedback. Loved the handmade jewelry line that Caprilicious Jewellery has to offer.We have a deal.

  3. Amazing blog. Good work Shruthi. Love it.

  4. Hi Sruthi,

    I came across your blog by chance this morning and have been pouring over it all this while. I am an artist myself and love the interplay of colors and of course all things Indian. Naturally I am drawn to your colorful pictures of home, shop profiles with unique Indian influences and the blog itself!!
    Thank you - Deeksha

  5. Hello there!
    What a beautiful blog you have! I was wondering if you could share where the cushion that is in the 3rd panel in your header is from. The one with the red cushion and a more neutral colored one behind it.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you Amahendra ! The fuchsia cushion cover was sourced from India, (Calcutta to be precise). Not sure about the store name as it was bought long back. But you get a closer look at it here and probably add it to your mood board/inspiration board and keep looking for something similar.............Good luck and thank you for stopping by.

  6. Hi sruthi !

    You have a wonderful blog here.. I have been totally engrossed in it. I am huge garden decor enthusiast myself.. something which started as experimentation with planters for my own garden area has landed me in selling them across online and offline plant nurseries.

    I am from a small town in tamilnadu and get my products hand crafted and hand painted by local artisans. Each of our product has a personality of its own!

    Do take a look at our website or our facebook page gardenia and let me know your thoughts..

  7. Just stopped by to say, your blog and especially the photography is "delicious"! For an art person, real eye candy. As an Indian living in Pune, it makes me realise how much of this beautiful colour, the prints and the brass is all around us, and we just take it for granted! Lovely! Keep it up.

  8. Loved your blog, accessories, pictures. Its a complete mood lifter. Proud of your blend of east and desi. Thanks you for your posts.

    Aarti Rathod

  9. Impressed by blog, taste and eye for beauty. Happened to stumble your blog while searching for antique shelves. Got a house recently and allocated a room for Puja. Want to give it a very traditional look. Liked the shelf on wall with little idols in Home Decor. Would like to know where to find one like that.

  10. Absolutely inspiring blog! Love reading all your posts!

  11. Love your blog! Just placed my first order from Omnah! Very excited.

  12. Hi, Shruthi, thank you for the countless hours of happy browsing in your beautifully worded and with images
    to match blog.You truly have a great eye for blending contemprary chic with the vintage not to mention a great photgrapher's eye.You have inspired me to look at my artefacts differently and to create new vignettes.

    I am keen to know where you sourced the multicolored beaded coasters . I searched on etsy , but are not available . Hoping you 'd reply to this query of mine.

  13. Hi Shruthi, I am completelyin love with your blogs!! Would be grateful if you could please tell where can I find the roli/kumkum/haldi/chawal flower shape brass container, simply in love with it. Hope to hear from you soon.

  14. Love your blog. It inspires me to make my home more "Indian".

  15. Lovely Blog and I liked all your collections.I have been looking for something like this to decorate my home but staying in US,its kind of difficult to get it online!!!Any idea where you get it or any indian store that can ship across to USA?

  16. What an Excellent blog Ms.Shruthi :) and I liked all ur collection-I hv sent a mail to u n enclosed a picture of foyer table n mirror, Would like to know where to find one like that.Keep up ur gud work!!!Hp to hear asap - Suja

  17. Hi Sruthi,
    I came across your blog recently. Really impressed with the decor ideas that you put up.
    I am myself into Indian traditional home decor. Would like to have a quick word with you, if you may please.
    Sending across a mail and hope to hear from you soon.
    Awaiting for your next article :)

  18. Hey,
    Loved ur creativity gud work🎊🎊🎊 truly inspiring lvd it. Keep it up

  19. Hello Sruthi!

    I came across TECD and I must say it is a truly inspiring blog with beautiful work displayed on the website. Looking forward to get to see such interesting posts here!

  20. i like some of the home decor where and how i can get those? if anyone can let me know please i will appreciate it.


  21. Hi Shruti,
    I came across your blog recently and loved it, I want to decorate my home and need your help to do so can you please help guide me.
    thank you

  22. Dear East Coast Desi,
    Thank you for sharing images of your parents' home...beautiful, artistic and functional! When I was little, my mom would take me to Disneyland in California and I loved seeing all the pretty dresses the women from India wore while they visited Disneyland too. I was and am addicted to the beauty, style and patterns of the fabrics. Then I found your blog which is full of so many unique and stylish images.
    Thank you for sharing!!!!

  23. Hi Shruti,
    Came across your blog and I just can't stop admiring your beautiful work.
    Your aesthetic sense is amazing and how you renew the same pieces every time with a new flair is admirable.. As for me I'm a new mother and in the process of setting up my home in Singapore. Your blog is giving me so many ideas of how I can personalize and make it mine but I have 1.5 year old naughty boy who likes chewing anything in sight.. 
    Wow I have so many blogs to catch up on.. Glad the weekend is near..
    Lots of love.. Vini


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