Monday, March 13, 2017

As "Indianly" Rustic as It Gets (Farm House Tour)

Imagine being able to escape the city's humdrum, the deafening noise and the toxic pollution to a serene sanctuary where all that  surrounds you is the symphony of the whirring of the crickets, the squawking of the parrots and the neighing of horses. Air so fresh that a breath of this is as invigorating as an hour of a yoga session. And to top it all, the drive to this dream destination is only a stone's throw away from the city! Sounds too good to be true???
Not for real estate magnate, Jayesh Patel. The man loves his horses and farm like no other and definitely lives life large. Welcome to Jayesh Patel's traditional Indian style farmhouse, lovingly called the "Desai Vadi" (location - Kanjri (Gujarat, India)). Every evening after work his ritual involves driving himself to the farmhouse to spend some quality time with his prized horses and farm animals. This is his way of unwinding and replenishing his energy, to tackle another day of  busy city life. 
The Man - Jayesh Patel with his favorite mare, Laxmi.
The main entryway
The idea of owning a  farmhouse had been marinating in Jayesh's thoughts for a long time. Seeing and experiencing the relaxed life at his dad's farmhouse, had made Jayesh decide that he wanted to own one of his very own. His equestrian interests further fueled this thought. Jayesh decided to bring architect Pranav Patel and Meghna Patel on board to pilot his dream project. Together, they were able to complete Desai Vadi in a time span of 11/2 years. The result is an elegantly rustic 1,100+ sq ft space with a living, kitchen and sprawling verandah that honors traditional Indian style of architecture.
He says the effect of red tiled roof, a sweeping courtyard surrounding the farmhome, carved pillars and doors, in a rustic setting, effortlessly aides in melting away the layers of stress brought on by the city life. Imagine basking in the sun-toasted verandah with a cup of chai! This potent combination can only have a therapeutic effect and act as the quintessential laid-back tonic, won't you agree???
Jayesh's artistic capture of the traditional bullock cart used as a sculptural element in the courtyard.
A khatiya/charpai used for lounging in the sun-kissed verandah. Don't miss the earthenware pots with the painted handiwork of artisans that were specifically called to get the desired rustic effect.
Jayesh wanted to deliberately keep the feel of the farmhouse interiors, folksy and relaxed. Without making the decor overbearing, he opted for the traditional Lipan work to do the trick. Artists from Kutch were called in to work their magic. And in no time, the walls had a bejeweled feel with the mirror work shimmering from the pendant lights suspended from the wooden beams above (another beautiful architectural feature).
Ample seating with slip cover style cushions for comfort make it a clever and easy to maintain option. Pops of color are brought in with glass work cushions covers that are so abundantly available in Gujarat:)
A closer look at the details that make this space what it is! 
A view of Desai Vadi in the evening light!
Putting this feature together has only made my decision to retire in a little farmhouse (on the outskirts of Bengaluru) that much more stronger. 

I can't thank Jayesh enough for being so wonderful, responsive and patient through this entire process of putting this feature together. It has been such a pleasure coordinating with him! Jayesh wishing you the very best! 

Finally, I'm so glad that what started brewing almost 6 months ago has taken shape to share with my TECD readers. I hope you'll enjoyed the Desai Vadi tour as much as I had fun putting this together for you. 

(Image Credit/Courtesy: Jayesh Patel, All images are the property of Jayesh Patel and may not be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes without his prior written consent.)