Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Have a Seat

Every home should have an "Accent chair" or a "Statement chair" and it should fit you like your favorite sweats. By that I mean, your chair should be a comfortable quay that holds you for hours without any discomfort. And as the word "statement" suggests, these pieces of furniture should be able to hold their own in a room and enhance the style quotient of the room all while they speak tons of your personality. 
I've been meaning to do a post on the accent chairs in my home for a long time now. So when a representative from One Kings Lane contacted me to collaborate and introduce their Complete Guide to Modern Chairs and do a post on my very own statement chair in my home, I was more than game. I've had to go through the demanding task of finding the perfect accent chairs for my Indian style living room and another pair for my modern, clean line entertainment room. It was challenging to work with two very different styles at the same time. But never the less, I think we did accomplished what we set out to do.
The basement in my home has been dedicated to watching TV and it's where we entertain friends and family on a game night. Since it's secluded from the rest of the home, my husband and I decided on a contemporary look for this space, and that meant furniture pieces with modern and clean lines. We looked high and low and when we couldn't find what we wanted in the market, we went the custom designed way. Our quest ended at the Belfort Design Center. We zeroed in on the modern swoop arm chairs that combines the elegant form with the modern function we were looking for. With a wide variety of swatches to choose from, we finally agreed on a graphic pattern for the upholstery. With sleek, clean lines complemented by the graphic pattern, this chair creates a lovely space to linger in and is super comfortable.
And for those of you wanting to add an eclectic feel to your decor through a statement chair, I have you covered too. The chairs in my Indian style living room had to have the Desi Vibe. And that meant bold color palette and an intricate pattern play. So when we found these slipper chairs from the Ravenna Collection at World Market, we were sold. These arm less chairs were perfect without the boxy look and they did not overwhelm the space. With a profile reminiscent of a laid back look and walnut finished whimsical turned legs, their wide seat is perfect to put your legs up and sit back and enjoy a cuppa. 
The designers at Herman Miller believe that a chair is meant to fit the body like a piece of clothing and I couldn't agree with them more. Do take the time to research and invest wisely in a piece of furniture that is going to stay with you a while. Remember comfort is the key element as comfort adds harmony to style and balance to form. And if you've been stumped about your personal style or what genre of style a piece of furniture belongs to, then the Home Decor Resource Guide at One Kings Lane was created to inspire and educate home decor enthusiasts like your self when purchasing and styling the perfect pieces of furniture for your home. For self taught design addicts like me, a design tool like this is an invaluable source of inspiration and knowledge. So if you need that extra nudge to identify your style go right ahead and click here. If your anything like me and can't stick to a particular style, then eclectic is the way to go as a fresh mix of chairs from different genres can definitely add spunk and personality to any room !

And don't forget to make it a Happy Wednesday !!!

This was not a sponsored post and the thoughts and opinions are solely mine.
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Go Pick your Own (Butler's Orchard)

There's nothing like a family jaunt to a neighborhood orchard or farm on a summer weekend. Picking your own fruits and vegetables not only helps make a connection with nature and promotes local farmers but it's also a great educational trip for the kids. There's also the added benefits of fresher fruit than that what is available at the grocery store, fewer chemicals used for storage and cheaper prices as transport and import costs are not included. 
 It doesn't get any  fresher than this 
A love for healthy and organic living was inculcated in me by my granddad (nana). An offshoot of advocating such a lifestyle was his very own vegetable patch burgeoning with chilies, tomatoes, Indian herbs like coriander, curry leaves, papaya, mango, jack fruit, drum stick trees and the list can go on.......This was a way of everyday life and I had taken so much for granted. 

But now, fruits trees in the backyard can only be an ambitious dream given our swamped schedules and the seasonal variance. But when the opportunity presents itself in summer, in the form of farmer's market or an excursion to the farm, my family and I make the most of it. We've been to a couple of farms but the one that seems to call out to us every single time is Butler's Orchard. For those of you in my neck of the woods, this orchard is an hours drive from Virginia and is based in Maryland . 
My 7 year old busy picking  his own strawberries
Last weekend we made our way yet again to Butler's Orchard. This time around, I had my parents join us for strawberry picking and I tell you, it was enjoyed by my son and grown ups alike;) 
This place is very well organised and there are no long waiting lines. Tractors drive you to the fields and you can either bring your own containers for picking or buy them at the farm. Eager farm assistants lead you to the rows of strawberry bushes ready to be picked. Sifting through rows of bushes, you look close for that perfect red ripe berry that would be making the cut to go home. 

The orchard is a beautiful place to explore and with some fun activities for kids, an entire morning can be spent here. Make sure you take lots of water, sunscreen, closed shoes and wear dark colored clothing as the strawberry juices can ruin your outfit.  
Loved the Yellow Superbells hanging against the red barn walls

Swing all you want
You can also shop for preserves, local honey, gourmet condiments, seasonal decorative items, cider, and more at their market shop. And for the garden lover's, they have some wonderful  perennials, annuals, vegetables, herbs and these stunning Hanging Baskets  !!!

We had a magnificent time and came home with a basket full of plump and juicy strawberries and some wonderful memories. Most of our pick was enjoyed as is but some we used to make milk shake for a father's day brunch. 
Father's Day Brunch 
I do hope this post urges you to plan a trip to your neighboring farms and support them, all while your family and you enjoy some sun and outdoor fun:) However I do suggest that you checkout the farm harvest schedule before you head out.

Happy weekend !!!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lavender in my very own Garden !!!

As a little girl, I'd flip through the pages of the various garden magazines and inevitably come to a halt when I'd come across the images of the lavender flower. Seeing the images of this aromatic flower in the English gardens, made me fantasize about walking in the lavender fields in a white flowing cotton dress and a basket in hand, as I'd pick the most delicate of the flowers and take them home, only to set them aside on my nightstand and wake up to this goodness every morning.......... 
Lavender from my very own garden :)

Last year when I chanced upon these plants at the Old Lucketts Store spring market, my husband and I decided instantly that we'd like to include the lavender as part of our landscape. We brought home two 6" plants but only one of them managed to survive the winter's wrath. And now my Lavender is the crowning glory of my garden. I'm super excited about timing of the blooms as I have my plantaholic parents here with me and they too seem to be mesmerized by it :)
I snipped a couple of stems and brought them indoors and couldn't wait to give them the Sruthi twist;) Most of the time I've seen these being used in the country shabby chic setting and to see them in an eclectic Indian setting was a welcome change. Here are a couple of shots that I took for my favorite peeps and I do hope you enjoy the visual therapy :)

Take care and have a wonderful day !!!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

"ME Time" Tea Time has evolved into "WE Time"

Tea time at my place has become more pleasurable in the company of my parents. Yes, they are finally here to spend the summer with me and the conversations at TECD casa have been flowing as freely as the tea:) That explains my absence from blogging but trust me when I say that you, my lovely readers have been on the back of my mind.
A brass vintage serving tray is the perfect accouterment to a splendid tea time at my place
It's wonderful to see my son interacting with them and they fussing over him. I'll definitely have a lot of damage control to do once they leave;)

As for today, I've tried to make the most of my day with my parents as from tomorrow, the little guys summer vacation kickoff. That means I'll probably be able to get a sentence or two across to them the entire day as they have eyes and ears for one else other than their grandson :)  

We have a couple of trips planned with them and I'm really looking forward to these. I'm going to try and be as regular as I can when it comes to blogging but just in case you don't hear from me, miss me but don't conclude that I've been abducted my the aliens;)

As I post this, I can hear my son calling out to me saying their waiting for me to join them for a walk. So you'll take care and have a wonderful weekend !!!

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Monday, June 9, 2014

CRAFT By World Market

I'm sure you'll will agree with me, when I say that World Market has the most stunning and  affordable global decor. If you haven't heard of their CRAFT COLLECTION, well then, let me fill you in. 
Their new venture, CRAFT by World Market takes online shopping to a whole new level. Whetting the appetite of folks who are in search of signature pieces for their home, the CRAFT venture seeks to bridge the gap between the artisans and the demand for handmade products globally.   
Offering an exclusive range of limited edition products that are not available at the World Market retail stores, these products need to be pre-ordered.  The laborious effort that goes into making these one-of-a-kind handcrafted products, make it impossible to manufacture them in huge quantities. That's where the CRAFT from World Market comes in. If the prerequisite pre-order quantities are met, the product is manufactured and shipped. Now that's a novel way to shop for exclusive finds, without having to leave the comfort of your home !!! 

To shop by craft and browse their entire range of product catalog click here.

As I leave you drooling over these gorgeous finds, I hope you have a wonderful day !!!

Images :  World Market

Friday, June 6, 2014

Indulge your's the Weekend !!!

It's Friday again !!! The weekend is here to mend the wear and tear of the weekdays, so slow down and exhale. Friday is the one day I have a chance to kick back and put my feet up. Indulging and pampering my five senses on the weekend helps me bounce back and tackle the hectic weekdays. 
Love the Golden hues enveloping my living room from the diffused light cast from the candles and ambient lighting.
And the one place that gives me the luxury to do so is my home. Lighting candles, arranging fresh flowers and playing my favorite Jagjit Singh ghazals on a Friday evening, helps me calm myself down unlike anything else. I then head over to the kitchen and look at my "to try" recipes that I've book marked. If I'm not in the mood to cook, the phone's right there. Conveniently, order for a take out. Once the food arrives, gather everyone in the living room, spread out a beach blanket in the living room and sprawl out. I don't believe in treating my home like a museum. No room is off limits. 
Fresh flowers and the flickering glow of candles can make any place seductively appealing.
As I surrender myself to an indolent evening, I leave you with snapshots from my home and wish you a weekend filled with fun and relaxation. Do drop me a line and let me know what is it that you plan to do, to unwind !!!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Curated Home Vs Decorated Home

There's always that one compliment that you receive for the effort that you put into shaping and creating your home, that makes you want to pat yourself on the back and say, I did it right !!! For me the golden words were," You have a beautifully CURATED home !!! "
Personally, living in a consciously curated home means a lot to me than existing in a beautifully decorated home. A beautifully decorated home is something that you can find as you turn the pages of a home furnishings catalog. But a "curated home" to me is a thoughtfully put together collection that has a soul and it speaks volumes of your personality, design aesthetics, cultural influences and serves as a visual journal of your memories, experiences and travel tales.
A home serves as the powerhouse for everyday inspiration,  so arise the curator in you and let the decorator take a back seat as you prudently surround yourself with the objects of your affection. Take the time to find pieces for your home that trigger an emotion or a reaction from you and the rest will follow suit. 
What would you rather have, a beautifully decorated home or a thoughtfully curated home ??? I'd love to hear from you.

Happy curating folks !!!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Kari Herer Photography (Featured Artist)

Hello Monday !!!

Things have been super busy at the TECD casa. I've been diligently working on meeting my MBA assignment deadlines, studying and also tying the loose ends on the home improvement projects. All these need to be tackled on priority basis as I have my parents visiting me next week. I'm all geared up and can't wait for them to arrive and spend the summer with me:) 

This weekend, one other project that kept me busy was finding artwork for a friend's nursery. This mommy really knows what she wants. The artwork had to be refreshing and modern yet something that would tickle the child's imagination and amuse her every time that she set her eyes on the source of visual stimulation. In an instant I knew, Kari Herer fine art prints were the perfect choice for this nursery. And to my delight, it was bull's eye. I guess you can't go wrong with the bird and animal art print, can you??? 

Kari's experience in the field of graphic design and fine arts is delicately balanced with her affinity to nature. Looking through her creative lens, she effortlessly creates art that is both original and whimsical. My absolute favorite are the bug illustrations which would look perfect in a library. Using the free form of the Magnolia flowers, she captures the shapes in a new perspective !!! 

To view more of her work , click right here.

Like I always say, there's so much beauty around you. All you got to do is open your eyes to a fresh viewpoint:)