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A little introduction of what's in store for you.........

Home Decor

In this segment, we have design inspiration from my home where I orchestrate a symphony of colors, textures and patterns with India as my muse. We will also be blurring the boundaries and researching the plethora of global decor inspiration that's waiting to be explored.

Featured Artist/Shop

The spotlight is on artists and decor shops from across the globe. We've featured artists and shops based in New Zealand, Turkey, India, UK, UAE, Australia and USA. If you are ready to soak in the global influences in the areas of design and decor, the culinary field or the arts arena......join me as I take a virtual tour around the world and discover the creativity and talent that's out there. 

On The Plate

"On the plate" segment is my place to archive and share my family recipes along with my gastronomical experiments. These recipes have been tried and tested on my family and me. So go ahead and get cooking!!! 

Travel Talk

As I punctuate my busy life with some much needed vacations, come away with me to destinations that would give us a different perspective on places, their people and the diverse cultures.... 

Through my Lens

My camera is one of the best things that happened to me. Photography has taken a whole new meaning with the launch of TECD. Looking through the lens, it's like there is a whole new world out there to be explored. I think Karl Lagerfeld sums it up beautifully, "What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce."

Real Home - Real Designers

One of the most popular reads on TECD is the segment, "Real Homes-Real Designers". Focus is on homes, rooms and gardens of people and families who have an eye for design and their space exudes their authentic personal style.


  1. Sruthi I stumbled across your blog while searching for something on Google and I am so happy to have you discovered. Loved your blog totally. You earned yourself a new follower :)

    1. Thank you Disha, it's great to hear from you. You have a wonderful blog too. Do keep in touch.

  2. Amazing and beautiful blog !! No words..... I am immensely delIghted to have stumbled upon your blog..I am a housewife and desire to be an artist ... Truly inspiring blog!!

  3. Shruti , I am kind of addicted to your blogs now. I feel this website is a real stress buster for myself. I adore your ideas and I love the way you use colors. You are an inspiration. Your blogs are not just some black and white writing or collection of nice photographs to see they are sheer joy, they are life, they are representation of vitality. Best wishes.

  4. I totally second the opinions posted above. I love your indian décor!!!


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