Monday, October 9, 2017

Color Inspiration for Diwali 2017

With Dusshera out of the way, Diwali is next on the cards. My absolute favorite festival of all!!! But this year my spirits are dampened with all that is going on around us in our world. Hurricane, earthquake, shootout massacres....So much pain, despair and destruction. My family and I decided to refrain from over indulging this festive season and instead donate to a much needed cause.      
I feel blessed and grateful for all that I have in my life. Like always, I wanted to make it extra special for my family this festival season. On the decor front, rather than going out and buying things thoughtlessly,  I decided to make do with whatever I have and give it a few new twists. New color combinations, different placements and a whole lot of love have been the key ingredients in my festive vignettes this time.
Coming up first is a vignette with my pooja basket as the center piece. "My Lady with the Lamp" is always an integral part of my Diwali decor so I had to include her in this vignette. I usually don't like doing too much brass in one vignette. Instead, I like playing with a lot of different textures. But come Diwali time, "Brass Overload" is a must I say! So without a moment's hesitation, I filled a brass kaalash with flowers from my very own garden, a little height play for visual interest and cushions and diyas in coordinating color schemes to complete the look!  
And another shot, before we move from one end of the bold and brightly colored spectrum to a very neutral colored vignette in shimmering shades of gold and white!
As you can tell, I took this challenge way too seriously !!! Yup those are almost dried roses. But they were so pretty, they inspired me to work on this lovely color combination of gold, white and brown. Not a very TECD color formula but hey, if you've been with TECD long enough, you know, I almost always push the creative boundary. And this time, like I said, the challenge was to work with whatever I had!!! I mean seriously, I think it looks classy doesn't it! A winning color combination I say! 
The point of this entire post was to share that you don't need a whole lot to create a festive ambiance.  Even a bunch of withering roses can be made to look festive. A little creativity and an eye for beauty is all you need. Also make sure you take the time to pay it forward in someway this festive season. Along with lighting up a Diya, also make the effort to light up someone's face with a smile with your kind/thoughtful gesture! 

(Image Credit/Copyright: Sruthi Singh. The images may not be used for commercial or non-commercial use without the prior written permission of  TECD.)