Friday, September 13, 2013

Buddha Love Continues

Hello Friday !!!!!
The weekend is here and I'm thrilled. I've been sleep deprived this entire week.... been playing the good nurse to my son who was feeling a little under the weather. I know what your wondering, "she could sleep instead of blogging". For me, I'd rather blog than sleep. I love styling, clicking and sharing it with you'll. Sometimes you have to feed the soul. I'll make sure that I get the much needed rest this weekend, before I loose my sanity.

Yesterday I took a couple of pics of these wonderful Virginia wildflowers. Tried to place a name on them, but in vain. I was drawn to the color and their delicate structure. Paired with one of my two favorite Buddha , I think it's aesthetically easy on the eyes. 

Love the tranquil look on his face. I must have spent a good 3 hours finding this Buddha, 15 years back to be precise. 
I scored the Buddha on a college trip to Bhaktapur (Nepal). This city has a venerable charm unlike any other place that I have traveled to. It is surrounded by history, ancient temples, intricately carved structures and more. I wonder if I had my DSLR back then, maybe I would've never made it back to catch my flight. I'd be lost on those streets, capturing all that it has to offer. 

While there was jewelry, clothes and cosmetics to shop, I was busy haggling with the artifact dealers and vendors. I had done my research about what I wanted. So it was the famed Gold painted statues from Nepal that I wanted to bring back with me. The technique used in painting these statues is a traditional method, where real gold is first melted, then combined with water and glue in precise amounts, and finally applied on the Buddhas’ faces. Painting the intricate details  like the facial features is no easy feat. It requires a steady hand, practice with patience and continued perseverance to create an object that is both ornate and sacred to behold.

I have a couple of other prized possessions from the trip that I will share in my later posts. If you love artifacts and are looking for eclectic finds for your place, Bhaktapur is your final destination. My mom and I were like  children in a candy shop.

Yes, you read that right. I had my mom accompany me on the college trip. Now that's a long story. You have the time you said???? Well, it goes like this....... I signed up for the trip thinking last few years of college life, need to spend time with friends, you live only once......... It was a 3 week trip and I had never been away from my family. Panic Attack...... convinced mom to go along as a chaperon as they needed a couple of parent volunteers. I know I'm such a powder puff. With that said, you can imagine my predicament when I had to make my move to the US........

That brings me to the end of my rambling for today. Leaving you'll with this wonderful image. Have a great weekend and stay tuned for "On the Plate", "Through My Lens" and more coming up next week.

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  1. oh lovely Buddha :)) I have a tiny one too, but I bought it on Etsy ! he is just about an inch tall, but the details are amazing !! isnt it surprising how even the smallest of Buddha statues can fill us with so much serenity? i dont know if its the way our minds have been conditioned for ages with the talk about zen and everything(:)), but there is something that makes me feel tranquil whenever I gaze at a Buddha statue ! Oh, and I have those flowers in white in my (tiny)garden :) they are so beautiful especially when from a distance you cant make out the thin stalks/leaves and the flower sprays seem to be hanging there in the air :) lol, about blogging instead of sleeping, I get you ,I would rather clay or bead than sleep too :) But do take rest :) hope ur little ones better !! Have a Nice weekend :)

  2. Thank you Peeli, I totally agree with you about the composed and serene pulse that I sense when I have a Buddha around me. It's essential to keep me on the "keep calm and carry on" mode. Take care and have a great weekend too !!!!


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