Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Bliss !!!!

Hello, It's Friday again!!!!

Another week has gone by.............the weekend comes along with the desire to spend time with loved ones, watch a Bollywood movie or catch up over coffee with a dear friend. But then who am I kidding, there's also the endless to-do list :( However, I do try to indulge in a few activities with the hope of re-charging my batteries for the next week and in the process cut myself loose from the mundane chores.
African Violets - the best $3 that I ever spent .
On a different note, a reader Vasuda Raman wrote to me saying that "she needed a dose of The East Coast Desi everyday, when she took a break with her cup of tea". It was the best positive affirmation I ever got as it made me realize that The East Coast Desi is being accepted as a part of people's daily lives. It's wonderful readers and friends like you who keep me going and are a catalyst in pushing my creative boundaries. I would like "The East Coast Desi " to be your muse when it comes to decor and lifestyle. I intend to make my blog a happy place to visit and see beautiful and inspiring images, that have a lingering effect on you..... leaving you a happier and inspired person. And along the way, if I meet like minded people, who are willing to share ideas and a flair for all things wonderful, nothing like it.

With that said, I have another week of wonderful and inspiring posts lined up for you'll. Make sure, to stop by  and get your daily dose of The East Coast Desi with me Sruthi, as I share snippets from my home and the inexhaustible inspiration around us.

Have a wonderful weekend and hugs to each and everyone of you who has made the effort to stop by and say wonderful things to make my day !!!!

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  1. Sruthi :) I too make it a point to stop by every day, with my own cup of joy(as coffee is bliss to me) I guess there are a lot of us around :) Your posts leave me with a sense of happiness and so full of inspiration...and I love all the cool photos you share.. Just to say how much your posts have inspired me , let me give you an example; remember the post where you introduced the terai chair you scored from Craigs list(was it)..that has had me looking for them and being a very DIY person it feels almost wrong to me to pay $200 for something that I can do right now, I am dismantling an old chair in my living room to work on it!! So am sure you can understand how inspiring you have been :)) seriously ! so please keep these lovely posts on home decor and everything else coming :))

    1. Peeli you an absolute darling. Thank you for your wonderful words of appreciation. I'm on cloud 9. I'm sure the chair project is going to turn out to be awesome. Love and all the best with everything.


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