Friday, September 27, 2013

Pattern Play - Home tour of Amber Lewis

It's Friday.........let's slow down our pace shall we????? Take a deep breath and let me cruise control the next 5 minutes of your time for you. Sit back and enjoy today's post.

I've been swooning over this home from the time I set my eyes on it. It's a stunning home with the juxtaposition of different patterns and textures. We are looking at the home of interior designer,Amber Lewis. She has developed a signature style with the use of bold colors and patterns.

Love how pink is used in this home. She manages to pack in soo much without overwhelming the space. She makes styling the shelves and vignettes look so effortless.
The headboard  in the master bedroom is to die for. Her daughter's room too has global elements incorporated beautifully. This home is a perfect example of how textiles and fabrics can bring personality and character to a place.
Can't get enough of her home..... you can scroll back up and take in all the details and dawdle around for as long as you like. 

And if your enamored with Amber's decorating style and need more eye candy, I've included more delightful images for you'll from her portfolio.
Coming up next week, is a new segment on "The East Coast Desi" - "Real Homes, Real Designers", featuring home tours, room tours, gardens and more. The first of the tours that I have lined up for you is an enchanting garden tour and peeks into a "well traveled home". 

Take care and have a wonderful weekend:)

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    1. Thank you Neena for stopping by. You have a great weekend:)

  2. speechless..its that beautiful !!wowww !

    1. Glad you enjoyed today's post Peeli. I can tell your a person who loves color !!!


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