Monday, September 9, 2013

Tanzania beaches - a true paradise

Talk about the Monday morning blues and the start of a routine week ahead. Mine was a hectic weekend. I don't feel rested and am already looking forward to the next weekend in the hopes that it would be more relaxing.

Well, for now I have these dreamy and wonderful get-a-ways to look at and go ohhhh and ahhhhhh over it.  

Kilindi is a 15 unit pavilion recently completed along the unblemished stretch of Northern Zanzibar. Kilindi has an allure and charm that draws you to it's white-bright sand, cascading rain-water pools, lush tropical gardens and domed private spaces of leisure.  One look at the pictures below and you want to be transported to this haven almost instantaneously. To check out more, here's the link

Next we have the Vamiza Islands. It's the surrounding Islands, beyond Tanzania - situated on the Vamizi seas. Bathed in sunshine and breeze, the sandy white beaches and tropical flora and fauna inhabiting this space make it one of the most sought after island retreats. If you want to revel in the glory of these beaches the Vamizi Island Lodge is ideal with it's thirteen impossibly romantic timber villas strung loosely along one of the world's most beautiful beaches. If you are one of those undaunted travelers in search of an  exclusive island escape this is your go to place. Here's the link , to check out more.

Now, let's get back to reality and take the bull by it's horns, shall we????. Stay tuned for more on "If  I could I would (Featured Shop)" coming up tomorrow. Until then take care and Adios:)

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