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A Little Girl's Retreat (Bedroom makeover Reveal)

Hello lovely readers !!!!
Today's post is special...........I'm finally done with tying up all the loose ends of a bedroom makeover that I've been busy designing. It's for 5 year old "Shrika" and the whole experience has been a pleasure.............

With Shrika turning 5, her parents wanted to give her, her defined space and room and that set off the whole bedroom makeover process. Vijaya Bandi (a reader of TECD) Shrika's mom, had seen my work for "The Yellow Bamboo" and TECD. She approached me with the request if I would take on the designing task for her daughter's bedroom. I was as pleased as Punch could be. Vijaya was extremely easy to work with and was open to ideas and possibilities.

We started by asking what would Shrika like for the theme of the room??? Secondly, what colors was she drawn too??? The theme was clear from the start and butterflies it was. As for the color palette for the room, I thought I would get pink or purple as an answer. But this time around, it was a little different with the word HOT Pink stealing the show. So to please the five year old, we gave her hot pink alright but in subtle ways throughout the room as an accent color.
We got the ball rolling, with us zeroing in on the low poster charming bed with the scroll detailing.We also went with the matching night stand and dresser to keep things cohesive. Then came the artwork. What can I say???I was at the right place at the right time and this wonderful butterfly artwork was love at first sight. It was ideal for the room with everything I wanted incorporated in it - optimum size and price, sparkle and a blend of the butterfly and paisley design. I was completely sold.
Our next stop was shopping for bedding. We looked high and low and finally found our beautiful bed ensemble at PB Teen. We thought the marriage of Paisley and polka dots would make an interesting combination. The paisley adding a sophistication to the space and the polka dots adding the fun factor. The artwork and the bedding were made for each other....... the colors were bang on.

Next we tackled the issue of lighting in the room. A pretty butterfly themed night light and a chandelier in a hot pink hue solved our lighting woes. Don't you love the chandelier??? It's the icing on the cake for me as it adds the glam quotient to the room. Every girl needs that extra special bling don't you think;) 
Above the headboard the spotlight is on Shrika's name. Easy peal and stick polka dotted letters did the trick. Whimsical acrylic mirrors placed playfully around the name echo the theme of the room.To make the butterflies pop, I hand painted the outline around the mirrors and the effect is dramatic.
The night stand sits between the window and the bed  and is topped off with the butterfly themed night lamp and Shrika's bedtime story books. The night stand also provides storage and we made sure that all the furniture in the room had rounded edges for the child's safety. Windows dressed in hot pink ruffled curtains add texture.  A fresh rose from the garden adds a touch of greenery and livens up the corner.
A little chair to plonk into, creates a cozy nook. Shrika enjoys reading in here to her soft furry friends. On the dresser a little treasure chest gifted by a friend stashes Shrika's collection of jewelry and her other prized possessions.
The dresser and the little storage basket marked as"Stuff" provides for easy organizing/storage  and accessibility. 

And finally the color on the walls was a piece of cake. I picked up some shade cards from Home depot and had marked off my favorite. But I did not want to influence the families choice of color and wanted to see what they would come up with. And you guessed right.......we had the same color choice at both ends and it was a light lavender pink shade called Rosewater from the Martha Stewart collection.

Now a quick look at the focus of the project and a drill to see if I met the specific client requests:
  • Most importantly, it is about the child. So if they are big enough to give an opinion, do consider it. And in this case we gave Shrika hot pink and butterflies.
  • The place has to be fun and functional - we brought in bright peppy colors to make the place feel energetic without overwhelming it  and comfort being the key for a good night's sleep, a full size bed with sumptuous bedding.
  • The room should grow with the child - the main furniture pieces in the room are a longtime investment. So we went with a full sized bed(so that Shrika is comfortable as she gets bigger) and a dresser with a mirror (for the little fashionista to be).
  • Accessorize the place within a budget and not make it look like it was from a catalog - added a few key pieces and worked with what we had.
  • Provide additional space for future wall decor projects such as a clip board or a picture collage - haven't filled the room upto the brim, just functional pieces have been added as of now.
  • Creating a cohesive space - By sticking to a color palette but keeping it exciting by introducing fabrics in the same color family in different patterns and textures - here we combined paisley and stripes in pastel hues and for texture we have the ruffled curtains.
  • Storage to be provided only for basic toys as there is a separate playroom. I did not have to worry about a study or activity table either for the child in the room as a designated area already exists for the child for this purpose.But should they wish to change that in the future, there is enough room to swap the chair out for a study table.
  • Lighting - I added mood light(chandleir) and task light (night /reading lamp) 

So a final before and after picture to show you how the transformation came about: 

Here's one final shot:

This makes it so worthwhile as I have a happy little girl whose willing to say goodnight and sleep tight in her new retreat. I'd like to wish the Bandi family all the very best and thank them for their support and trust in my creative spirit through the entire makeover process. 

Hope you'll enjoyed the post as much as I did sharing it with you'll. Do drop me a line and let me know how I did:)You'll have a wonderful weekend and see you next week for more on my exclusive global finds. You don't want to miss this;)

Images:Clicked by me. Please do not use without prior written permission.
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For those of you interested in putting this look together, I've provided the following links of the products:
Paisely Duvet cover and shams - PB Teen
Sheet set - PBTeen
Bed, Night stand and dresser - Legacy Classic kids collection
Chandelier -
Curtains - Target
Chair - Target
Butterfly Mirror - Amazon
Wall Art and table lamp - Home Goods
Wall Decal - AC Moore
Wall Color - Martha Stewart Rosewater


  1. Awesome makeover Shruthi. I am sure that lil girl would have been so happy to be in there.I love the art work and your color choice. And yes the chandelier is the icing on the cake it went well with the decor. I loved the butterfly art work. I love the way you designed every intricate detail very carefully. Kudos Mam!! You rock!!

    1. Thank you 555, you made my day. Appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to give me such wonderful feedback:)

  2. Beautiful well put together room...I m sure little girl love it, yes every girl need a bling and the chandi is perfect.

    1. Glad you liked the makeover Nayana........thank you for stopping by and showing your appreciation. You have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Manasa......Thank you. Happy you could take some time off and check out this post. You take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Shruthi, Thank you for all the time and effort that you have put for making this happen. Shrika loves her room and shows it off to everyone who visits us :-) I must admit that the before picture and after picture is a very good idea, it us gives an idea of what went into the room. That chandelier is everyone's favorite piece :-)
    I am so glad I contacted at the right time!! Tons of Love and Hugs from Shrika and me :-)

    - Vijaya

    1. Vijaya....the pleasure was all mine. I enjoyed every moment of putting this room together for Shrika. It all makes it so worth the effort to see a happy Shrika at the end of the day. Hugs and Love coming your way too:)

  5. Lucky little girl she is!! The chandelier and artwork are awesome!!

    1. Thank you Roopa.........yes she is a lucky little girl and most importantly a happy little girl;)

  6. Great job on the makeover Sruthi. The duvet and the chandy make the room.

    Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story

    1. Thank you Vidya............wonderful to see you here. You have a wonderful weekend and take care.

  7. Nice bedding, Beautiful interior designing!


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