Friday, November 1, 2013

Peelirohini (Featured Shop) - Diwali Inspiration Day 5

Women and jewelry have known to have a long standing love affair.......and with seductive jewelry like this, I think you have to give in to the temptation.
Indian women consider jewelry to be auspicious and on an occasion like Diwali, the jewelry just adds to the ostentatious celebration. With the home front taken care of, we've got to look great too.This Diwali, I bring to you "PEELIROHINI" - a jewelry line retailing via Etsy, offering exquisite "hand crafted" jewelry in brilliant hues and globally inspired designs.
Peelirohini is the brainchild of Priya a Computer Engineer by profession backed by a Masters in Physics and ElectronicsSignificance of the name Peelirohini originates from Priya's daughter's nickname "Peeli" meaning Peacock feather combined with her daughter's star sign "Rohini".

Working out of her home studio based in Connecticut (USA), Priya says, "Most of the best and greatest things in my life have been beautiful and unexpected happenings". Her jewelry line being one of them. Priya works with a variety of materials ranging from polymer clay, 14k gold, silver, brass, copper and precious gems, creating jewelry that reflects the personality of today's woman and her life - "fun, colorful, unpredictable, vibrant ,strong, sometimes complex, but still so very feminine". She always fostered the aspiration to create and own her very own boutique. It all became very clear to her while responding to a question from an interviewer from a reputed IT company. When asked what she wanted to do 10 years down the line, without a moments hesitation she had replied "I want to be Owning and Managing My own Boutique ! "
The above response, her growing stash of finished jewelry, a little coaxing and support from family and friends and the discovery of Etsy, as a place to showcase her talent and share her creativity resulted in Peelirohini
When asked where does Priya draw inspiration for the unique jewelry that she creates, she has this to say, "My designs evolve from color palettes.That is my first priority. Anything colorful and vibrant, from the filtered sunlight on my favorite jade plant ,the raindrops on my garden flowers, a painting my little one makes ( she is quite a little artist, oh sometimes she paints the sun in her pictures with splashes of yellow orange and purple, I try so hard to get it in clay but fail so miserably), an image that may have flitted across the TV for just a second, a beautifully laid out room (here is where your blog influences me Sruthi;), an antique piece of elaborately wrought jewelry in a museum, the beautiful fabrics and textiles of the world-India, Europe, Mexico.....There is no lack of inspiration around us in our daily lives.We just need to be on the lookout for them."
Priya goes on to explain,"Once I decide on the palette, I choose a setting from the vintage or brass pieces I collect and go from there.I start with an initial sketch on a notepad, but more often than not, they form on their latest designs have been more and more instinctive.
I also have noticed that my best work (in my eyes) have been such instinctive ones...I do undertake custom work,but feel very much more at ease doing my own thing, my own way. There is an inherent stubborn streak in my art(and me too) that doesn't want to go the way its expected to, it'd rather go the way it wants to:)
I have been influenced greatly by my dad who passed away 2.5 years back.. He had a zest for life and for learning about new things that still amazes me. He continues to inspire me every single day..
There are many days where my designs take most of my day and night and there have been many burnt dinners that my dear husband and daughter have had to sit through.... But they continue to inspire me with their never flinching, never wavering support and acceptance of me and my art , and their love for me as I am - burnt dinners and all, helps me continue be what I am."
Priya says that her online boutique shop has brought her joy in ways that she did not expect. Being contacted by total strangers about how they browse through her store even though they do not wear jewelry. Hearing from sweet customers about how they loved her pieces. Having her jewelry go to all the amazing corners of the world like Athens , Egypt and Lugano......But the one note that touched her was from a sweet lady who wrote to her saying, "I don't wear jewelry and I cannot due to allergies, but, I stop by your site every day, to soak in the colors, to energize my day." Priya's reaction to this," It made me all teary-eyed, because having that kind of influence on someone through my art is so really makes life worthwhile."

With that said, you now know the effort, thought, creativity, emotion and time that goes into creating every single piece that Priya designs. Her genuine attitude to life and art is ingrained in every piece that she brings to life with those dexterous hands. Priya does what she does for a sole reason - "Doing what I love,with the people I love:) Peelirohini lets me be what I am and am grateful for that..."

I'd like to thank Priya, for her enthusiasm to share her wonderful jewelry line with us at The East Coast Desi. Wishing her and her family all the very best !!!!!

To see more of  Peelirohini jewelry, click here

Images: Courtesy Peelirohini


  1. oh Thank You So much Sruthi, this is such a lovely Diwali gift ; I love how you filled this page with some of my best shot images:) !
    Also for introducing me to the world of Indian decor blogs,being so wrapped up in my world, I hadnt given much thought into lovely home settings and all(you already know abt the burnt dinners :),but when you first approached me was when we were thinking to move from our smaller apartment and your blog has made me passionate about home decor too! Thank You :)) it's made me appreciate the lovely Indian touch that we can bring to our homes,wherever we might be in the world even more ~ World market was a find for me from your blog :) I wish you the very best too and a Very Happy Diwali to you, your loved ones and the whole eastcoastdesi world !:)

  2. I'm so glad you liked what I put together..............your work is exquisite and I fell in love with your collection the minute I set eyes on it. Thank you for working with me and making this happen. Wishing you a very Happy Diwali and all the very best with everything :)

  3. Thank you, Sruthi for this amazing post. I have checked out the shop in Esty and all of them are stunning!! Can't wait to own a piece :-)

    1. So glad you liked it.......have a wonderful weekend

  4. Fabulous, intricate work - Priya must have the patience of a saint! - love her jewellery and your write up Sruthi

    1. I agree with you Neena.......that's a lot of work that goes into each creating each of those gorgeous pieces. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.


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