Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Elephant Company (Featured Shop) - Diwali Inspiration Day 4

And Thursday it is.......

In the featured shop segment, spotlight's on "The Elephant Company"(TEC) - a popular decor brand that offers a fresh twist on iconic images of India. Capturing the essence of India in vibrant pop art shades, their ever changing collection  is always to look out for. Based in Mumbai, they retail exclusively through The Bombay Store and a few selected boutiques in India. They also provide the convenience of online shopping to their customers. 

Their latest collection "Warli" is a refreshing take on a traditional art formThe auspicious Tree Warli design is a symbol of prosperity, peace, security and luck a perfect addition for the festive season. Here are some of my picks to freshen up your home this Diwali.
What I love about TEC is the elegant melange of colorful imagery of traditional India with a contemporary edge. Architectural details like the Jharoka and the Mehrab, predominant in the Northern part of India are beautifully captured in these gorgeous colorful pillows perfect for a vibrant Diwali.

Entertaining is a huge part of Diwali.These trays in energetic colors, replicating the vibe of Rajasthan are nothing but impressive. They are also the perfect choice for a hostess gift. 

Did you enjoy the color overload. If not, here's the link where you can check out the whole range of products. 

Giving you a heads up of what's in store tomorrow........a stunning jewelry line that's going to leave you with the feeling......I WANT THAT. So stay tuned and have a wonderful Day !!!!! 

Images: Courtesy The Elephant Company


  1. beautiful, I hope they ship to the ways Warli has been used:) and very colorful too !! Thanks Shruti :)

    1. Unfortunately they don't Peeli, they ship only in India currently. You have a wonderful day and stay tuned for tomorrow ;)

  2. love them!

    Please link to Designing Life's 1st Linking Party!

  3. Replies
    1. I knew you'd like the pops of color...............have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Awesome collection!

    They do ship internationally now btw! :)


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