Monday, October 7, 2013

Imbibing the Essence of Dasara

Good Morning Monday !!!!

Today I have some colorful Dasara/Navrathri Inspiration for you'll. The ten day festivities of this popular festival have already begun all over India. The festival primarily celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Another important aspect is the worship of the divine feminine form Durga(in north India) or Chamundeshwari (in the south). I was raised on a healthy diet of Indian tradition and custom and in an effort to keep my son in touch with his Indian roots, I'm celebrating Dasara here in Virginia in my own little way. 
In an endeavor to make lasting memories that can be passed on, I decided to make our very own dandiya sticks with my son this year. The dandiya sticks are used as a prop for the famous garba dance that is performed in Goddess Durga's honour. The sticks represent Durga's sword and would be a perfect addition to the coffee table this season. 

I wanted to bring an organic feel to my decor element, that is so innate about anything handmade. I was lucky to find these dandiya sticks at a local Indian grocery store. They were unfinished and perfect for me to make them my own. We needed to make a quick stop at Michaels for some beads, craft paint and pom-poms. We were all set for our little project. It took us about 1/2 hr, a little imagination and some craft paint and voila !!!! The dandiya sticks were ready in no time and for now it sits pretty on my coffee table. Occasionally, when my son gets into the mood we have a performance too:)
I wanted to keep the look very traditional so I filled one of the kum kum containers with haldi, kukkum and some Akshata (offered as a sacred substance during worship). Some Marigolds from my garden, candles and a colorful stole completes the look.

Wishing my lovely readers a very happy Dasara !!!!! I hope you'll enjoyed the post as much as we had fun putting it together. Stay tuned for more from The East Coast Desi.......

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  1. Beautiful....happy Navratri and Dashera!!

    1. Thank you Nayana and wishing you a very warm and happy Navratri and Dasara too:)

  2. Loved your dandiya sticks and beautiful festive vignette.

    1. Thank you Disha.......I loved the home tour featured on your blog too. I just had time to get glimpses of it. Going to take a nice hot cuppa and sit down in the evening and take in all the details. Good job girl.


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