Friday, October 11, 2013

Color Overload ........ (BABA SOUK)

We have a long weekend ahead of us as Monday is Columbus Day.....Yeah !!!
However, the incessant rain accompanied by cold cloudy weather seems to have taken over my Friday and my mood. So the one thing I did to cheer myself up was look at pretty pics. And the pics you are looking at sure did it for me.  One look at the pillows from BABASOUK and I was overcome with a feeling, I haven't felt since I was 5 or 6. The feeling of  "You want something and no amount of logical reasoning or coaxing works. You want to throw a tantrum (maybe) and see if it will get you what you want." 
These seem to be the most amazing pillows I've seen in a long time and I can't seem to get myself to stop thinking about them. Is someone listening ?????

More eye-candy coming your way......... 
(A cute DIY project idea)


And now for some Real Candy Kabob's anyone ?????

You'll have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for some exciting posts coming up next week.......
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  1. Oh, I am so with you on this:) such pretty ,colorful finds! How do you find these cool places Sruthi? But glad you do!!
    Have an amazing weekend:)

    1. Thank you Peeli......I'm so glad, the time I've been scouting around for pretty pics for my lovely readers finally paid off:) Enjoy your weekend too.


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