Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Find and Collect

Flea markets, auction houses, estate/yard/garage sales are a great haunt for finding raw treasures, that are waiting to be taken home and lovingly made a part of the DNA of your home. I personally feel that vintage finds gives you the liberty to decipher your passion for the old, eclectic, eccentric, kitschy and the zany. However, artfully editing your coveted collections and displaying them in a way that they don't tussle for attention with your surrounding decor is key.  

This summer, sauntering through a yard sale, my eyes were drawn to an Indian brass betel nut box. Priced at $4, there was no way that I was leaving it behind.  Antiques and vintage pieces speak to me because they straddle both exquisite craftsmanship and a story. 
My new brass find sits pretty on my coffee table complementing the maroon Dahlias from my garden. Accents of contrasting green brings the whole vignette alive.   
I wanted to know more about the box and how it got there.......talking to the owners, they told me that the box belonged to their mom. She had acquired it on her travel to India and had used it to cache her brooch collection. In a contemporary setting, the home owners felt the box didn't fit in and it was time to let go.........

Since I'm one of those who treasures her family heirlooms, I was more than glad to have found a piece with a story. I've started my own collection as I intend to pass it on to my child someday.

I've let my interiors unfold around my passion for antiques, colors and patterns. I hope the post has inspired you to kickoff your own collection, for every home needs a little nostalgia, humor and soul.

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  1. Wow Shruti, great find. I would not leave it behind either :)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read's always a pleasure to see you here.


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