Monday, September 29, 2014

Innovative Organizing

Good Morning Monday !!!

I recently made a few small changes to my blogging den and incorporated some innovative organizing. Thought I'd share this with you'll today.
On one of my trips back home, I bought a whole load of handmade fabric pouches with beautiful mirror work detailing on them to gift it to friends here in the US. They were so pretty that a couple of them that didn't make it beyond my doorway ;) But I didn't like the fact that they were being wasted in a storage bin and decided it was time to showoff the intricate embroidery detailing on them.
On a recent visit to World Market, I came home with a few hand painted tile hooks that coordinated perfectly with these pouches. They were easy to fix to the wall and the pouches had a loop already in place. Once hung securely, I now use it to house my paint brushes and scissors. Love the boho-eclectic vibe it lends to my work space.  If you've got these pretty pouches and are looking to give them a new lease of life, try using them as an organizing caddy for pencils, pens.....!!!
Finally a gentle reminder that the voting is still on for the Apartment Therapy Color Contest 2014. My Home Office/Blogging adda entry has been chosen and if you haven't voted already please head over and show me your support - (it takes less than two minutes to vote). Here's the link.  

Have a wonderful week :)

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  1. You have a fantabulous, super, super gorgeous home office! I shall steal some of your beautiful ideas!
    I am sure you will win Apartment Therapy Color Contest 2014! Go girl!

    1. Aww...that's so sweet !!! Thank you Manasa, I've always admired your home and your design sense :) So the admiration is mutual :)

  2. Such a simple and stylish use for these pretty it! My mom-in-law recently gave me one such pouch and now I know what I can do with it. Thank you:) All the best for the contest- fingers crossed. xx

  3. Wow superbly organized corner.. Pouches are well used and displayed...

  4. Thanks for sharing some really cool innovative gift ideas for organizing jewelry. It looks amazing and easy to manage. Keep sharing similar stuff.


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