Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Treat for the Senses (Featured Blog)

Today we are in a candid duologue with the talented new blogger, Karishma Banerji Madan of " A Treat for the Senses". A serendipitous encounter led me to her blog and I was hooked in no time. Karishma's fluid writing style, genuine tone and her ability to conjure up pretty imagery with the simplest of decor accessories is what lured me in to her wonderful blog. Having moved to South Korea recently, the way Karishma articulates her experiences in setting up a home in a far away land is something I can so relate to. Anecdotes sprinkled with humor and accompanied with magical captures that beautifully emphasize the play of light, textures and natural elements, all I can say is that her blog is a treat for all your senses !!! 
A home to come to after a long day at work.......
I wanted to get to know the gorgeous lady behind this blog and reached out to her. I was so excited when she responded positively about a debut feature on TECD. So let's sit down with Karishma and get to know her and her blog. Over to Karishma :

"Hello there ! I am Karishma. I hail from India and am currently living in South Korea. I have to thank Sruthi for reaching out and introducing me on TECD. Such a lovely gesture !

I have been accused of being a day-dreamer, an accusation that I am elated to acknowledge and live with :) Staring out of the window endlessly is a crime I love to concede to, and continue to commit ! I dabble in photography off and on, and I think every picture has a story that deserves to be told. I love nature and I could spend endless days in the forest, listening to the calls of the jungle, enjoying the thrill of sighting wildlife. I love paint smeared hands, the smell of turpentine and the joy of creating something that is ‘truly-your-own’ on the canvas. I enjoy eating good food, nearly as much as I enjoy cooking for family and friends :)
Might be worthy of a mention here that I went to business school, was part of the corporate world, and I am currently enjoying time off from power point and excel sheets :-) And yes, I also like to put ‘pen-to-paper' and archive sudden,spontaneous bursts of thought, hence the blog :)"
Of sun kissed corners, of a game called hide-and-seek…
This is what Karishma had to share when asked what urged  her to start her own blog and what is it that she intended to bring to her readers ?
"A Treat for the Senses', as the name suggests, is my niche to write about beautiful sights, heady fragrances, delicious food and in general, all things that are joyous to the senses.
I love all things beautiful and what could be better than to share my experiences with like minded souls, who share my passion for home decor, art, antiques, plants, good food, travel, and also have a large amount of tolerance for endless rambling !"
A tea lover that I am, Karishma's Post on a pot of chai is one of my favorite reads.
On what spur's Karishma's creative side and where she drew her inspiration from to create the beautiful haven that she has carved out for herself :
"There are so many inspiring artists and home decor stalwarts around, my parents being my biggest inspiration, for their home back in India is nothing short of being a labor of love. Hope to blog about it sometime.
I learn so much from observing and reading fellow bloggers’ posts, it is an excellent way to exchange and share ideas as we all hone our sense of style."
A few corner's of Karishma's home that look gorgeous at all times of the day or night .......Need more to whet your aesthetic appetite ! Head over to "A treat for the Senses". 
Answering the question, what her home means to her, she says," I often reflect upon what my home means to me, and this is how I would summaries it ‘You know your house is a home, when you have time on your hands and places to see, but your home is where you’d rather be !’ 
I love being home, it is where I unwind, I think, I create and re-create. It is where I unleash my creativity, it is my drawing board, my canvas to add endless layers of color to and to texture it as I please.
My husband describes my sense of style as warm and eclectic, I love color, handcrafted workmanship, and collecting curios from around the world. Some of my most precious pieces however, are family heirlooms and thoughtful gifts from friends !"
A bunch full of happiness lifting itself up to say ‘me-too’, lest it gets lost behind the magnificent green palm leaves :)
Sharing her decor mantra and styling secrets with us, Karishma say's, "Although I am just a novice in the world of home styling, I believe our homes are best being an extension of our personalities, there is no one size that fits all ! The more of ‘you’ that there is in it, the more you will grow to love it.

Hope you enjoyed the peeks into the corners of my home and they make you want to stop by my page and read my blog. Thank you once again Sruthi ! " 
An exquisite Buddha statute (a cherished gift) as it imparts tranquility and adds a zen factor to Karishma's abode.
The pleasure was all mine Karishma !!! I'm so glad that through the blogosphere, I'm able to connect with like minded and talented people like you.

If you'd like to connect with Karishma or personally write in your feedback, you may do so at karishmabanerji@gmail.com. And don't forget to drop us a line as we'd love to hear from you:)

Have a wonderful day !!!

Images: All images belong to Karishma Banerji Madan and may not be copied or reproduced under any circumstances.


  1. Thank you so much Sruthi, for reaching out and making the effort to compile this post and for sharing this with your readers. Love any form of connection with TECD, to say that this feels great would be an understatement :-)
    And to all those kind people who intend to stop by my page, really really looking forward to seeing you there :-) Karishma.

  2. What a lovely post ! Lovely corners of Karishma's home that exude the warmth and comforts of her own personality. Very well written and the images stole my heart. Thanks for sharing , Sruthi :)

  3. What a beautiful post Shruti & what a wonderful place Karishma's home is, very warm, cozy & full of personality!

  4. Another well kept home - always a joy! good post!


  5. Many thanks for saying such nice things everyone :-) Sure does makes my day !

  6. Thank you everybody for stopping by and giving such positive feedback !!!! Karishma is one talented lady and she's here to stay and inspire us with her creative writing and magical captures !!!!

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    1. Thank you Roopa:) So glad you took the time to read!!!

    2. What a beautiful blog.. thanks for sharing Sruthi..

    3. Thank you Shaz..........welcome back,it's been a while since I heard from you.

    4. Dear Roopa and Shaz, thank you for sparing your time to go through this, makes me very happy you liked the blog !

  8. Oh shes one of my favourite 'virtual' friends. Warm...lovely and a stuuner she is. Love her design sense too.

    1. Wonderful to see you here Harshika!!! You summed it up perfectly:) Thank you for stopping by......


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