Friday, April 18, 2014

TECD has been featured on "THE CURATED MAGAZINE"

ELATED............OVERJOYED............ECSTATIC...............AND COMPLETELY OVER THE MOON !!!!

Why this reaction???? Cause "THE EAST COAST DESI" has been featured on " THE CURATED MAGAZINE", April 2014 issue !!!
We've known Priya to bring the most beautiful images and  bohemian Chic inspiration to us through her blogging adventures at "Once Upon a Tea Time". But what some of you'll may not be familiar with is that she is also the chief curator of the new digital magazine "Curated". A monthly publication that makes for a captivating read and leaves you begging for more!!! With a strong mission statement, CURATED sure lives up to it's promise - "Our mission is to delight, engage and inform you and in addition to bringing you a visually stunning and engrossing read, we want to serve as a platform for inspiration by showcasing individuals who are powerhouses of positivity and creativity. We want to help tap into that well of potential that is within each one of us and bring out the very best." 

Having read the first 3 issues of "The Curated Magazine" I was completely hooked. When Priya made a call on her blog for the home tours segment for her magazine, I wrote to her with the offer to tour the TECD casa. A couple of emails later, the outcome is finally here to share with you'll. 
The entire process of shooting the TECD casa for Curated has been an unforgettable experience for me! I've had so much fun putting this together. Playing decor stylist is something I revel in and Curated let me do just that to my heart's content. I've become quite an acrobat I should say, climbing on chairs and anything else that I could find to get the angles right;) 

Here are a few sneak peek's of what's instore for you....... 

The issue also features Bhavana Bhatnagar of "An Indian Summer", Deb Trombley of "India pied-a-terre", Ami Gandhi (Executive Director of the South Asian American Policy and Research Institute), loads of beautiful images and inspirational quotes.Want to see more, click right here

It's been a wonderful experience getting to know Priya through this entire process and am so glad we had a chance to connect. Priya is one talented woman and her new venture "The Curated Magazine" is going to go places.........I'd like to thank Priya for this wonderful opportunity and wish her all the very best !!! 

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  1. You have a beautiful home and a lovely blog.

  2. Sruthi, I have always loved your styling.

  3. Thank you for taking part, Sruthi! It was wonderful working with you :)

  4. Congrats on being part of this wonderfully curated magazine, Sruthi! Your home fits right into a glossy lifestyle magazine :-)

  5. Thank you everybody..........I've been excited to say the least and to have such a wonderful set of encouraging people to share this with is more than I could ask for !!!!


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