Monday, April 28, 2014

Make those books Multi-task for you !!!

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” 
                                                                                ― Cicero

Nostalgia grips me every now and I ruminate over the past and make my way down memory lane, more often than not, my cherished memories are the ones that I spent with my maternal grandparents. Their home was our all time favorite getaway. Come summer holidays and we'd be off to see them........On one such visit, I remember my grandfather (nana, a voracious reader himself) sat me down and explained to me that books are the best friend that anyone could ask for. He said they influence how you think and what you make of yourself. So it's always nice to keep a good set of loyal friends (books) close at hand. His favorite reads were inspirational biographies and he'd suggest a number of them to me. They have impacted me on different levels and more so now since I'm a mom. I so want to give it all back to my son and want him to be surrounded by thoughts that are positive, inspirational and that would help him develop into a strong individual..........I tell my son that it is essential to visit the library, as it's just like going grocery shopping but the only difference being you are shopping for food for your brain and thoughts:)
For a fun twist, create a sculptural pedestal atop a basket with your favorite books.
As I was growing up, I always had a good book on my night stand. But now they make their presence felt in almost every room of my home. Scattered around the sunroom, family room and the bedroom they work great as a mood up lifter, a source that provides copious amounts of inspiration when one is running low on the creative spunk or to just disentangle from the daily grind with a good cuppa. 

They even work great as a personal decor accessory??? Haven't thought of that, then read on......If your looking to add a layer to your home that reflects your personality and interests, then books can do that for you in an instant. Books are personal, they give an insight into the reader's personality and mirrors his or her interests. Personally , I feel that a home without  books brings with it a feeling of deprivation. 

Layering books into the decor adds warmth and personality. I have books in baskets, on the coffee table or stacked on the side of a couch multi-tasking as an instant side table. I've rounded up a few corners from my home showcasing how you could make those books you have, multi-task for you as a wonderful decor accessory:
Stack your books to form the base/legs and place a wooden plank for a sketchy version of a console. 
Pile on your favorite books on the side of a couch /chair to form an instant side table. To give it a little more definition, place a tray to function as the top of the table. A plant and some cherished treasures and you'll all done. 
While creating a vignette, if you need to varying the height of the accessories that make up the composition, create a pedestal with a set of books. Varying the height draws the eye to different levels keeping things interesting. 
I hope today's post was resourceful and inspired you to pull those books off the shelves and put them to use as a personal decor accessory!!! And don't forget to drop me a line if you have any ingenious ways of incorporating books into your decor:)  

Have a wonderful day!!!! 

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  1. I couldn't agree more, books add so much character to the home. Beautiful images Sruthi !

  2. Fun ideas, Sruthi :) especially the sketchy form of a console! Great styling of the pics

  3. ohhh nicee.... i loved the idea of balancing a shelf on books... will probably be trying this out.. thanks for sharing /sruthi.. :_)


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