Monday, April 14, 2014

With a Spring in my Step

Hello Folks !!! 

Last week and the weekend have both been hectic. But it has been an exciting one. Last Wednesday, I woke up to my blog adda featured on IKEA FAMILY LIVE FACEBOOK !!! My head's still reeling with excitement:) If you haven't had a chance  to check it out, click here.

With family visiting us from India, I do have my hands full entertaining them. But what's nice is, I'm being pampered in return and treated to some wonderful home made Indian delicacies......will be sharing some recipes very soon. As for my bit to entertainment them, the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC was on the top of my list. Yesterday we had a chance to drive down to DC to see the blooms. With a soft corner for these flowers..........It was a treat for the eyes. It's their simplicity that draws me in every single time. And I must say, I've hit it big with three cherry blossom trees right outside my sunroom window!!! 
My fixation does not end with just admiring them.........I had to have a touch of the Cherry Blossom to my decor at home. So I paired a small branch of the delicate cherry blossoms with my Buddha from Nepal. Also adding to the zen vignette  is the wooden box another find from Nepal

The wooden box symbolizes the pyramid adorning the Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal. Declared as the Heritage sight by UNESCO, the Bodhnath Stupa is a must see. Monopolizing the skyline, the unique architecture is said to have been built in the 14th century. The original pyramid like architecture has 13 steps, representing the ladder to enlightenment and the triangular shape depicts the abstract form of fire. 
Love how the white of the cherry blossoms and the gold of the Buddha pops against the black and brown base color. 

And finally rounding up the post for today with a close up shot of the most awaited flower of the season here in DC.........the cherry blossom!!!
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and stay tuned for more exciting news and posts coming up this week !!!! 
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  1. Lovely vignette ! We had a great bloom here, tad bit early but gorgeous nonetheless ! Wish they lasted longer. Have to be content now with the photos that I have of them and the lush green leaves that have replaced the flowers on the trees. Thank God for cameras :-) Enjoy the blossoms in DC, am sure having family around makes it an even more enjoyable sight, walks and picnics around the trees, et al ! Take care Sruthi.

  2. I so agree with you about capturing wonderful moments through our cameras so that we can enjoy them long after the beautiful moments are gone.........Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to read Karishma !!! Have a wonderful week girl:)

  3. Love your sense of style:)...the clicks are beautiful and like I said in my comment (FB),the colour combination is pretty unusual and at times it is this unusualness that attracts our attention!Have a lovely time with your family.

  4. you make simple objects look so good and that's a talent!

    congrats on the ikea mention :) your study is truly stunning!



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