Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New York Style Loft In Mumbai

Mumbai, where real estate is valued in terms of gold, Jeweler Anuj Shah has the luxury of owning a New York style loft in the heart of Worley (that's Mumbai mere Jaan). High ceilings, sunlight streaming in and the home sporting a minimalist airy feel, it has the perfect amalgamation of aesthetics, practicality, design and style. 

Anuj expedited this project in collaboration with his friend Ashish Shah who played the interior designer for this space. With no interior walls to define the space, creativity was a wild horse. The home showcases some novel architectural elements at play like the exposed concrete ceilings and copper pipes used to disguise electrical wiring.

I personally love the use of antiques in this home that adds character and softens the lines of an otherwise modern interior. Anuj wanted to incorporate the families love for horses into the decor of the house. After a 3 day scouting trip to Hong Kong, Anuj found the perfect pair of antique horses and even ordered  an examination of the same to ensure their authenticity. Other details such as the collection of ancient bells which were used for training Indian wrestlers (Kushtia), Ikats prints and the teal jharokha used as a headboard, are to die for.

To take a tour of the rest of the home, click here

You'll take care and circle back with me on Friday for more on decor inspiration !!! 

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