Sunday, January 31, 2016

Coppre's latest launch - “Kasba Tealight Trio”

I have blogged about Coppre earlier and this brand never seizes to amaze me! Quality, minimalist design style and incredible craftsmanship permeates every product that Coppre has to offer. Their newest launch this year being the “Kasba Tealight Trio”. The collection exemplifies the architectural heritage of Coppre’s headquartered city, Pune (India) and more so on "Kasba Peth – the bustling central market in Pune with its many bazaars and residential complexes." 
The delicate patterns on these metal tealights is a chic spin off on the abundance of architectural inspiration found in the buildings in and around Kasba Peth. Ornate relief carvings in the domes of 18th Century old temples, lace like configurations from balcony railings in the residential homes and iconic Jali designs that have their roots in Mughal architecture were each interpreted to a more modern day design and etched on metal transforming them into dainty tealights that cast the most pretty shadows when lit.  
What I really loved about these tealights is the actual physical design per se. Unlike other tealight holders, where lighting the tealight can be a task, this design is practical in use. The Kasba tealights have a removable stand that supports the actual tealight. Hence, you can light the candle by placing it on the candle support and then gently slide the tealight support right back in with ease.
What’s more, I found more than one use for these! When not in use as a votive holder, they work really well as a plant holder and a stationery holder too.
The Kasba Tealight Trio comes in a ready-to-gift box (as a set of 3), in shades of white and teal. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, these would be the perfect addition to create that romantic setting for the special loved one. So go ahead and choose your favorite combo. To place your order, click right here.

(Image Credit/Copyright: Collage - Coppre, 2,3,4 - Sruthi Singh) 

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