Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Auraz Design - Featured Brand

Meticulously handcrafted, genuine antique furniture is often hard to come by. You either inherit such treasures or look high and low till you hit the jackpot on one of those furniture scouring trips. But if you want the easy way out, let me introduce you to Auraz Design - Antique looks for the modern soul.” Auraz Designs is a Bengaluru based online store where each and every piece is hand-picked and verified for authenticity. Auraz believes that the antiques furniture market in India is fairly disorganized and aims to simplify and improve the customer experience in the process of purchasing antiques. 

“We at Auraz, are reshaping consumer ideas about the design of modern spaces. We are passionate about experimental home decor by pairing antiques with modern accessories - helping us blend history and modernity. We are creating a one of a kind web experience which reflects this unique combination.”

If the trill of the hunt for that one standout piece is wearing you out, may I suggest you check out Auraz’s collection. As we know, the best dressed homes mix styles, eras and personality to get that va-va-voom look.

You may connect with them via their Facebook page, Etsy store or their website at Won’t you agree when I say that owning a piece of history just got easy! Auraz has a flash sale that runs till the end of the month:) 

(Image Credit/Copyright: Auraz Design. The images may not be reproduced without the prior written permission of the owner) 

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