Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hints of Spring Pastels!

Can you smell it in the air? That intoxicating and indescribable fresh spring scent…..
The harsh winter, ruthlessly drained the landscape of all the color but spring is working overtime in my part of the world to restore and repaint nature’s canvas. I love the changes this season brings with it…..
  • The frozen ground thaws and fresh shafts of grass begin to push through the soil to kiss the sun; 
  • The tinges of sweet fragrance and buttery radiance of daffodils together mixed with other spring pastels that breathe back life into the dreary winter gardens;
  • The musical orchestra of birds tweeting and chirping with the first morning rays of the sun;
  • Warmer, brighter and longer days that invite you to get your dose of Vitamin D;
  • Gardens centers becoming a bevy of activity and those garden pliers and shovels find themselves back in action;
  • Toe nails get painted and the boots get ditched for open toed flirty sandals;
  • Long lines that stretch at the car wash and you waiting impatiently to rediscover your car’s true paint color under all that winter grit and 
  • The April showers that make chai time that much more fun! I love it all!
Here are a few frames of the subtle touches of spring at home. I love pairing this soft, pastel, feminine hue with the luster of brass. 

When you find fallen flowers on your long walks, what do you do? Bring them home and float them.....

A new tea cup with those cherry blossom motifs, seemed like the perfect way to ring in spring…..
If you don’t see me here too often at the TECD blog, it only mean that I’m out there taking in all that there is to enjoy of this wonderful season:) I truly believe that if it wasn't for winter and the absence of it all, I may not be so receptive to all the wonderful changes that is happening around me……. 
Don't you think, floating a few Cherry Blossoms in a brass urli is a wonderful way to bring in a touch of spring to your decor? 
Happy Spring!

Images: Clicked by Sruthi Singh. Please do not use without prior written permission. 
Images are the property of Sruthi Singh and subject to copyright.


  1. A big springy hug for your wonderful writings and to celebrate the transitional changes around us :) Loved every click, specially the last one. I happened to grab few pink carnations this weekend to celebrate the season as well :)

  2. Lovely spring flavours on your blog. Loved all the flowers and brass :)

  3. Lovely post ! Can feel and smell the fragrance of Spring through the lovely pics and your words :) Enjoy !


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