Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Have you read the April 2015 Issue of Once Upon A Tea Time Magazine yet?

Priya Iyer and her delightful blog "Once Upon a Tea Time" (OUATT) need no introduction. Having lived and embraced the culture and environment of three different countries, Priya is steeped in a global-chic-bohemian style and her well curated blog is a reflection of this very facet. Her exceptional aesthetic for design, her passion for vintage textiles and her ability to discover inspiring people and share their soul stirring stories is what draws me to OUATT time and again. 
5 years into blogging, Priya celebrated this milestone with an anniversary issue. The issue was a huge success and it gave Priya a reason to take her penchant for writing and curating all things beautiful and inspirational to the next level! She indulged her readers with a monthly digital issue packed with stories of remarkable and inspiring people, weaving tales of textiles, enchanting home tours and so much more….12 issues later and a thriving, diverse, global readership, OUATT has launched its paid subscription issue that is now available on Joomag.
Reading a magazine is a great way to unwind. However, I also look for added benefits like being creatively inspired, finding a new perspective on issues and being better informed at the end of such reading sessions. When Priya reached out to me to showcase the subscription issue of the OUATT magazine on TECD, I was more than happy to do so as every previous issue has continually promised to deliver what it says "Amazing People. Boundless Creativity”. Their new April 2015 issue is no different and is packed with chock full of good reads with the highlights being a home tour of artist Jutta Rikola in Finland, newly decorated Once Upon A Tea Time studio and engaging conversations with creative entrepreneur Mili Suleman of Kufri Life and artist Pragati Sharma Mohanty

Make sure you get your copy today and devour it over a cup of chai........ 

Image credits/Copyright: OUATT Magazine

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