Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Art by Aarohi (Featured Artist/Shop)

Designer yet affordable....quirky and kitschy yet explosion of colors and yet the whole composition works together harmoniously......traditional Indian motifs that appeal to the style and design sensibilities of the modern day woman......... all this and more describes the color saturated totes from the design label  "Art by Aarohi". Aarohi needs no introduction. The talented Bangalore-based artist has a number of laurels to her credit. The latest being her e-store launch, Art by Aarohi. 

With these wearable pieces of art that have been derived from Aarohi's original works, you can flaunt your fearless style and personality everywhere you go. 
With a distinct Indian flavor, these personal accessories are sure to make a statement. Aarohi has also very thoughtfully put together a style board that shows you how you could pair her a la mode creations to get the look right. With the gift giving season here, why not gift yourself one of these limited edition pieces that are sure to make heads turn ?

Image Copyright/ Credit : Art by Aarohi 
Styling/concept : Image 1: The Bold Creative, Image 2 & others : Aarohi


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words :-)
    So very generous of you - much much appreciated!

    1. The pleasure is all mine very happy to connect with you.

    2. Beautiful beautiful work!! Love it that Aarohi's work is available online:) thanks for sharing S!!!


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