Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shedding New Light on an Old Classic

My festive decor is incomplete without the classic floating flower arrangement in a traditional brass urli. But this time around a morning walk was just the thing that I needed to get inspired to create this Fall Inspired festive arrangement.
Seeing the abundance of Autumn bounty that lays scattered at every cross road and had created layers of carpets on the pavements on my side of the world, I was tempted to experiment with these gorgeous maple leaves that were begging to come inside for one last display of their glory. 

Maple leaves in sunset hues replaced the flowers to create a simple floating  leaf rangoli for a colorful celebration of the season. 
If you want to recreate this simple look, remember not to overcrowd the leaves as you don't want to lose the shape of the single leaves. So go ahead pull that sweater over and head outdoors to get inspired and include autumn's inviting palette to your festive decor.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend !!!

Images: Clicked by Sruthi Singh. Please do not use without prior written permission. 
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  1. Wonderful arrangement Shruti. It's different from the regular arrangement with flowers.

  2. Simple and Beautiful! Have been lurking your blog for a couple months now! :-)

  3. Beautiful Diwali ideas, Sruthi! Lovely tones and flowers spreading warmth and cheer


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