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Glitzing it up for Diwali (Festive decor Ideas)

Diwali is all about the hypnotic dancing flames, the sweet fragrance of - flowers, scented candles and incense sticks, the luxurious feel of silk cushions, the sound of laughter and crackers and the melt in your mouth motichoor laddoos and kaju katli !!! While decorating for Diwali, you will be deluged by dozens of decisions. The choices you make on some of these details can make or break the look you are intending to achieve. Here are some simple tricks and tips to  help you create the festive ambiance and entice all your 5 senses this Diwali season.

Pick Your Color Palette: 
Choose a color palette to work with as it simplifies the need to analyse what you already have and what you need to include in your Diwali shopping list. An intuitive decision maker, this year I'm inspired by the traditional Indian color combination of red and gold. This classic combination is not only festive but can also be effortlessly adopted throughout the home with a few building blocks like fresh flowers, textiles and a few brass decor accessories.Diwali is the one festive occasion that cajoles me to boost the glimmer and shimmer quotient without any limitations. With my love for the golden patina of brass, Diwali is personally the most revered of all festivals, as I get an opportunity to shine my brass, decorate with flowers and light up as many lamps and candles to create an ambiance that's bathed in a golden glow.

Flower Power:

I've said it earlier and I say it again, "You cannot go wrong with flowers". I love to weave the beauty and magic of fresh flowers into my festive decor. The classic floating flower arrangement is something that I include year after year but always find ways of adding a fresh twist to the display. This time I've chosen an antique brass thali to serve as my container to float a bunch of flaming red GerberasMaking her appearance again this year is my prized heirloom piece, "My Lady with the Lamp". Placing her in the center of the thali, no denying that she looks majestic when lit. 

Another simple arrangement of Carnations with their irregular edges vivifies this corner of my living room. I restrain from using conventional vases and look for innovative container to display my flowers. This time, I've used an antique tea pot to house the carnations that have subtle hints of red that tie it in with the designated color palette.

Gather similar items to make an Impact :
For this Diwali vignette, I've rounded up my brass Ganesha statues and have placed them at various height to keep the eye moving and keep things interesting.
To add color to this vignette, a small urli is used to float few Magenta New Guinea Impatiens from the garden. Remember, a little color can add a lot of drama !!!
Colored glass tea light holders are a must.........I love how the gently flickering flames create an ethereal mirage of warm hues. Keeping the color palette in mind, a collection of colored glass votive  holders in warm tints are en massed on a brass vintage tray to pack in a wallop of punch to my decor. And what's wonderful is that they can be easily moved around to light up any corner that you choose to.

It's all in the Details: 
Using scented candles is a great option for setting a festive mood and making your house feel like home. You also want to sort through your collection of CD's or create a playlist before hand, so as to have your choice of music ready for the evening of Diwali. As the wax melts and the fragrance engulfs the air and the mellifluous notes of the sitar from a Hindustani music piece reverberates through the home, it sure feels festive in every sense of the word. 

Mix old with the new : 
This has always been my mantra to decorate. Work with what you got and only splurge when you need to. If your like me and are lighting up to the idea of using lanterns this festive season, do check out World Market. I found mine as seen in the picture above at World Market and have paired it with antique brass kundas (the brass containers belonged to my grand mom) with single stems of Dahlias tucked into them. 
The one decor accent that you cannot have too much of this festive season are candles. I'm convinced that my home looks its best when bathed in the soft forgiving glow of the candles. I wanted a low lying console to create another festive display and went with the idea of using books and a wooden ledge to create one. Taking the center stage of this display, my wooden Ganesha and a row of votive holders alternated with flowers, looks stunning. 
Experiment with Textures for Dimension : 

Consider integrating a medley of textures found in natural elements like wood or jute, the shimmer and worn patina of metals,  the opulence of silk or the distinctive reflective luster of glass. Orchestrating different textures not only adds the much needed dimension and movement to a space but also makes it feel complete.    
Here a potted plant, a brass Ganesha Statue and a mother of pearl votive holder are placed on a DIY tray to create a festive oasis. 
When the formal dining is not dressed for the Diwali banquet, a beautiful handcrafted Kutch shisha work wall hanging now serving as a table runner, shimmers in the glow of black metal candle holders from Crate and Barrel.

Smart Entertaining : 
Indian festivals are incomplete without our spread of glorious food and playing the perfect host to our friends and family. Find innovative ways to serve mithai and other savory snacks so that after party clean up becomes easy on you. One such tip for entertaining that I use is Doubling up Cupcake liners to serve starters and other mini party snacks.

I do hope this post has been resourceful and inspirational in helping you create a festive ambiance this Diwali. With these simple tips and tricks you can be the perfect host/hostess and celebrate Diwali in style !!!

Images: Clicked by Sruthi Singh. Please do not use without prior written permission. 
Images are the property of Sruthi Singh and subject to copyright.


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