Friday, August 15, 2014

Why Include ZENsational decor to your home ???

With my deep rooted Indian origin, I find myself drawn to countries that are steeped in history, culture, art, architecture……..When it comes to design aesthetics, it’s no surprise that my home is an eclectic reflection of all that I draw globally. However, a closer look will reveal that I do have my favorite and time and again I’m enticed by the striking simplicity and exotic charm that surrounds the Asian décor. By including elements like the Buddha himself, a hand mudra, thangka painting or an unpretentious orchid, the central objective is to bring ZEN vibes to my home and in the process create a space that helps sustain my spirit and soul

The Buddha statue serves as the anchor in this Zen vignette. 

I personally think that the word ZEN has been overused and somewhere along the way it may have even lost its true significance with people interpreting it in more ways than one. I’m not here to take on the impossible task of defining the word Zen. However, I’m here to share my perspective on why I include elements of ZEN to my home. 

An IKEA RISKORN Plant pot brings in the textural detail while the Kalanchoe that it holds, adds a punch of color and contrast. Finally adding the sensory appeal to the vignette is a candle holder from World Market. The glow from the candle helps create focus on the Buddha, while I seek a peaceful refuge from the day's demands.
I embrace ZEN because it helps me stay grounded in an environment that is stressful and helps bring about equilibrium, harmony and relaxation. I'd often find myself either worrying about the future or trapped in the realm of the past. Little did I realize that it is "NOW" that is important. With the inclusion of ZEN vignettes and decor to my home, I'm reminded of the essence of ZEN - "Living fully and authentically in the present moment i.e. being face to face with our true original nature". The past is past and an investment in the present will assure you of a happy now and an even happier tomorrow with memories of today.  

So the next time you decide to inject elements of ZEN to your decor, do take a moment to sit back and imbibe the real vibrations of a quintessence zen vignette. 

Have a ZEN day !!!
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  1. what a simple yet serene vignette. This was a great sunday morning tea time read! Thank you.


  2. love the ZEN decor Sruthi.... like always lovely pictures

  3. I love that buddha. where can i find it?


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