Monday, August 25, 2014

My Home, a Personal Repository

When my friend and fellow design blogger, Deepa approached me to contribute towards the 100th post at Aalayam,  I was not only honored but also delighted as the task at hand was to capture the essence of what home meant to me. You'll know how passionate I am about my home and all that is associated with the process of decorating it that I happily hopped onto the band wagon with 7 other design bloggers from the Indian blogging fraternity to be apart of the celebration at Aalayam.   So here is my take on what home means to me :

" Home to me is any place that I can SHARE with the people who mean the world to me i.e. my FAMILY.........however I strongly believe that the ultimate objective of the home making PROCESS is to nurture the mind, body and soul of the individuals who live there. As challenging and delightful as this process may be, it is limited only by two elements, our time and imagination.

With no limitations on these two elements, my home is an ever evolving space that is not only reflective of the individual personalities and interests of my family but on a broader level, is a thumbprint of who we are, where we are from and provides us the creative landscape to tell our story of how we got here. Over the years, the process of diligently collecting, conscientiously curating and lovingly layering our home has resulted in a place that is a personal repository studded with inherited treasures, quirky finds uncovered while scouting the flea markets, objet d’ art found on our travels, and relics that talk about our life’s journey together as a family. I can’t but fall in love with this space over and over it provides the secure environment for my family and me to reconnect with each other, recharges our batteries for the next day and helps us realign and stay focused on our priorities that may be overlooked in the demanding hustle bustle of the daily grind. "

To read and see more of what a home = Aalayam means through the eyes of the other design bloggers, hop onto Aalayam and catch it all on their 100th post. Signing off for today and wishing Deepa and Supriya loads of luck and looking forward to many more inspirational and creative posts in the future....

P.S.: Coming up this week is a Ganesh Chaturthi inspired post. The preparations have already started at my see more, stay connected by joining The East Coast Desi's Facebook Page.  

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  1. looking forward to your Ganesha Chaturthi post!!

    1. Your wait is over Roshni, it's up on the blog today:) thank you for stopping by:)

  2. You have a wonderful blog going there..Love the vibrant color..May I know where did yoiu find those wall sconces to hand those Deepa..I have similar Deepa and trying to find a way to hang those..Good work:)

    1. Thank you Busy Mom,appreciate you taking the time to give such wonderful feedback.
      Two of the wooden wall hangings I found at a local arts and crafts fair back in Bangalore. The other two I got it made by a carving person my family has known for years to match the ones I had. They are usually available in South India, so keep a close eye on stores and fairs that source products from this part of India. Hope that was resourceful and would love to hear how the decorating comes along:)


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