Sunday, April 8, 2018

An Inextricable Indian connection (Living room tour of Sangita Pillai)

Recently I chanced upon Sangita Pillai's fabulous home via her Instagram gallery and immediately knew, I had to share it with my readers. So I reached out to her and what do you know! She obliged despite her very busy travel schedule. An engineer by education and an artist by passion, Sangita's intricate creations narrate her ability to combine her Indian influence with her global exposure. Sangita's penchant for color and experimentation is also mirrored in her beautiful home in Singapore. The home effuses a fantastic balance of color, aesthetics, inextricable Indian connection and captivating personal style. In Sangita's own words, "My decor style is a mix of the traditional with contemporary and a touch of eclectic. I love adding pops of color through my artwork and my furnishings.
Potted plants, brass artifacts, hand-embellished and other curated artworks, compelling pops of color and eye catching patterns together with tons of natural light makes this space a dream. The neutral backdrop is the best contrast for the darker tones in the room. Everything is so seamlessly integrated into this warm and family friendly place.....It makes me wanna jump right through the screen and hang out here for a while......... 
The Ganesha artwork displayed in the niche was a gift from a loved one. But the other framed art along side the Ganesha are Sangita's own creation. She tells me that recycling and up cycling things to make art is another one of her areas of expertise. Would you believe me if I told you that the trio of artwork was made by recycling magazine pages?? Make sure to hop over to her very vibrant Instagram gallery where she shares her art and very unique DIY projects. Her IG gallery is truly a testament of her creativity, tremendous patience and artistic vision.
Here's a close up of the details of the artwork just for you. 
(Decor Tip: Sangita's home is a fine example of how wall art should be hung at eye level.)
If you've been eyeing those henna inspired paisley cushion covers, they are designed by none other than our uber-talented Sangita herself. Should you want one for your home, Sangita retails these along with many other fun and vibrant products at Society6. Please click here to purchase or to see her entire collection. 
Thank you so much Sangita for sharing your beautiful home and art with my readers. We wish you the very best!

(Image Credit/Copyright : Sangita Pillai. The images may NOT be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes without the prior written permission of Sangita Pillai and TECD.)

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