Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Color Choices

Hello peeps! Back to my favorite virtual space! While I have been away from the blog due to work overload, the one thing that I religiously stuck to was sharing decor inspiration and all that I found beautiful on my social media platforms. I absolutely love my FB and Insta-clan and so happy to see my tribe continuing to grow stronger, support, share and inspire each other every single day!   
Getting on with our today's decor post. The 2013 Inside Outside edition, featured a home designed by Richa Bahl for a couple who wanted their home to reflect their south Indian Roots, more particularly Kerala. This home tour resonated with me on some many levels and more so as it is the perfect blend of Indian+contemporary design. Richa has outdone herself in heeding to the requirements of her clients. 

Recently, this home resurfaced again on the Beautiful Homes website as part of their home tours segment. With time, I noticed that the owner's had opted to change the wall color from the cheery yellow hue to the now trending, nordic all white. My desi heart is still hung up on the the previous color choice. 

I've included the before and after for you'll to see that color is a crucial player in shaping the feel of a space. The yellow lent a fun eclectic vibe to the space where as the white (despite the design elements being the same) has transformed the space to have a more updated, urban-contemporary vibe. What are your thoughts ??? (Catch the entire home tour here.)

(Image credit: 1&2 - Inside Outside, 3&4: Beautiful Homes)

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