Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ek Dori: Create, Curate and Care (Featured Brand)

What ensues when two sisters with an eye for antiquated charm and passion for design and decor come together??? The answer to that question is “Ek Dori”! Based in Pune (India), Ek Dori is the newest online decor boutique for vintage collectibles and handmade goodness. Abhilasha and Aditi, the sister duo we featured a few weeks with regard to Maharani Baug have taken on another dream project and turned it into reality. This project is a combined effort to make vintage décor more accessible, popularize rich Indian crafts and also serve as a means to give back to their community!
Ek Dori’s diligently curated collection is put together by the team by travelling the length and breadth of the country, hunting down unique treasures by connecting with the locals and personally understanding the process of creation of the product itself. Their curated range of brass artifacts currently includes Lassi glasses, chai kettles, surmadanis, Mini brass paandaans, vintage hairpins and the munimji notebook! I had a quick tete-a-tete with Abhilasha to bring you an exclusive insider perspective on this new venture. 
TECD: Hello Abhilasha! Delighted to have you back on TECD! Let’s start by asking you, what is the significance of the name "Ek Dori"?
Abhilasha: “My pleasure Sruthi! Thank You for featuring us. Ek Dori symbolizes the invisible thread that joins us and our passions, dreams, creativity and heritage together. It is the force that helps us create, curate and care. It is the force that brings us together.” 
 TECD: How did the plan for "Ek Dori" take shape? 
Abhilasha: “There never existed a plan for Ek Dori. It was always just a dream that I nurtured in a corner of my heart. A dream that refused to die no matter how hard my mind and business logic tried. The dream started to take concrete shape when destiny brought into my life women, young and old, women who had a desire to learn, to contribute, to grow and to make a difference. But unfortunately they have never got an opportunity to get an education. At Ek Dori, the desire to provide an opportunity to these women to make an honorable living, is what drives us. These are the women behind Ek Dori. These are the women who gave the dream shape and form.”
TECD: What according to you, sets Ek Dori apart from the many other decor brands out there? 
Abhilasha: “Ek Dori is Indian at its core and in its soul. We take great pride in promoting and upholding Indian crafts, textiles and people. All products at Ek Dori whether created or curated speak an Indian language and tell the stories our grandmothers told us. We will soon be launching products that are handmade at the Ek Dori studio by the Ek Dori women.”
TECD: What are your future plans for "Ek Dori"?
Abhilasha: “No plans but lots of dreams - new lines, new innovative, meaningful handmade products and loads of smiles. We are taking it one step at a time, but the ultimate goal is to provide employment for as many women as we come across.”
Ek Dori’s upcoming collection is a curated range of vintage and rare brass collectibles along with handmade brass toys and hand embellished wall art. The products are truly one-of-a-kind and if I had to redefine greed it would be translated as “I WANT ALL of the products listed at Ek Dori!” So beat me to it by connecting with them via Instagram and calling first dibs on your favorite piece. For pricing details and product queries DM the Ek Dori team Via Instagram. Ek Dori ships worldwide (Shipping charges as applicable).
Before I sign off for today, Abhilasha and Aditi, I’d like to wish you all the very best!

(Image Credit: Ek Dori and subject to copyright)

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