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The Laissez-Faire style of Decorating (Home Tour)

Based in Gurgaon(India), this rental pad is the home of the urban nomads, the Hoskote family. Dr. Hemangini Hoskote is a Consultant Nutritionist with a Ph.D in Nutrition and Mr. Hoskote is a senior leader in Quality and Business Excellence. Together they have a 14 year old teenager. Though the couple  have disparate professional backgrounds, they have an intrinsic liking when it comes to the topic of interior design and home decor. The family has lived in this place for about 6 years. Sprinkling it with generous doses of their personality and unique collections, their abode is anything but a regular rental home. Infact, as I write this blog post they are all packed and ready to set up base, yet again in a new home ! 

What struck me about the Hoskotes decorating style is its refined, laid-back, real and quintessentially global in appeal, each in the perfect proportion. Over to Hemangini to explain more about her style, "I'm as passionate about Home decor as I am about my profession in the field of Nutrition. Guess it’s a balance between the left and right brain activities that makes me happy! Am very fortunate that my husband shares my love for an aesthetically done up home and what we invest in, is often a joint decision. I love reading, music, travelling, cooking, pencil sketching and gardening and certain aspects of these are reflected in my home. As regards interior design, I dislike ornate décor as also too many heavy, dark pieces of furniture. I am not a fan of opulent or a kitschy look.The preference is towards a look that is natural, clean, uncluttered with an understated elegance. We pick up whatever we love and then mix it with our existing stuff. So it could be something during our travels or ancestral, we don’t believe in following any particular style because it seems like it limits our choices. But yes, we do hate the false-ceiling-decorated-look." We hear you loud and clear Hemangini, not a fan of it either!
When it comes to the subject of flowers, Hemangini is a lady after my own heart. She loves to bring the outdoors in with groupings of fresh flowers in every nook and corner of her home. For instance, on the coffee table, she has employed a brass container from a kabaddi store in Surat to house these radiant sunflowers. She also managed to salvage a coconut scraper from Jew Town, Kochi that is currently serving as a wooden tray! 
The entryway of the home, hosts a collage of the family's art. Batik Ganapatis were picked up from the first ever Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai. The Tanjore painting of Goddess Lakshmi casually propped against the wall, was a parting gift from a friend in Chennai. As you can see, the little console illustrates the style that follows in the rest of the home. The artwork is prudently paired with a stone sculpture of Ganapati picked up from Siem Reap, Cambodia. 
The living room boasts of a pared down, simplistic style with an underlying color scheme in an oatmeal shade. Chestnut stained furniture and warm bright hues are used as accent colors to add a little verve to this space. No-fuss surfaces and a conscious effort to edit their collection imbues the home with a relaxed, casual mood.  
In the far corner of the living room, the warm glow of brass seeks attention. The exquisite Radha-Krishna idols are from Bengaluru and made of an alloy of bronze and brass.
Thoughtfully put together vignettes are scattered throughout the home making it a visual feast for the onlooker. This beautiful vignette comprises of a Ram- Sita wood carving from Ubud, Bali, lac containers from Myanmar and a potted green for that splash of freshness.
It's commendable how Hemangini has played with textural variations. Tactile beauty at its best........Burmese sculpture of bell/gong ringers sourced from Myanmar is prudently paired with a Raphis palm.
Another grouping of treasured possessions - Buddha and disciples (originally part of a 7-piece set) from Myanmar, horse table from Jodhpur and recycled Spanish glass bowl with floating sunflowers.
This was the lovely lounging nook that I had seen on Hemangini's Instagram gallery that ticked off the entire house tour episode! Isn't it perfect!This is Hemangini preferred place to relax, "The Chaise Lounge is my favorite place to read, savor a hot cup of tea or simply relax." The Indonesian Mirror Frame was bought in Dubai, the teal vase is a Khan Market, Delhi find and the Chaise Lounge is from Ikea. 
You can't go wrong with a composition of books, fresh flowers and a teal mosaic teapot from Leh! Decor advice from Hemangini, "It may sound cliche but I absolutely believe in using/buying something I totally love. Then it’s easy to work it into my existing decor. Am a believer in "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”."
A hand-crafted Moroccan lamp is turned on to drive the evening gloom away! The bamboo-handled vase is from Auroville, small bowls from a local pottery exhibition and a pencil sketch inspired by Raja Ravi Varma's "The Milkmaid" was done by Hemangini herself.
The chair you see here is a prized possession of the family... a set of two, these were handmade by Hemangini's husband's grandfather over 80 years ago.Very fond of working with wood, he used his spare time to engage in creating beautiful creations out of this medium.
A grouping of earthen pots from Indonesia and Delhi make for a lovely corner. The Iranian Kilim bought in Dubai defines the living area and adds the much needed warmth to the cold Gurgaon winters.
A potpourri of African dolls, woven basket from Malaysia, seashell container from Dubai, another pencil sketch by he homeowner and some long stemmed Gladiolas make an interesting corner.
Antique dancing Buddha is another find from Siem Reap, Cambodia. More floating sunflowers in a copper urli from Coppre. Here's what Hemangini had to say about influences on her design style"My Mom has always inspired me to keep a beautiful home. She did a marvelous job at a time when decor stores in India were non-existent. I have always been interested in home decor and would devour all the fabulous decor books in the library right since my college days!"
A collection of musical instruments from the continent of Africa make for a rustic, global display. 
Masks brought back from a holiday to Venice are framed beautifully in an Ikea Shadow box. The Black-n-White painting below it was done by the 14 year old as a school Art class project. Hemangini managed to coax the teacher to part with it, now proudly displayed as part of the wall collage in the living room!
Clockwise from left: An assortment of Blue-n-white vases makes for an attractive display. The collection comprises of tealight holder from Jaipur, Delft pottery from Holland and more ceramics and glass finds that are part of the vignette as they come from the same color family of blue. A closer look at the Ganesha from the entryway; The copper container is from the bylanes off Juma Masjid, New Delhi and hosts a generous bunch of Queen Anne's lace; and musicians are from Vietnam.
Hemangini loves to swap out her decor accessories every now and then to keep the ambiance looking fresh and interesting. Here, the Indonesian masks from Java are replaced with a Turkish ceramic plate. The carved wooden plate is from Surajkund Mela, Faridabad and the vermilion jewelry box from Trivandrum, Kerala.
Hemangini says the rental pad posed many decorating challenges as the wall colors were boring, kitchen uncomfortable and dark and certain corners of the apartment such as the dining area do not get enough natural light. However, the challenges did not preclude Hemangini from creating an evolved, inviting and initmate space that downplays the negative aspects of a rental property and highlights the inhabitants personality, interests and their well traveled life.
The bedroom is a calming landscape done up in shades of white that oozes a hideaway vibe. The bedside table is uncluttered and organised, with a stem or two of fragrant roses to delight the senses. Describing what a home means to her, Hemangini shares, "A place which exudes love, warmth comfort and beauty. It has to have aesthetic appeal to soothe and calm one after all the stresses of the outside world."

With that its a wrap people! I'd like to thank Hemangini and her wonderful family for letting us tour their beautiful home despite their agenda to pack and move. We wish you all the very best and  another wonderful decorating journey in the new home:) 

(Image Credit: Hemangini Hoskote, do NOT use the image/images from the blog without prior written permission of the homeowner and TECD) 


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