Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ethnic-Bohemian Symphony (Home Tour)

Today, we travel all the way to Edmonton, Alberta in Canada to tour the beautiful home of Shivangi and Naren. Shivangi currently juggles a full time job as an Inventory Management Associate and a CPA, while Naren works in the mental health field. Both trained Bharatanatyam dancers and actively involved in various Indian cultural activities, they also share a passion for home decorating. The couple describes their style of decorating as “Ethnic-Bohemian, with a touch of contemporary”. This style of decorating marries traditional ethnic art, pots of lush greens, rich jewel tones with an abundance of flickering mood light.
Let's start with this charming zen corner. One of the very first purchases that made it to the Shivangi's list of must-haves, this Buddha statue from Pier1 was love at first sight. Shivangi says, "In fact, I saw this piece in the store, way before we had bought our home. But the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it would have a very special place in my home. To make the most of the corner space, we used wall decals to create a Bodhi tree effect." Apart from Pier1, Art&Light, GoodEarth, Fabindia, Chumbak and Harabu House feature in the couple's list of favorite decor stores.
 The brass Nataraja Statue was a thoughtful gift from a loved one. It sits pretty on the TV console echoing the couple's love for dance. 
Shivangi declares the living room as their favorite haunt to lounge and relax,"Every single piece of furniture and decor was purchased after much deliberation. We took our time to decorate our first home together and didn't rush to fill up the empty spaces."

Shivangi's collection of decor accessories revolves around brass figurines and elephants and horses of various sizes and materials. Clockwise from top-right: The brass tonga was also a gift from a loved one. The brass vilakkus are heirloom treasures passed down to Shivangi from her mother-in-law. Extreme-left : The Ambari Elephant from Mysore was a parting gift from one of Naren's dance students. 

Quoting Shivangi,"Naren and I really enjoy decorating our place with souvenirs from our vacations, gifts from dear ones, and various memorabilia. I feel like it adds more personality and charm to a home, especially when each article has a story to tell. When you live in country like Canada, where 75% of the year is spent in -20 degrees weather, you're left with no other option but to bring the outside indoors. I try to achieve this by owning lots of house plants (much to my husband's dismay), and incorporating fresh flowers every now and then."
Artifacts from Sri Lanka too add to the decor drama at home. Tapestries depicting Kandyan dancers grace the walls of the formal dining room. Another decor favorite seems to be the masks from Sri Lanka, "Naren and I had a layover at the Colombo airport en-route to Maldives for our honeymoon. We made the most of our time by checking out the handicraft stores run by the Sri Lankan government. We were told that each of these masks have a different meaning. The larger mask that hangs in our living room is said to banish enemies and invite friendships, so apt for our new home."
The couple's South Indian roots are reflected in their kitchen menu that features filter coffee, masala dosa and elaichi kufi for dessert.
The master bedroom is a calming retreat done up in shades of taupe and azule with shades of white as a highlight hue. More candles and fresh potted plants complete the look.  

Thank you Shivangi and Naren for reaching out to TECD and letting us tour your beautiful abode. We wish you all the very best!

(Image Credit: Shivangi and Naren, Please do NOT use the images without the prior written permission of the home owners) 


  1. Beautiful home! There is harmony and warmth in every room.

  2. I love the cozy, homey and indian at heart home tours you feature.


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