Sunday, September 13, 2015

Paarisha by Chinanshu (Featured Artist/Shop)

Chinanshu Sharma’s creations for the Bangalore based jewelry brand "Paarisha" is deeply rooted in her endeavor to answer her “true calling”. Like most success stories of small business owners, where experimentation and following the path less traveled pays off, provided persistence, talent, passion and hard work are a part of the equation. And Chinanshu got the equation right!
During a brief sabbatical after childbirth, Chinanshu (an ex-banker) decided to pursue Jewelry designing and metal smithing at the prestigious Indian Institute of Gem & Jewelry (Jaipur). The outcome has been “Paarisha By Chinanshu”, a jewelry line that is contemporary in appeal yet celebrates the uniqueness of handmade products. Blazing colors and authenticity in design are the very essence of Paarisha, all while catering to the style aesthetics of the free spirited urban woman. The boho-chic designs are a dynamic combination of spontaneity and inventive weaves, crafting pieces that portray fluid elegance!
The word “Paarisha” translates to “a pursuer of artistic expressions”. Each piece is dexterously hand woven at Chinanshu's home based design studio where clients are met by appointment only. A one-on-one consultation with the client and an in-depth understanding of what is to be delivered is the edge that sets Paasisha apart from the other jewelry labels out there. Using a variety of materials such as silk yarn, wood, glass, silver, paper, banana fiber, raffia to weave, braid, loop and knot to create jewelry that is nothing short of being termed as wearable art. Paarisha's collection is versatile allowing them to be paired beautifully with western and Indian outfits with ease.
Chinanshu’s designs are principally driven by her surroundings and her travel experiences. Talking about her source of inspiration this is what she had to share, “The inspiration for the designs is all around me….. From small chat with strangers to big things happening all around. My mind is always taking the surrounding movements, changes and their different colors in, to give shape to them through my designs. It’s a continuous process of creativity! 

Also having a family that was constantly traveling and a dad whose work commitments took him to different parts of India, I was used to moving around from place to place, meeting new people, experiencing their native customs and traditions, seeing their traditional arts and crafts and learning from them. Much of my work is, consciously or unconsciously a reflection of these travels as Wain says, a means for me to MOVE AWAY FROM THE SAFE HARBOR.”
Her techniques are a strong reflection of her fascination for baskets and other weaves. Quoting Chinanshu, “To me, jewelry making is very meditative, and imbibing weaves into it helps make it more intricate and beautiful! I believe baskets are a very universal product, and every culture and every region has its own signature basket that is made from indigenous material- locally grown grass, weeds, gourds, fiber, dyes, etc. using the unique weaves of the region. I’d like to learn, experiment and reinterpret that in my own way to create a Paarisha trinket.”
Browse their entire collection at or drop a line to Chinanshu at for a Paarisha catalogue. Paarisha ships worldwide (International Shipping charges on actual rates) with payments being accepted via Paypal.You could also connect with them via their FB page for regular updates.

Thank you Chinanshu and Sanchita for taking the time to connect with TECD. Warm wishes coming your way!

Image Copyright/Credit: Paarisha


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing such nice jewelry info on your blog. I love your blog and have been a regular here.

  2. Every single piece is stunningly gorgeous!! Lovely designs, Chinanshu! And thanks for sharing such a talented artist, Sruthi :).

  3. Very nice Sruthi - must go take a look when I am in Bangalore next.

  4. Awesome Designs! Very unique jewelry I have ever seen.


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