Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Made to Order (Home Tour)

A well curated home reveals itself one bit at a time. Every corner you turn has a story or memory waiting to unfold. This truly works as an antidote for me and makes everyday living so much more enjoyable. The Joseph's home in Kerala (India) is no different. The homeowners have reconnoitered every aspect of creating a dream home. Functionality, comfort, balancing the old with the new, working in the right amounts of color, a pinch of sassy sparkle and not to mention their personality stamped all over it. 
(Clockwise from top left : Image 1- A front view of the elevation of the home, Image 2- main door with a favorite bonsai setting the tone for what's to follow, Image 3- the front yard on a dreamy rainy day, Image 4 - more terracotta love) 

The home was originally built 30 years ago, however the Josephs decided to give their home a face-lift and took on the herculean task of renovating it, a year and a half ago. With the renovations now complete, Bindu breathes a sigh of relief and says,“It was exhausting and draining to say the least. However, I have enjoyed every aspect of the process, as we were that much closer to our objective of a bright, open and airy space.” 
As we make our way into the home, the foyer greets us with fresh blooms and the warm glow of flickering candles. The functional divider, ingeniously separates the dining hall from the family room while also serving as the family's bookcase. An antique mirror, console and brass hanging lamps dress this divider and add character to an otherwise new piece. Fresh flowers and potted plants are always a part of this arrangement, as Bindu believes that flower power is the most cheerful way to greet her guests.
Color and style wrap their arms around this gorgeous living room. Talking about their design choices and inspiration for the home, Bindu says, “The various interior magazines that I had collected over a period of ten years were our go to source for inspiration. I decided to custom make all the furniture in the house based on the ones that I had book-marked from the magazines. As for the artifacts, most of them were collected from our travels." 
The Josephs are also avid antique collectors and wanted to incorporate some favorite pieces to the architecture of the home. And as we can see, ornate antique pillars have been beautifully married into the architecture of the home, forming an almost  palatial gateway like effect into the entertainment and lounging area. 
When asked what genre of style would she like to associate her home with, Bindu shares, “I wouldn't want to categorize my style . My home is a collage of some Indian, some western and all things that my family and I love.”
Our lady takes the word "entertaining" very seriously. She goes the whole nine yards to ensure that the ambiance fosters an unforgettable experience for family and friends! Formal dinner ware, symphonic arrangement of flowers and candle light become a part of a decadent tablescape!  
At the far end of the formal dining room, a collection of colorful glass bottles dress up an octagonal shaped traditional south Indian table. Most of the bottles were brought back from the family’s travels abroad. As challenging as it may have been to bring these fragile pieces back with them, the final effect is well worth the effort!
Our next stop, is the heart of the home - the kitchen. A place where Bindu loves to spend her time cooking gustatory delicacies for her family and friends. Updated with the latest kitchen gadgets and shiny granite counter-tops, this kitchen is a gracious mix of convenience, function and design. It is lovingly sprinkled with cheerful kitchen accessories injecting interest and beauty and thus making the mundane chore of everyday cooking a pleasurable experience. 

More snap shots of everyday moments from the Joseph household.

A sneak peek into  one of the son’s rooms.....and I dare say is it is nothing less of being termed a Xanadu - Color done right, music , Suzani and an eclectic soul! Seriously, I could move into this room today;)
Bindu is a lady after my own heart. She loves changing things up every now and then and adores having little vignettes cozy up her space without looking overly busy. Flowers, glitterati effect, global finds and mood light are the ingredients that harmoniously come together to amplify the personal design style of these lovely home owners.
Bindu also channels her love for color by sprinkling her home with colorful accessories and textiles in vivid shades to reinvigorate the space. This little nook, makes me want to drop everything that I'm doing and just curl up by the window with a good read and chai. Thank you Josephs for letting us tour your beautiful home! We wish you all the very best in all that life has to offer.....
(And finally a view of the backyard with a gorgeous wall mural done by a local artist. With a swing to add to the outdoor drama, it's no surprise that the Josephs love spending a considerable amount of time outdoors.) 

With that we come to the end of our fabulous home tour. And as we can see there are no rules to decorating, only guidelines. So just have fun and allow your instincts to lead you on......
Happy decorating folks!

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