Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Color Inspiration for a Cheery Summer Tablescape

When my family and I are entertaining and have a huge gathering of people, we try and keep things simple by serving food the buffet style. But any chance to organize a formal sit down dinner and no one gets as excited as me. I love setting the table and playing the good hostess. But that being said, I like tablescapes that look like a lot of effort went into creating them but the actual down time to create them is minimal. Today, I'm sharing a few frames of one such dinner party that we hosted recently. 
I opted for a color combination of pinks and ochers. With a salmon colored brocaded tablecloth as the base, peach colored roses mixed in with the wild mustard growing in my back yard and some dried lavender (sprays I had dried from the last season) seemed to make a pretty mix. Little bouquets of this combination in brass and copper antique containers were scattered through out the table. 
Since it was a dinner party, some pretty flickering frames would be a wonderful addition to the scene. Colored glass votive holders in shades of pink and yellow tie in the color scheme together.
I almost always try to use what I have and mix things up. You've seen most of these pieces as part of my other tablescapes like here and here. By getting a little creative and adventurous when it comes to color, you can get a whole new look every single time! 

You'll have an awesome day and don't forget to stop by the wonderful gallery of Studio Coppre's Instagram. I'm guest-gramming for Coppre this week and would love to see you there!

Images: Clicked by Sruthi Singh. Please do not use without prior written permission. 
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  1. Such simple mix up of home finds translated the table lavishly for a perfect summer dinner! Particularly, I love the taste of your color combinations, one more classic addition to your great tablescapes :)

  2. Love the colors Sruthi. It has come together so well!


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