Sunday, February 1, 2015

Studio Silver Paisley and a Giveaway !!!

Introducing "Studio Silver Paisley" (SSP), an exquisite jewelry boutique that is based in New York. The label is the culmination of Seeta Koko’s creative curiosity and her determination to stay in touch with her artistic identity.  Born and raised in India and then shifting base to the US in her late teens, the exposure to global cultural influences and their indelible impact on Seeta's design philosophy can be seen in the stunning creations for SSP.  
Today's feature throws spotlight on SSP’s latest collection, “Narangi”. The pieces from this line, combine silver, iconic patterns from India (like the peacock and lotus to name a few)  and vibrantly hued semi-precious stones to create a limited edition collection that is both captivating and when paired with the simplest of outfits can make a dramatic statement. Narangi targets the urban sophisticate who not only enjoys a bit of glimmer but is also ready to soak up different cultures! To get to know more about the lovely lady and her brand, we decided to sit down with her and have a heart-to-heart conversation.
TECD : Welcome to TECD ! How and when did you conceive the idea of “Studio Silver Paisley” ?

Seeta: “Thank you Sruthi, I'm delighted to be featured here at TECD. Well, the story goes something like this….. About 5 years ago when life threw a major challenge at me, I took off from work, packed my bags and went to India on a whim. I needed a change of pace and place to get my life together, clear my head and have a perspective of what I wanted from life. On the very same trip, one of those aha moments in a quaint shop in Chennai, I saw a silver paisley necklace and decided instantly to make it a part of my collection. Little did I know back then that this moment would ignite the silver artist in me. Studio Silver Paisley was an unplanned adventure, an adventure which brought back happiness to my life and I wanted to celebrate that by naming it after the neck-piece that started it all.
TECD: Tell us about the inspiration and the design process that goes into making each collections.
Seeta: “My roots being Indian, I tend to lean towards that side of my upbringing for a large part of my inspiration. I am still surrounded by those colors and scents. But having lived in the US for so long there is definitely a western influence as can be seen in my collection "Narangi". Each piece is an elegant harmony of the modern quotient with traditional style. 

I also draw inspiration from the simple pleasure that life has to offer like the paintings that my daughter draws, the food that I eat, the music that I enjoy or the sunset that I see. I think Rumi sums it up beautifully, “In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”
As for the design process – no pre-determined design plans for me. SSP being a solo endeavor with me in the creative lead, the design process is much like a wild horse. I let it take its course…. However, I source my silver primarily from India and some of it is from Mexico. My design inputs are communicated to the artisans and the process may be very tedious but the end result is so worth it. Like in the Narangi collection, the stones were handpicked, cut and treated in Mexico to my design aesthetic (size, shape etc.). All the creations at SSP are one-of-a-kind, limited edition pieces and that I think is the USP of this brand."
TECD: How would you describe the modern day ideal woman whom you design for?

Seeta: “The modern day ideal women that I envision wearing my designs is a one who has a pixie cut but can rock a traditional attire. A woman who laughs her heart out, who is comfortable in her own skin and is a free spirit.”
TECD : We love the colors and the mix of influences as seen in the Narangi collection.You have successfully introduced two collections in a span of two months. Are you currently working on a third collection ?

Seeta : “I’m always in the process of experimenting and creating, so it’s not a surprise that I have my third collection in the making… is a sneak peek for the TECD readers only ! “ 
TECD : What  has been the biggest challenge as a small business owner and what advice would you give to the folks out there who aspire to be small business owners ?

Seeta: “The biggest challenge is capital and I think it is true for every small business. Being a single mother of a 10 year old taught me that life is all about taking risks and enjoying that moment. No matter what the odds, if you follow your heart, you can’t go wrong.

And now for the generous giveaway in collaboration with Studio Silver Paisley. One lucky TECD reader takes away this gorgeous pair of  handcrafted Silver, Blue Chalcedony earrings !!!

All you got to do is follow these simple steps to enter the GIVEAWAY : 

1.Browse the Album "Narangi" collection on Studio Silver Paisley Facebook page and tell us right here on The East Coast Desi's Facebook page about the products from their Narangi collections that tug on your heart strings. (Please make sure you are logged into facebook to do so.) AND

2.Like Studio Silver Paisley page on Facebook. AND

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4. It's as simple as that :) The winner will be announced on February 15th 2015 (Saturday).

Thank you Studio Silver Paisley for the wonderful GIVEAWAY and good luck to my readers (P.S.Giveaway is open to ALL my readers worldwide) !!!

Images Credit/Copyright: Studio Silver Paisley. Product Styling and Photography : Sruthi Singh


  1. Dear East Coast Desi, as your featured designer says, her collection "Narangi" is perfect for the global desi. I can see the earrings being paired informally with jeans and work wear and more formally with salwar suits and sarees. Of the fifteen pieces that I saw on the Studio Silver Paisley FB page, I loved Nar 02, 04, 05, 06, 08, 09, 10, 13 and 15. Definite heart string pullers were Nar 08 in green onyx and Nar 02 in Carnelian. I wlll definitely recommend the page to friends and, being an earring lover, would love to show off a pair of Narangis myself. More than anything, I love the creativity and artistry that goes into this kind of a design endeavor as also the cultural elements. Best wishes to the designer!

  2. Love the collection. Nar 04,05,08 and 10 are my absolute favs.

  3. Love their designs and collection. Good luck to all who entered the giveaway.


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