Thursday, July 17, 2014

New York City (Through My lens) - Part 2

In today's post, I'm going to let my captures of the engineering and architectural icons of New York City do the talking for me :) When it comes to photography, the power of black and white is indubitable. I think, monochromatic tones give the images an artistic, timeless feel and challenges the dexterity of a person looking through the lens. I do hope that you, my lovely readers will agree with me, when I say that NYC looks stunning  in these images...........
A sculptural view of the skyscrapers of NYC

Clock-wise from left : (1) Freedom Tower, (2) Wall Street  -Financial District, (3) A must experience when in New York - the subway

Up-close and personal with Statue of Liberty

New York City Public Library

Clock-wise from Left : (1)Manhattan Bridge, (2)Brooklyn Bridge and (3)Williamsburg Bridge

Central Park : Bow Bridge - A harmonious balance of motor, steel and green
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