Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day !!!

Happy Mother's Day to each and every one of you who has taken on the herculean task of playing the role of a mom. My definition of a Mother goes something like this, "A woman who makes the brave decision to let her heart walk outside her body". 
I've had the pleasure of having two wonderful women mother me grandmother and my mother. They have been nothing but a constant source of joy, encouragement, support and unconditional love.
One of my favorite pictures of my mom and me from the family album
Now being a mom to a notorious 7 year old, I understand what it takes to do all the things that mom and amma (as I fondly call my nani) did for me. While growing up, as much as I loved and respected them, sometimes their advice would be dismissed with one word "Chill Mom/Amma". And now when I hear it from my own son, my not so resilient nature reminds me of how patient they were in trying to get their point across.........

Today's post is dedicated to my mom and amma as I pen down some of my most cherished memories with them. I truly feel blessed to have experienced these moments in my life :
  • Mom and Amma holding my hand as I took those first steps.
  • And when boo-boo's made those tears roll down the cheeks they knew all it took were magical kisses to make the pain and tears disappear; 
  • Always kept a watchful eye but let me make my mistakes and learn from them; 
  • In an attempt to never kill my curiosity and eagerness to learn , answer  the "WHYs and HOWs" with utmost patience that was hurled at them ever so often;
  • For waiting every single day at the door as I got back from school and made me feel that I was the most important person in their lives, 
  • Spending hours together on planning our food menu so that we got fresh healthy food every time we sat at the table,
  • The "motherly seventh sense" as I call it to understand that my day sucked even if I had not uttered a single word,
  • Saving their share of  mithai so that they could enjoy seeing me relish it,
  • Staying up nights together to play nurse to me when unwell,
  • Waking up before me during your exam time and making sure that hot cups of Bournvita was filled in the flask and was ready to warm me up as I studied,
  • After chiding us a million times to put our clothes away and clean up the room, they finally did it themselves,
  • Making extra food for me even when I assured her that I'd be eating out today and then suddenly showed up for dinner with my whole pack,
  • Being a best friend and always being there to counsel and listen,
  • Finding the perfect man for me who'd love me like the way they do, 
  • And now mothering my son with the same affection and patience...............
LOVE YOU MOM AND AMMA for this and more.............

One other person I have to thank is my little guy for being a part of my life and making me fall in love all over again .............

 Wishing you'll a wonderful and memorable Mother's Day:) 
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  1. What a touching post ! Happy Mothers Day to a lovely Mom with lovely thoughts :-) Go celebrate 'yourself' today Sruthi :-)

  2. What a beautiful post. Happy Mothers Day Sruthi­čśŐ

  3. what beautiful pics... Happy Mother's Day to you too

  4. Your mom is so beautiful Sruthi!! I think Pranav has your eyes!!

  5. Beautiful sentiments...beautifully expressed!

  6. Beautiful pics n write up I know where you got ur looks from :)

  7. Very well expressed. Your mother is beautiful.


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