Friday, November 15, 2013

Not My Usual Cup of Tea

Hello Lovely Readers !!!!

For those of you who are flinching and wondering if your on the right blog, YES you are. I just happened to change the header of my blog yesterday. It was something that I was toying with for a while now and I finally took the plunge yesterday.....Do let me know how you'll like the new look.
Now for today's post.Winter is here for sure and makes it's presence felt, as the wintry breeze gets to me even  with my polar bear like gear. Winter has it's beauty but the bitter winter cold is something I don't think I could ever get used to.

The urge to have a good cup of kadak (strong) chai increases ten fold for me in winter. The urge is so strong........I desperately look for ways to keep myself away from a caffeine overload. Solution : what if my tea cups are preoccupied sporting my collection of  succulents....... 
Seriously, these look so cute.....I think it's a wonderful way to use up any tea cups that don't have a pair or vintage tea cup finds from a flea market. (Quick Tip: Much to the contrary belief, succulents need pots with good drainage. So make sure to pot the succulent in a smaller container with a drainage hole at the bottom and use the tea cup only as a decorative container if you intend to extend the longevity of your succulents.) Paired with my Thangka (scroll painting from Nepal) and a teal necklace, the Boho vibe I get from this vignette is refreshing enough to keep me off another cup of tea.These would look perfect on your kitchen window sill too. (Quick Tip: Avoid harsh direct midday sunlight).
Signing off for today and wishing you'll a wonderful weekend. Coming up next week on TECD are some exciting posts you don't want to miss;)  

Images:Clicked by me. Please do not use without prior written permission.
Images are the property of Sruthi Singh and subject to copyright.


  1. Hi these look absolutely fabulous.. incidentally I came across the second photo of your lovely cups on a FB page .. please check the page under a post dated 29 nov'13.

    1. Hello Vijayshree,
      Thank you for bringing this to my notice. YES, the picture is mine and am appalled that Virksha nursery has used my picture for their commercial use and have not given credit to me or linked back to the source. And to top it all, the post on the FB page does have a tall order story attached to it claiming it to be their piece of art.
      I have tried to get in touch with the concerned person am waiting their reply on the issue.
      On a different note, I blog so that I can share with like minded people and inspire my readers. The blog takes a lot of my time and energy and I would appreciate if people would give credit to the right source and link back.
      Thank you again Vijayshree and hope to see you here often at the East Coast Desi.

    2. First of all let me applaud you on your beautiful home and well written blog. I absolutely loved the pictures and reading the little anecdotes on each piece that you have collected brought a smile on my face. BTW this is the first time that I am following a blog :)

      I sure hope you take this matter up with Vriksha and at the least they should apologize for the misuse.

    3. Thank you Vijayshree, your lovely feedback is much appreciated.........
      I had a talk with the concerned person (Shann) at Vriksha Nursery last night. He has apologized for the misuse of my pictures and has removed the post from his FB page. I was extremely unhappy with this episode and hope I don't have to deal with situations like these in the future........


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