Friday, January 17, 2014

Sky Goodies (Featured Shop)

Today's post is about getting in touch with your crafty and whimsical side. All you need is a pair of scissors, glue and Sky Goodies!!! 

Sky Goodies is a Mumbai based online store (retailing via Etsy) that churns out the prettiest of paper-based functional art. The crew at Sky goodies are a group of designers who whip up paper products illustrated with authentic Indian designs in vibrant potent colors. 

How did Sky Goodies come about??? Let's hear it from the design team them selves, "Our day job can get boring, so we moonlight as paper artists! Sky Goodies is our outlet to create (what we hope is) mouth watering eye-candy".
These guys roll a little differently though. What you pay for, is a downloadable file that can be printed at your convenience on heavy card stock to create these paper goodies. Their perfect as party favor boxes, unique gifts, to add a little splash of color to your work desk or shelf or to just reach out to that inner child in you. 
So dig in !!!

Images: Courtesy Sky Goodies

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