Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Color Splash

Hello Everybody !!!

Would like to give you a heads up about what's been happening behind the scenes at TECD casa. Of late I've been burning the midnight oil since I have my exams scheduled in the first week of Feb. So if I'm missing in action, you'll now know why. But I'm trying my best to keep the posts coming.....To be honest, in between all the studying, blogging has been my only stress buster. I've been working on a couple of wonderful topics for the up coming posts.....amongst them is a guest post for one of my favorite blogs (will spill the beans on that soon).

On the home front, we've been busy redecorating our master bedroom and our home office space. We started it last Thanksgiving and finally things are looking up. A few more finishing touches and we'll be done. It took a while to start on this space, as  my husband and I could not reach common ground on the style that we wanted to adopt for our retreat. I was going for an eclectic vibe (no surprise there) while my husband wanted a modern clean line feel. Will be sharing this space with you'll soon. 

Well for now, it's  a peek into an apartment in Madrid. This space would be the perfect answer to my design dilemma. An ideal mix of eclectic textiles against a modern Scandinavian backdrop. 

The house bathed in natural light, only brings out the bold splashes of color introduced into the home through accessories and textiles.To take a tour of the home click here.
Have a wonderful day and see you back on Friday for more decor inspiration.
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  1. Lovely blog you have created, Shruthi, with loads of eye candy. And a beautiful home you have got! Thanks for dropping by my space, your newest follower is here.

    1. Thank you Ambika, appreciate you stopping by too. Have a lovely day !!!


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